What is Stress? How Do You Deal With It? A Tree Of Life look at Stress… quite enlightening

People complain of stress.

I am normally not experiencing stress, but the last few days I have been.

My response to them was tightening up, playing freecell, working more, or not working at all.

Today, at a connection call, stress came up and I asked: what causes stress? People said all kinds of things, circumstances, disease, etc…

I said: None of that. What causes stress is your resistance to life, to how it is.

Whatever you resist or ignore, like a little kid, will get your attention, whatever it takes. And it is going to cost you. Your freedom, your perspective, your peace of mind.

The best way I can illustrate this is with three pictures:

the issue is under control, you have embraced it, no stress Picture one: you are attending (lovingly) the “issue” and you are able to do anything, while you never ignore the “issue”, lovingly whisper to it “I am not going anywhere…”

you are out of balance, no embrace, you got attacked by stress Picture two: you are paying attention as the issue is jumping on you. You are out of balance, the issue is taking over… downhill from there.

you have no power, all power is taken by stress or the issue Picture three; the issue has completely taken over your life. Stress. Coping. Barely.

I have tested, and this works.

But then… today, I experienced another kind of stress… a stress that seemed to have no cause to it. And I’d like to talk about this type of stress: no issue. Nobody is getting married. No money worries. Nobody is ill. I am not moving… It’s a little hot, but I am OK. No issue.

What is the cause of this stress?

It dawned on me, that every time we do “Soul” meditation, I ask Soul to make the student “miserable” when they ignore, delay, refuse to do their soul correction.

From the Soul’s point of view, your Soul’s Purpose is to do you Soul’s Correction.

When, as an empath, I look at Soul, Soul is young, female (in its energy patterns) and nagging. Pouting. doing exactly what that “critter” in the third picture is doing… taking over, disabling you.

Now, I teach soul correction. I am pretty clear about mine… What was I supposed to do that I am not doing?

It’s time to take a break a do a heart-to-heart with Soul. “Would you, please, bring me, give me, show me, clear guidance as to what I am supposed to do? By tomorrow morning?”

I often forget this bedtime ritual with Soul… when I am too tired, too sore, too preoccupied, or too sure I need no help… lol.

And as the last few weeks of screw-ups show, when you get guidance from mere mortals, they may have an agenda that include destroying you and your business, taking you astray. It would never have happened, had I asked, regularly, the Soul for guidance.

I didn’t. I paid for it.

It’s time to heed this stress thing and get back on the ball: Hey Soul, what am I supposed to do now?

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