What does the “good food” you eat do to your body?

The so called good foods you eat are killing you. Because unless they are a perfect match to what your body is used to, what your body can use safely, these good foods are harmful. Bad news? Hell yeah… but also a life saver.

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alzheimers-brain-image_largeMost people’s health number is at or under 10%. Same is the hydration number… at or under 10%. The more you know about your nutrition, the lower is your number.

I know a “star” nutritionist whose number is 5%. Both the health and hydration numbers.

I have found only a few exceptions with higher numbers.

I mean a few… People who are working with me on their health… plus a long time student, plus a long time friend, plus Dr. Joel Wallach.
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french-green-beans-bMy health number was 70% yesterday, and it dropped to 50 this morning. I muscle tested and it was the very thin fancy green beans that I ate last thing last night. There were no fancy thin green beans in the area where my father’s ancestors lived. None. Regular green beans: yes. 1

I had been eating these beans for months… but this was the first time I could detect the harmful effects it had on my body, especially on my mental acuity. I don’t like to be foggy, do you?

It is NOT on my allowed food list… I just had a few bags of it in my freezer.

I’ll throw the rest out.

You have to be quite well, cleaned up, to notice the difference with different foods you eat. I hadn’t had those beans since I got above 50%… so I didn’t know. Now I do. Good bye fancy beans, lol.

It is not easy to get well. The information available in the world is faulty.

For example, I worked on the food list for a student who is ethnic Greek. Blood type A. I muscle tested the blood type A list, and it seemed that the student needed to starve to death… so I went with my intuition, and muscle tested the blood type O list… and lo and behold found a lot more food he can eat.

Another shortcoming of the one-size-fits-all health instructions is this: it disregards food intolerances that developed in the womb or during infancy… like gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance, fructose sensitivity or intolerance, systemic Candida…

From my experience, even the yeast infections books are… let’s say… myopic… It seems to me that without gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance, yeast doesn’t have a field day… meaning: it can’t proliferate at will…

8a9582edc9ab63bfe32588c3d988d877-1014x487But the intolerances, fructose in the stomach and the small intestines, gluten in the colon, weaken your immune system, and then yeast can run your life: tell you to eat what it wants you to eat. Mostly gluten.

My methodology is to find the few foods that you can get well with. That your genes agree with. Foods that won’t wreak havoc in your system, won’t burn you, dry you out, make you incoherent.

Even though I have good tools, it is still a difficult task, even for me.

I am not saying this to complain, after all, it is ultimately your job to create a brand new way of eating for yourself, even if I give you the list. A new way of eating is what is going to make you well.

Most of you don’t know what you are capable of.

You are not well enough to ever have experienced… you are smarter and more capable than you think. Or than you have been.

You’ve been not well since you were born. You were fed what your parents thought would work for you… but they themselves didn’t eat right for their type… because they had no idea.

We are shaped by media, and availability, and social conventions more than it’s good for us.

cooking-oils-killing-youI remember when my mother switched to cooking with oil, and we all got ill…

Oil is not naturally a food for humans… and we, humans, have been paying the price with our health.

Then I remember the push for whole grain… that’s when I first got fat!

I’ll skip a few decades… I was so unaware, I don’t even know what information they forced on us… but I do remember when “they” told us that eggs were to be blamed for heart disease…

Not blaming oil, that prevents the absorption of selenium and copper… but blaming eggs.

dementiaAnd the next thing we know, heart diseases went through the roof, cancer skyrocketed (selenium!) and a whole new disease was born: Alzheimer’s… cause: no animal fats, including egg yolk.

30% of all diseases are created by the medical community, by misinformation, bad advice, medicines. Nutritional diseases… including obesity, Parkinson’s, dementia, lupus, muscular dystrophy, etc. etc. etc.

Instead of allowing us to pay attention to what is good for us, they created a smoke screen of the “chemical” war on our bodies… and now you are eating with your mind.

Acid/alkaline, hormones, fluoride… none of them makes as much damage than eating the wrong foods. Not even near.

I found out about my gluten intolerance, and about my fructose intolerance by accident.

I had been declared incurable by that time for decades. I was on my own, no health insurance, and no doctor who knew what to do with me.

I bought gluten… I don’t remember what I wanted to make with it… but I ate it, and got really really ill. Dull. Dying.

And at another time I bought fructose… because they said it is not as bad for my blood sugar as the other sugar… I was out of commission for weeks after that.

I am just as stupid as you are. I just experiment more, and I pay attention.

And there is another thing about me that you would do well to emulate: I don’t gobble down information and then let it go right through me.

I don’t ever read longer than 10-15 minutes without taking the time to consolidate, digest, organize, evaluate, ponder the new input.

I stop the player on my computer during a movie as many as 10 times… I need to digest that input.

I talk to some of you, and you read my articles, but remember nothing. Learned nothing. Digested nothing. Integrated nothing.

You think that more is better, but it’s not true.

One thing I like about Tai Lopez is this: he doesn’t read longer than an hour at a time. And then he turns around and teaches others what he learned.

Integrates it.

I love doing his 67 steps. It is the half an hour a day that saves me weeks at a time…

Half an hour listening, hours of pondering. While I am doing mindless things… like everyone else.

I am on a serious information diet.

Just like my body is on a serious getting-well diet.

I hope you follow me to this rabbit hole…

Download the pdf version of this articlegood-food



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  1. It is 1:30 pm, and it is now back to 70, but I had a few rough hours this morning…

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