For You Everything Is The Same As Everything Else, Except That Not Always. What is a paradigm?

paradigm shift For You Everything Is The Same As Everything Else, Except That Not Always

The statement in the title used to be the koan 1 trainers used to scream, whisper, yell, raucously laugh saying… in the Forum, which eventually became the Landmark Forum. 2

Of course it didn’t make any sense, because it doesn’t, no, not really. The moment it makes sense it is a lie. This is the case with every insight: the moment the mind gets hold of it, it turns it into a rule, incorporates into its fix-it paradigm, and there goes the magic of it.

With that said, let me share something that shook me to the core today (I get shaken by insights, that’s how MY machine works… lol)

Whether you know it or not, I have been offering, free, three weekly sessions of a training called “Drill calls.”

Originally these were the “let me check your connection to Source” calls, but I found out that connecting to Source has almost no value unless it comes from a healthy place.

There was no person on those calls that came from a healthy place.

All came from the mind, the let’s fix what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with them, what’s wrong with the world paradigm. 3

jumping from one paradigm to the next Unless you earned it, it’s just a visit. And of course, you tainted what you see with the world view of your current paradigm. That is what’s wrong with Burt Goldman’s Paradigm Jumping program: he won’t tell you that.[/note]

Anyway, drill calls… don’t let me get off topic, will you?

In the new drill calls I mostly work on activating your kinesthetic faculties to pull you out of your mind.

The mind as a boss is harmful, useless, and miserable. The mind as a servant can be useful. But most students live in their mind and perceive the world through their minds, look for new things in their mind (there is none! No new things there!)

And they want to find different aspects of them, operate their physical and spiritual “machine” with their mind, to utter failure.

Once I manage activating some feelings, some spatial awareness, the attention, splitting the attention, deliberate movements, etc. people start to grow rapidly and are able to expand their paradigm. But until then: it is a lot of work to get even a glimmer of light into that dark dense black hole that the mind-directed person is.

I am an empath, which means that I feel what you feel, whether it’s emotional or physical, when I connect to you on a call.

People are given assignments on the drill call and then I check, individually.

The level of anxiety is unbearable.

So yesterday I asked the question I had never thought to ask: Do you think that whether you succeed in these experiments or not is significant and has a lasting effect on your life? All hands went up. Amazing.

Imagine if children were like. Because of the fear of making a mistake, which is inherent in all learning, we would never learn to walk, or speak, or sing, or a musical instrument, or to write, or to drive.

So, I assured everyone on the call that it’s the effort that trains the muscles, develops capacities, and the losers are the ones that get to the result fast: they missed the learning.

They all relaxed that the class went well.

Fast forward to this morning: I find myself moping around. Deep in procrastination, lol. Not funny!

I looked what it is I was procrastinating about. It was in which direction to take the second part of the Effortless Abundance books…

Shall I expand on the current books’s chapters, or shall I write, what I am most famous for, the exercise-studded, paradigm jumper chapters, that I so love, that make all the difference, but don’t make as much sense.

The Effortless Abundance has been a hit. It makes sense. It uses pictures everyone can relate to. It uses “cleaning up the river” as an “I can do that” motivation starter. So it would make a lot of sense, for me, to continue to the sequel in the same style.

Except: that is not what I am famous for. I am famous for boggling the mind. I am famous for uprooting you. I am famous for my insane methods of introducing new distinctions that are like… huh?

So, I was sitting at my computer procrastinating.

I asked the same question I asked my students yesterday: Do you think that which path you decide is significant and has a lasting effect on your life?

And to my surprise, my answer was yes. I laughed.

As if I had one chance, and could not do both…

Did it unstuck me? Yes. Did I decide what to do? I decided to jump back and forth between the two ways: it will eliminate boredom.

Where are YOU stuck? do you think that the next step is significant? Laugh and just do something. The right path will show itself.

After all, for guidance to come, one needs to start walking (poke the box)… no action, no guidance.

Now you know.

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  1. ko·an/?ko-?än/ Noun: A paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.
  2. The Landmark Forum is a 3-day transformational program designed to shed light to some basic distinctions that run human beings, but are invisible to the naked eye. It’s fun, and the trainers don’t yell any more… lol. I participated with that company, both as a student and as a volunteer and leader for 26 years. My vibration was 35 when I began in 1985, rose to 190 in 20 years of hard work, and has provided the methodology: distinctions to my madness, to my programs, and to the fact that today my vibration is 980.
  3. Paradigm is a ball or a box that has all the knowledge and all the boundaries of your current world view. Paradigms are worlds. You can’t see other paradigms from yours, but you can jump paradigms and find yourself in a new paradigm.

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