Abundance: where do you look to decide if you have it? A revolutionary thought.

Most people look in their mind.

The mind is an organ that is unsuited to answer a question like this.

One of the major moves of the mind is comparison. After all it’s a computer. Is A bigger than B? The mind is perfectly capable of comparing those. What it never does, and therefore YOU mind-person never do, is ask the question: is that a relevant measure? Will the comparison of A and B show me a relevant picture?

If the mind or you asked that question, EVER!, you’d find that most of the questions that the mind asks are irrelevant AND are suggested by the DARK SIDE.

What am I calling Dark Side here? People? Entities? Government?

I am calling Dark Side the phenomenon that was started by a few people. The purpose of the phenomenon is to take you out of the present where you can be in touch with your origin, your magnificence, your creator nature, the Earth, nature, your Self.

Take you out for what? For their own monetary and political aspirations.

I am reading a book and I am fascinated and appalled at the same time.

how the mind is used to hook you and enslave you
It talks about advertising, scientific advertising, as habit-forming and habit-exploiting moves on the masses.

It can create addictions, exploit addictions.

I am in a bind. I have a product, the Heaven on Earth, and I want people to buy more of it. Why? Because it is good for them.

So when I read that book, the part where it talks about how they sold Febreze, an air freshener, I had an insight.

Just like them, I have been doing it all wrong.

Febreze, originally, had no smell. It was a clear odorless liquid that you could spray on anything and it would absorb all kinds of odors into itself, kitchen, grease, smoke, skunk (lol), cat urine, wet dog… you name it.

The product didn’t sell. People didn’t want to fix those smells. Why? Beats me, I guess they were used to it. Considered it a part of life to stink… lol.

When the marketing research people visited the people that got sample bottles of Febreze, it was always in the back of some closet.

The marketeers went back to work. They were desperately looking for cue and reward, what is the basic of hooking someone on something.

Example: Some 40 years ago I was depressed. Nothing special, but I was more depressed than usual. The doctor of the office I worked at prescribed shots for me. I got my first, and the next one was scheduled for 10 am the next morning.

At 9:30 I started to perk up. My breathing changed. I started to get animated. At 9:45 I was ready to go over to the doctor.

I was watching, observing myself. It was unmistakable. I was hooked on whatever it was in those injections.

When I got to the parking lot I could read the small print. It was a morphine derivative. I was hooked on morphine. I gently placed the box on the pavement and jumped on it with both feet.

No. I was not going to be hooked… But we are hooked to a lot of things. You anticipate the pleasures of a cup of coffee. The first hit of a cigarette. The pleasure of hitting the bed. You are craving it and anticipating. The pleasure begins as soon as you have a cue.

Is there anything harmful in every “addiction?” I don’t know. But I’d rather be hooked on something good than something bad.

I have decided to change my approach to selling Heaven on Earth.

I have been observing myself, and there is an anticipation of the relief, the breath being relieved, the tension from my neck and shoulders disappearing; that is what I want to sell, not relieving what’s wrong with you…

To make it easier to test, I am offering a 2 for 1 special on both the Heaven on Earth, and the Mini Energizers.

Both are available in alcoholic and non-alcoholic version. Both are both energized to 650 with the Energizer®

The main difference is the shape and size of the container. The minis fit into gallon water bottles or sports water bottles.

The HOE has a nice oval bottle and a squirt top.

Buy 1, get 1 free

mini energizer

heaven on earth hoe

Find what’s the cue for you. For me: I take a break for a minute or two of what I am doing, and take it “home” with a gulp or two of HOE: experience the gentle bubbling up of peace and serenity… Take a few deep breaths. Heaven. On Earth.

Nothing harmful. All good. Instant connection to Source… to the abundance of all-of-it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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