Update On The Energized Water And The Attacks… Dark Side, Global Negativity, Tr….

Good news.

Ever since I uttered the magic words to the Creator: “Remove Traces”, my energized water in big bottles has been staying energized. It’s wonderful news. Now I don’t have to throw away hard tea, coffee, glass of water.

As I said in a previous article, the Tr. Energy that I asked Source to create a simile of, and allow me to use made me a target of several energy broadcasts from Tr.? I don’t know. But it marked me and the people I have used the energy on as target for frequent energy transmissions. How? I don’t understand, so don’t ask me to explain it to you. I only know it’s real, because it stopped.

The same energy that is infused in Tr. Water conflicts with my Energizer® and renders the water not just bad tasting, but actually toxic. Once I was in the middle of charging the water, i.e. being connected to All-of-it, hands on the big bottle of water, downloading the Energizer, and the energy transmission attack came at the same time. They met at my nose. I could not smell anything for days. I had horrible inflammation of the mucus membranes in my nose, suddenly.

But it is over, and I am not using that energy any more. It is useful, but it is dangerous.

I can remove the traces, the “infection” from the person, but it’s an extra step, and I might forget!

By the way, if you or someone you know has received Tr. blessings, and doesn’t, any more, please send them to me, in a 5-minute max procedure I can remove the residue of the energy.

Question: are those random energy broadcasts that home in on the traces useful for you? Muscle test says: No. Are the energy transmissions that are consciously directed at you useful for you? Maybe.

We must distinguish between two kinds of “attacks,” by the way:

1. the random Tr. energies looking for the traces
2. the Global Negativity network broadcasts.

The first one is energy. It feels one of two ways:

1. a straight pressing sensation in the front from shoulder to shoulder, as if you were restrained by a hard metal bar, pushed back against a wall… I’ll try to find a medieval torture chamber picture to illustrate
2. a vertical narrow pressure from your stomach to your Adam’s apple, persistent and making it really hard to breathe… as if something were choking you.

The second one has two parts: emotions and suggestions.

1. Emotions that are familiar to you, feelings that you could explain if you had to. Emotions you have a name for. The Emotions broadcasts don’t differentiate, no matter who you are, no matter what you do or don’t do, you get it. It’s like a blanketing of the planet.

2. The suggestions are mostly to give up, give in, succumb, resign, stop thriving, stop doing, quit, kill yourself, and that nature.

The suggestions come as direct knowing, you don’t need the mind to interpret those.

If you have read the Harry Potter series (really good literature, by the way) you know what Dementors are. You know that they sense the slightest amount of joy, love, satisfaction, pride, and they come and want to kill it.

The suggestions are an indication that you are doing something right. You are experiencing the “prohibited” Emotions, the joy, the love… etc.

You fall in love. There is tremendous joy there… and then suddenly the thought comes up: “Maybe he is a jerk” “Maybe she only wants my money” “This can’t last long… quit it while you are ahead”

Or you finally find a business move that seems to be working… the suggestion broadcast finds you and starts tearing at the fiber of your being, until you give up, quit, etc.

Often it hires your spouse, your best friend, or your parent. They will set you straight.

What can you do?

Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you must learn how to muscle test yourself: you must muscle test if the feeling is yours or not. If the suggestion is coming to you from your higher self or from the outside.

Once you find out that neither of those are yours, you can safely ignore the advice, and keep on doing great things. Break through, use the Soaring Method, connect to Source, create, live, enjoy: you are on the right path. With a little work, the muscle testing, you have just liberated yourself, until the next “attack”.

Notice to all the people that promote Tree of Knowledge stuff: please don’t promote your stuff in the comments. If you don’t agree with my methods, no problem. Say so. Say: You are a jerk Sophie, I’d rather you shut up… or something nice like that. And add: ‘Light and blessings’ to the end… to make it sound constructive and loving.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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