How Do You Prove To Your Mind That The Feelings Of Global Negativity Are Not Your Feelings?

I have been talking about the Global Transmission of Negativity for days, but I only realized today that I forgot to tell you about a method that convinces your mind that the feeling isn’t yours.

Why is this important? Why is it necessary to tell the mind it is not your feeling?

Because if the mind believes that it is yours, then it does two things, that you don’t need:

1. It finds or fabricates a reason you feel that way… failure, sad, grief-stricken, angry, irritated, etc.
2. It makes you react to those feelings in your default way.

Proving to your mind that the feelings are not yours is much easier than changing your default reaction.

Your default reactions got you where you are today in life, and if you don’t like it, or don’t like anything about it, you need to consider alternative ways of being.

Some people’s default reaction is to withdraw and lick their wounds, or worse than that: resort to some self-medication, drugs, alcohol, eating, TV, computer games, or sex.

Some people’s default reaction is to complain. Find ears to complain to. Spend hours on the phone, in chat groups, etc. Write long emails…

Some people’s default reaction is to lash out. Attack people, judge people, irritate people… not a very great way to gain influence and friends… is it?

Some people lose hope, give up, get depressed, and mumble under their breath: “no matter what I do.” or “No matter how hard I try…” Just those lies can get you becoming a certified loser in a New York moment…

As you see, the default reactions make your life hell…

But it is really much harder to change your default reaction than to remove what you react to.

The moment you prove to your mind that the feeling is not yours, that it was imposed upon you, you don’t have to react to it.

Simple, right?

How do you prove to your mind that the feeling is not yours?

Simple and only takes a moment or two. Muscle test yourself. Ask the question: Is this feeling mine? And get a yes or no answer.

If it is a yes, hey, bummer. If it is a no: you are off to the races, doing what you planned to do, no reaction is necessary.

How do you learn to muscle test yourself? Buy my 3-video package that teaches it.

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