Why it is so hard to care, why is it so hard to be good to yourself?


One of my students bought the subscriber special deal last night… but after paying, she didn’t go and get it, so I had to do it manually for her.

She said when I brought this up: “My daughter was talking my ear off. Lol.”

I bet if you asked the daughter if she cares for her mother, she would be offended by the question. Of course she thinks she cares. But allowing her mother the peace and quiet to complete her purchase isn’t included in her concept of caring…
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People who say they care about you mostly mean: if you get cancer, or some other major trauma, I will feel bad for you.

That is not caring.

friends Martin L KingsIf I asked you if you care about and for yourself, most of you would say: of course I care about myself… but if we watched your actions, you allow yourself to dry out, allow yourself to watch that stupid addictive show, allow yourself to be sucked into irrelevant conversations, waste your time, waste your money, waste your attention, waste your Life-Force.

Caring is a form of love. An expression of love. And unless it’s active, it is not real, it is just an emotion. A feeling of caring is NOT caring. Caring is expressed in your actions. Just like love.

omission.jpg3Caring is a beingness: a force to reckon with. A force that stops your hand when you reach for the stuff that is killing you. It is the hand that hands you your Energized water, when you’d rather have a soda. And it is the voluntary stepping back, when you are trying to dominate someone with what YOU want… not what works for the other.

But why don’t we care for others? And why don’t we care for ourselves?

I am my brother’s keeper… would be the expression that signals caring.

Why is it that we refuse to be our brother’s keeper?

Because we are depleted. Because we are running on empty. Because we are in survival mode. When you are in survival mode, you have nothing to give.

omission.jpg2And, surprisingly, we have already given up on ourselves as well.

I remember when I arrived to Israel 34 years ago. I learned to understand this Hebrew expression first: “Ein li koah”

Literally means: I don’t have energy. But I could have translated it as “I don’t care”. Because unless you have energy to spare, you don’t, you can’t care.

The genes don’t care about the other. They just want to perpetuate themselves. And for that they need you to reserve some energy… but if that’s all the energy you have, it means that the genes want you to reserve all your energy… But is it available for your own sake? No. It is available only for the genes’ sake.

So, here you are, no one cares about you, including your own self.

So, what happens, what can happen, when you start providing your body with what it needs to have extra energy?

With the re-hydration system, the Energized Water® you start to have more energy. No kidding. Within days.

But your consciousness hasn’t caught up yet.

You may still live: “I hate myself…” or “I don’t matter”

I used to live there. I mean lived there until not long ago…

It has been the last thing opening up for me: mattering to myself. Having value for myself. If you read my articles, you’ll see…

And this has been the biggest difference in the quality of my life. Genuinely caring for myself. For my person. Not only what I do, but my Self. Amazing experience!

How can I help you to be able to get there faster than I did?

cool-Martin-Luther-King-quote-life-old1Believe it or not, if you don’t care about yourself, you are not happy. You can’t. I am talking about Self-love, not the narcissistic “love”, but the real love, the warm, the allowing, the tender love… it makes the biggest difference.

It’s not unlike the water you drink when you are hopelessly parched. It fills in the huge void inside.

This newfound ability to love myself has allowed me to do loving things for myself, to start caring about my environment. I scrubbed all the sinks yesterday… WTF, right? And I found myself sorting the laundry… It’s been missing… I could not do it. I had no energy to spare for mundane things like that.

So, what made the difference? Getting my physical well-being, my health number up to 70%. It was 50% last week… none of this was available last week… yet. My hydration is 90%.

  1. Hydration
  2. Proper supplementation
  3. Eating ONLY what is perfectly good for my body.

This last one was the biggest issue for me. The mind was saying: “Who cares if it isn’t good for me?!”

And it was true, I didn’t care for me, so I didn’t care. 1

But at some point, when most of what I ate was good for me, it flipped. It started to be easier to eat only what was good for me, and the mind has since shut up.

And the pounds are melting too. I was already carrying an extra 30-40 pounds. 13 of those are already gone. And I am not dieting. I am eating when I am hungry. And a lot… lol.

By the way: hunger. I am now hungry for a meal. Healthy ravenous hunger. Like a teenager! Hunger signaling that my body is ready for food. Instead of the gnawing hunger that was more like permanent hunger than “real” hunger for the 40-50-60 years prior.

So, as you see, not one thing caused the change to having surplus energy.

I could not change effectively, because the knowledge that was needed, was missing.

I did not have a system. And like with all systems, the parts of a system don’t work like the system works.

And yet, there is one part that works very strongly, even without the rest, and that is hydration.

I remember being light headed, weak, struggling to make myself do things, five years ago. And by that time I had been drinking Sante-Water for 15 years.

Not until I replaced the Machinemade Sante-Water with Source-Made Energized Water®, that my overall sense of energy started to rise, and I suddenly had energy to spare. I had energy to be generous, caring, patient. Not yet for myself… but at least for others.

I still had a hard time doing things or finishing things, but I was becoming much better.

And the last piece of the puzzle, what food is supportive of my body and what isn’t came a short while ago. 2

Today my shopping list is very short. I have 10-15 items max, but I am well. At this point the only “meant” I can eat is organic lamb. All others are grain fed… and my gluten intolerance makes them bad for me. 5-8 vegetables, butter, goat cheese, and that’s it. Even store bought goat milk is bad for me: ultra pasteurized, or even just pasteurized is making it a foreign indigestible toxin. But I am OK with these restrictions.

Surprisingly, I really enjoy the food I eat. For the first time in decades. Really enjoy it. Yum. When I think about this: it makes no sense. Nothing fancy. Same breakfast every day. Same or slightly different lunch and dinner… should be boring, but it isn’t. I and my body are loving it.

That was the least expected result: loving it.

victor_labouI expected that I’d have cravings. NO cravings. I occasionally catch a glimpse of a sales circular with chocolate ice cream on it… and for a moment I wish I could have that.

But it passes like a cloud on a clear sky, with no traces of any desire, or craving, or yearning.

This is probably how our ancestors lived: loved what they had.

Heaven. Nothing missing.

PS: There is still a mid afternoon restlessness. I have been asking my body what it needed… And finally I found it: it needed more Vitamin B… I take a Vitamin B complex. About two minutes after I take the two capsules, the restlessness goes away. Hm… interesting.

PPS: If you find my journey attractive, and would like to have extra energy for whatever you want to use it for, you could ask me to evaluate your health, and find a suitable lifestyle eating what is compatible and usable by your body.

Please write to me. My email is at the bottom of the page.

Download the pdf version of this article hard-to-be-good-to-yourself
I want to change my life You want to change your life, because how it is: you don’t like it. It isn’t working for you. It doesn’t support you. You don’t have enough energy to enjoy life, to change it, to make more of yourself.
be the change you want to see in the world Gandhi said that, but it is easier said than done. Unless you have enough energy, you can’t do it. You can’t master your being, because you don’t have enough energy. So get more energy by changing how you eat, and what you drink. Start with the Energized Water.
how to get more energy You are not alone if you want more energy. Life with low energy is no fun. You have low grade depression, and every moment you want more, you crave more, because every moment feels like it’s your last. The cause of this low energy is eating what doesn’t work with your body, and drinking incoherent water. Start with the Energized water to hydrate your cells. When you are at least 30% hydrated, we can start tweaking your diet. In no time you’ll have surplus energy, like you used to have when you were a toddler.



  1. The last thing I let go of was turkey… Turkey is fed grains, and I am gluten intolerant. And cheese… cows are fed grain. Even grass fed cows… actually there are probably NO grass fed cows in the United States, only grass finished cows… but they are lying to you.
  2. The timeline was this: in the middle of April I got the 90 essential nutrients list, and bought my supplements. And about a month ago I had the insight that all the restrictions, blood type, dosha type, ancestry, gluten, fructose will clearly delineate the perfect diet… So it’s taken me one month to fully implement. Which suggests to me that I need to offer more follow-ups to my health clients, so they get closer and closer to their best.

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