Updated: New equipment to energize your water

7/20/2016: BAD NEWS… this setup doesn’t work with the new size pitchers.

So forget about it. Sorry about that…

You can still do the “immerse your speaker in a zip lock bag on top of the metal tube…” method.
And one of my customers found a speaker that fits the new size tube…

Until I find a speaker that fits all specifications: it has a micro chip and is the correct size: I don’t recommend this new equipment. Using a flexible container and large headphones is still a good solution.

New development… or better said, new equipment for infusing your infusable energies, the Energizer®, the Heaven on Earth, the Unconditional Love Activator, and the Second and Third Phase activators.

After I have discovered that most of the buyers drink the water that is not fully energized, I had to think hard, again, what to do.

You see, the process of turning the incoherent water into coherent water is NOT gradual.
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

pitcherA water that’s vibration is 300, for example, is not half coherent and half incoherent water, or half coherent water. It’s incoherent water.

At 650 vibration it suddenly turns coherent.

Which means that you want your water fully charged… or it is no good.

speaker-onlyThe other day I saw that the Polar Pitcher, that has a chamber for ice, is a perfect fit for the mini-speakers I have been selling.

I have found same size speakers, not as good quality, but probably suitable for the purpose.

You put in the memory chip into the speaker, you plug the speaker into current, and you set the Polar Pitcher on top.

I tested and the water gets fully charged to 650 vibration in an hour.

pitcher2One pitcherful of energized water is what a person needs a day to drink to be well, more or less.

You can charge your water overnight, and then you have water all the time.

Pitcher: about $20 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Polar-Pitcher-Pl3677-Polycarbonate-Plastic/dp/B0057RJKJ8
the speaker I just got was around 15-20 bucks.
the memory chip: $13… or $70 if you get it with the Energizer audio. I put the audio on the chip for you.

If you already have the audio, you can buy the chip on Amazon and put the audio on it yourself. (serch for Sandisk 2GB MicroSDHC Memory Card)

The chip automatically loops.
Recommend one audio file per chip.

I have ordered more memory chips… They will be here in about a week.

OK, if you don’t have the Energizer audio, then you can go and order it from the half-ready sales page… where you have a lot more information, or if you are sure you want it… you can get it here.

s-l500Variation: instead of #4 and #5, you can opt to buy a mini usb wall charger… This is what I found the best deal. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-UNIVERSAL-Mini-USB-Battery-Home-Wall-Travel-AC-Charger-For-Cell-Phone-/391408193666

Instructions: Fill the pitcher with filtered water. Charge one pitcher all night, the other pitcher all
day. This way you have enough water around the clock. The speaker fits into the chamber of the
pitcher snugly, yet you can lift off the pitcher easily, and swap it out with the other pitcher.
Tap water will not become fully coherent, and it’s impossible to raise its vibration to 650.
The energized water is slightly alkaline.
If you don’t already have the audio, then add $40 and save $20… for a limited time only. I’ll cancel
this discount in a week or two.
pick your option. In the USA this includes shipping. If you are in another country, contact me for an estimate of how much your shipping might be.

this is discontinued

It is obvious how to put it together, but I’ll make a short video for you non-intuitive types.

Just another post note: The longer the water is exposed to the Energizer the softer and lovelier it becomes. It even surprised me.

I had the new setup in my bedroom, and I only used the water in the middle of the night, occasionally, when the glass of water I put on my night stand proved to be not enough for the night.

So the water was in the pitcher, with the audio on 24/7. I took a drink, and wow. I am a veteran at Energized water, but this was beyond beyond.

So don’t be stingy, please, with your energizing efforts.

I think the biggest issue is that you think this is like building a bomb: if you leave the water beyond the hour, then it will explode. NO! It becomes smoother.

Which tells me that there is coherent, and then there is COHERENT!

I am not going to set up several other pitchers: I have an extra mini speaker, and I’ll get another. I have had a bunch of pitchers, because I used to ship it to people from home.

Now, that I know that Amazon can get a better shipping rate than I can ever get, I don’t have to hold onto the brand new pitchers. So I am going to use them and get my water even better than it is now.

Download the pdf version of this article new-equipment-to-energize-water


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