Is your body stuck in survival mode? Framework for health

You are in survival mode. Your natural state is growth mode, even at age 70. But you are not there… and haven’t been in decades. You are not healthy, and you try to change your mind, get courage, etc. because you don’t have any… in survival mode.


This article starts out very philosophical. If you can't stand that, jump to here...

What is health?

No one has defined it yet, because just like "good" was until Dr Robert Hartman came along to define it, existed only in a context of good this or good that.
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What Robert Hartman said is that good is that which fulfills completely its design. That which is most fully itself.

A thing is good when it has all the properties it is supposed to have, or put another way, a thing is good when it fulfills its definition. In other words, goodness is the fulfillment of anything’s concept or definition.

In that context, a person is good if they completely fulfill their design or definition, if they are completely themselves.

with Dr Robert Hartman's words:

To fulfill the definition of ‘I,’ ‘ I must be my Self. The more I am aware of my Self, the more, and the more clearly, I define and fulfill my Self, the more I am a morally good person, a good ‘I.’ I am morally good if I am as I am.

Now, taking this back to the original question, what is health?

We can say that good health is when you have all the elements of health. To the degree that you do, to the same degree you are healthy.

One measure of this could be endurance. Another: how much energy you have. How well, how effectively you turn food into energy? How able you are to direct your attention, to focus, to relax, to love, to relate, to learn new things, to recognize, accurately what is dangerous and what isn't.

When I measure your overall health, Source, who moves my fingers, looks at the whole you. Not to the fact that you feel good or not... feeling is too subjective.

There is a health that is as individual as your fingerprint. And it is intimately intertwined with you being you.

I know, this is too philosophical for most of you, and it is too philosophical for me too, but unless we define what we are looking at, you remain delusional, and will not act.

I bet that you didn't think to include your level of focusing on a task, your ability to control your attention in health... You think it is independent.

Or you didn't think to include whether you have foresight, or make frequent misjudgments, or can't resist sodas.

But you are not healthy fully unless you have all the parts you can have when you are well. Smart, beautiful, energetic, vital, bursting with Life.

I remember when I first asked people to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with regards to areas of their lives. I was most interested in health.

The guy who is local and was in my course rated himself a seven. I knew it was a delusion.

To drive it home I asked the question differently: if there was a flood or an earth quake, how far you can run to save your life?

I had a good idea about it, because just days prior we were taking a walk and he was tired, out of breath, barely dragging himself after a mile or two. Walking.

One of the most important things I can measure that indicates your level of health is your hydration level. Your cells' hydration level. Your cells that generate your energy...

You could say that your energy comes from your food, but you would be mistaken: your energy comes from your cells that turn your food into energy... to the degree they can.

When you are dried out, or when your cells refuse to allow what you ate, including the water in, your energy level is low.

Most people that I have observed, bounced back fast after they started to drink energized water, added the missing nutrients to their diets, and stopped eating the foods that were not available to their ancestors: sodas, chocolate, out of season fruits and vegetables, strange fish, seafood, and other animals.

But some don't bounce back.

Their body is already damaged, and doesn't function, even with the proper nutrition, the way it is expected.

I have a client who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. According to my experience with him: he has no such thing.

And I have another client who has been just slothful, and undisciplined, and a procrastinator. While I muscle tested what foods he can eat and use, I saw that almost any food with any amount of carbohydrates is a "no".

If I were a doctor, I would call him a diabetic. I am not a doctor and I don't call him anything: I recommend that he cuts out carbs, so his body can return to normal.

My prediction is that it will take time, especially because he is resisting my advice. He loves his carbs. He wants to eat delicious gluten free bread... but it's killing him, killing his ambition, killing his will, killing his life.

And because of his food, his water isn't allowed into the cells either... and he is a young guy with a really old insides.

I know, you don't care about the quality of your life, only that you don't die...

I watch people subsisting, doing nothing, never amounting to anything, not enjoying their lives, and at the same time pray for more time to experience their misery.

You make no sense to me. None.

We keep people alive, artificially, whose level of "goodness" is non-existent, because they are not being themselves to any recognizable degree.

And compared to them you think you are good... good to go, because you recognize your spouse, and you can still drive... but you have a beautiful perfectly designed body and a perfectly designed brain... but you are not being yourself, you are not even close.

I have been asking people the four questions, and getting the answers that drive this notion home: when you are in survival, you are not alive. When you are in survival you are not you.

And when you are not you, either because you don't know who you are, or because you deny who you are, you are not good.

Not good as a child of god. Not that you could not be good... you are not good.

You are not courageous enough to look to see who you are.
You are not smart enough to do what it takes to live a full life.
You are not
You are not
You are not

My hunch is that most inadequacies you have with regards to character and intellect, are due to the fact that you are not healthy.

Your body is in survival, and cannot spare the energy for courage, for living, for creativity, for experiment, for excitement, for happiness, for adventure, for looking.

So you creep along. You complain, You come to me hoping that my energies will give you energy.

And refuse to get well. Because you are ok...

Does this make sense to you?

Maybe if you have a sick mind.

PS: if this article woke you up, then you'll probably want to know what is the truth about your health... and maybe what I'd recommend that you do.

You can find out your level of health, your level of hydration by sending me a donation.

I predict that they are both low. How can I make such a prediction?

Because I have measured these numbers for hundreds of people, across professions, ages, etc.

Now, that you know, what do I recommend?

I recommend that you start with hydrating your body.

I don't know of any other water source that does the trick, which doesn't mean there aren't any, I just don't know of any.

Start with purified water (two-stage filter, one stage to remove solids, the other to remove toxins. Even if some chlorine and fluoride remains, the energizing process neutralizes those, so they are no longer toxic).

Energize it fully with my Energizer audio, played at full volume, at least an hour per liter of water. Makes sure the container is able to resonate with the water: thick glass, thick plastic, ceramic, can't, and your water won't get energized.

In my experiments I used those blue squarish bottles, and a full size set of headphones, or the thin metal membrane of the Polar Pitcher's insert. It vibrates so well, that when the pithcer is half full, I can hear the audio amplified...

If you only have one of my infusable Energy Remedy audios 1 , you need to use it, full blast, for 36 hours for full effect.

Once you get your cells more hydrated, and you have a little more energy, then you can start dropping stuff from your diet that your body isn't able to handle: the non-native foods of your tribe.

If your tribe lived in a dry land, sea creatures were probably not a staple food. If your tribe lived in China, they probably had no exposure even to grains like wheat.

Do some research.

Find out what is compatible with your blood type. What is compatible with your dosha type. What is compatible with, what starts your digestion, even before you eat.

Alternatively book a health evaluation session with me.

And by all means find out your numbers.

  1. your vibration
  2. your overall IQ including your intelligence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this. This also helps me to connect to you...
  5. do you have attachments?
  6. the level of your health
  7. the level of your cell hydration

I'll measure these for you and send the results back to you ASAP.

Download the pdf version of this article stuck-in-survival


survival Survival means... continue in the mode you are in... survival is the opposite of thriving, growing, expanding... it means shrinking. Shrinking away from life, if a mode that doesn't allow growth.
survival mode Survival mode, when it gets established, is a repetition of patterns that require little or no energy... you have the illusion of being alive, but any machine could do better than you.
stuck in survival Whether the threat to survival is real or imagined, your body or mind can be stuck in survival mode. This article talks about the real threat: eating incompatible food, and drinking incompatible liquids put the body into survival. It is possible that obesity is a result of this survival mode.



  1. HOE long range, Unconditional Love infusable, Effortless Abundance Activator audio

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    Referring to: “In my experiments I used those blue squarish bottles, and a full size set of headphones, or the thin metal membrane of the Polar Pitcher’s insert. It vibrates so well, that when the pithcer is half full, I can hear the audio amplified…” I have a couple of questions:

    – Would metal membranes put between each headphone and the container work as amplifiers? (I have an old, very thin aluminium backing pan, which can be cut easily…)

    – If the container is of metal (for example inox steel) will it better work than a plastic ‘Brita’ pitcher ?

  2. the first “solution” you are suggesting is not going to work.
    With regards to a stainless steel container? it depends on the size and thickness of the container.
    The chamber in the pitcher is so thin, you can bend it with your hands. That’s why they don’t recommend washing it in the washing machine.

  3. ok, thank you, got it

    (The container I had in mind is something like stainless steel kitchen pot which is quite thicker…)

  4. yeah, that’s what I thought.
    If you wrap the headphones around the pot, when it’s empty, and turn the audio on: if you can hear the audio through the speaker, then the connection is not tight. If you don’t hear it: the vessel, i.e. the pot is not resonating. And if it amplifies the sound, then it’s perfect.

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