The Whole Idea That The Mind Is Logical Is New To Me

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Every self-improvement modality that I have ever tried considered the mind illogical.

The whole phenomenon of Global Negativity broadcasted in the form of feelings and direct knowing created for me a new area of inquiry.

If you haven’t read my last few articles, please do: everything will make much more sense, but I’ll try and make this article whole and at the same time not repetitive.

OK, here is the scoop: you are sent a feeling. The feeling is negative. Given your past history, your previous decisions and interpretations your mind has made, you’ll interpret that negative feeling as meaning something about you, and will react with an appropriate action or inaction, an attitude, etc.

M. felt sad. As her usual reaction, she lied down.
J. feels irritated, D. feels like a loser, N. feels defeated… each person reacts in predictable ways.

If they have the presence of mind, they muscle test if the feeling is theirs. If they do the muscle test deliberately, while momentarily connected to Source, the result of the muscle test will serve as evidence in the Court of Mind that the feeling is a fraud and there is nothing to do.

Amazing. No chanting: ‘I can,’ ‘I am great,’ or any of that. Proof. To the Logical Mind. Who the heck would have thought that? Right?

So this afternoon, as well deserved rest, I started to play Freecell. I was losing game after game. I decided that I must have lost some of my vibration and got dumber as a result. All evidence pointed in that direction.

I muscle tested and it was 980. Wow. I played ten games after that, won them all.

What happened? Did I get smarter? No, not really, or not objectively. But my mind wasn’t interfering. It took the muscle test and the incredibly high vibration number as proof that I was smart… and started to support that.

I had heard of something of the same aspect of mind only once before.

When you want to set up a project, there is a step where you go around to find evidence that it can be done.

You find other people with similar backgrounds that succeeded in a business you are proposing.

Or you go and find a project that you succeeded at, that proves to the logical mind that in fact you will succeed again, if the projects require similar skills.

This is the most important step of all.

You can sell bankers, you can sell partners, but if you don’t sell yourself, your unconvinced, doubting mind will deliver the opposite of what you expect of it. Just like me in the Freecell games.

All the people that jabber about affirmations, and quote Henry Ford, and all that crap, completely misunderstand the mind.

The mind is a great servant, but unfortunately we’ve allowed it to be the judge, to run the show, to call the shot: win or lose, and now we have to add an additional step: we need to prove to mind that in fact we can deliver on what we are intent to deliver on.

That’s why all the inspirational videos, slide shows, posters are a crack of bull… if you understand my French.

And all the people that ever became successful forgot to pay attention to this little conversation they had to have with mind… all, with very few exceptions.

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