What If You Make A Mistake And Now Your Mind Knows That You Are A Screw-Up, A Knucklehead, A Failure, Or Dumb? How Do You Clear Your Rap-Sheet With Your Mind?

I am fully in this whole question: how do you enroll your mind that you can? That you are capable. That you can deal with it. That you can win at it?

And I just had an insight.

Everything happens for a purpose, if your life has a purpose. If it doesn’t, then your life is at random, and nothing has a purpose.

Anyway, I found myself super dumb, super mistake prone, super unintelligent today.

Unusual. So I started to look. I was doing the same things that I was really good at yesterday, and today: mistake after mistake, hastiness, guessing… not like the new me at all.

I started to look and listen. And my efforts brought result: I started to hear that I am a knucklehead.

Wow, what happened? “ma pitom” as I would ask it in Hebrew? It means, word by word, what? suddenly! lol

And I was taken to this morning’s screw-up.

I was up late last night. I had a hard time falling asleep, so at 3 am I was still up.

I woke up at 7:30 am and had the thought: I should get up so I don’t oversleep. I have a 9 am connection drill call… But I was cold, I was tired, and I told myself: oh, I will get up, no problem.

Next thing I knew it was 9:30… I jumped out of bed, ran to the computer, 5 people were still waiting for me, and I lead a connection drill for them.

I have a dull headache, and… my mind is telling me that I am dumb, that I am a knucklehead. And unless I do something, this is how my day, my weekend, my next week, my life is going to go: I now created a precedence of being unreliable, stupid, and a failure.

Oh darn. But how do you remove this spot on your resume, this disgrace from your curriculum vitae, your track record.

Because your mind puts every one of these mistakes into the future, and then you are starting to fulfill on that future… who the heck wants that? Right? Right.

This is how you clear the spot from your reputation:

1. you acknowledge that it’s a spot. In my case I say: I acknowledge that oversleeping was a mistake and it was dumb. I did it by not setting my alarm clock and depending on my half-mind which doesn’t function very well when I am asleep.
2. Conclusion: I now know that having foresight is essential.
3. Promise: I will set my alarm clock every time I have an early morning appointment so I can be responsible for waking up and being ready.

That’s it. Spot cleaned.

Of course you need to keep your word.

You’ll make spots, in the beginning, frequently. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. If you do: suspect a racket.

Clean up the new spot asap with the Clearing Process above.

PS: After I clicked the button, I went back to the task I have been unable to do. Miraculously it seems to have changed while I was writing the article. Now it was 1-2-3-done.

This is how the mind works. It will prove itself right.

PSS: even my favorite finches suddenly returned, now that I am a smart cookie again… lol

PSSS: if you are just starting in this process of enrolling your mind that you can succeed: you probably have a rap sheet a mile long.

Here is the most important principle that is not “intuitive” 1

You will be pulled into assigning responsibility to circumstances or other people. Go deeper and find what was YOUR responsibility in the failure.

You will see that often you missed a little (or big) piece of due diligence, critical thinking, or careful planning. You want to be responsible, but not at random, not as a blanket statement.

You do want to find the exact thing you missed or misunderstood, or refused to accept. Why? Because you can only fix in your promise what you own fully and totally.

Got it?

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  1. intuitive and counter-intuitive are used wrong in the common language. What they intend to say is this: it makes sense to the mind, it fits with what you already know or not. Intuitive really is quite different: intuition is a piece of knowledge that doesn’t make sense, that you didn’t get to it step by step, based on what you already know. Intuitive knowledge is out of sequence, and it comes from the vast knowledge base of the unknowable universe, the beyond.

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