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Alex: was going to post it as a comment on your blog but the captcha image won’t show

Alex: Sophie, you said , ‘You can sell bankers, you can sell partners, but if you don’t sell yourself, your unconvinced, doubting mind will deliver the opposite of what you expect of it.’

Then you mentioned Henry Ford (I’m assuming the reference here is to his ‘whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right’) as part of ‘all that crap’.

For a second I thought you and Henry were on the same page. I’m obviously missing something important here. Please clarify.

Alex: okay now i’m reading the ‘Israel’ article with self promoting comments after it & the guy quoting this provides context to what you said and what you said makes more sense

Alex: but the question for me remains, is that quote crap or not?

Sophie: the quote is in descriptive language. and only quotes in generative language make any difference. he describes a phenomenon from the outside. Inside, on the other hand, you need to prove to your mind that you have what it takes to do what you want to do. And the muscle testing, or the examples of what others have done, similar to yourself, in similar circumstances, or your track record, etc, will convince the mind, like the judge in court, that you can do it. And then your mind will say, oh, ok, he can.

Alex: right…

Alex: kuz what he said is correct except he forgot to explain how to ‘think’ that you can

Sophie: that is the problem with most people. They can’t break down what they do to the process. Because it doesn’t look relevant. So they jump from nothing to done… nothing in between

Alex: yes you told me that about me before

Sophie: it is an art to prove. you will need it for yourself, for your teams, for your clients.

Sophie: a good coach, in sports especially, can take people there

Sophie: you have done it before, you can do it again… as an example

Sophie: in the Karate Kid: you know the moves, now you use it

Sophie: by the way, the expression: build some muscle, start small… is all to convince the mind

Alex: gotta run

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