Abilities that are not available until your health number is above 30%

When you are not well, you are in survival mode. You live in scarcity. Everything seems to be about you. And not much can change about your life… given the focus (me-me-me) and therefore the questions you ask.

In scarcity everything is an is, and the questions you ask are from that “is”. Everything needs to be fixed, and you can’t very well leave things alone: they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Ugh…

You ask why question. Why is this happening to me? Why are you treating me like this? Why can’t I blah blah blah… get rich, understand, be loved, get well… you know those whiny questions that don’t make a difference, they just make you feel even worse.

“They” teach you that you can change your mindset, that you can easily get out of the scarcity mindset, but they are lying. They ignore that your existence is based on your physical well-being (and vice versa!) and unless you get better, nothing will change.

Your whole being comes from your physiology, mostly from your digestive tract, and thus your eating. Bummer, eh?

When you are well, you can start to ask different questions

  • Questions that widen your cone of vision, allow to see wider than the tiny focus, you see things in your peripheral vision,
  • questions that deepen your field of depth perception, see process, see you several steps ahead.

Questions like:

  • What am I missing here?
  • What else could I/should I be asking?
  • What am I not looking at?
  • What is outside of my survival, business as usual narrow cone of vision?
  • What is the cause? What is the effect?
  • What am I resisting?
  • What am I locked in?

The new questions point in the direction that can create new habits, new ways of seeing, new ways of doing things.

But there is a caveat: Even after people getting healthy or healthier (above 30%), changing habits, even though you can, doesn’t come naturally.

Survival mode is most recognized by the narrow cone of vision. Your vision, what you see the size of a tiny circle illuminated by a penlight… Mostly me-me-me.

Narrow cone of vision is much like looking through a peep hole. What comes through is disjointed, because you cannot see the connections. You also hear the same way.

Because things are not connected, they seem separate, or causal. All delusional… In reality everything is connected to everything else.

So once you can, you will need to start training yourself to look at more than what you have been looking. And to look differently than you have been looking.

If you are in my Reclaim your Life coaching program, I’ll know that you are starting to get there, when you get out from behind your own eye balls, and start to see other people, other people’s needs, points of view, not just your own.

I will see from the fact that you’ll start looking at more than just what is right in front of your nose.

Believe it or not, that is the crucial difference between successful people and people who live life like it is a job.

You can play chess with a narrow cone of vision, being able to see only the next step, or you can play by seeing the whole board, see the strategy and intention of the opponent, see your options…

Playing chess/life that wide angle way needs you to have energy, but having energy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll play/live that way.

So health is the condition of spiritual and personal growth, not the result of it, or not all of it.

I realized that all the things a coach can to do for you are ineffective until you have the energy to spare to look at something that is outside of your narrow cone of vision.

And I realized something really important: everyone is talking abut the power of your word, the power of attitude, being, blah blah blah, and none of those people make any difference.

Now it is obvious why. All those things are secondary to being a physical being who has energy to spare.

I have never spoken to a person who had energy to spare…

When you are in survival mode, the mind controls what you say, and every sentence that comes out of there is a conclusion… A way to close down reality. The way to make it an IS.

Nothing open ended ever comes from the mind.

And open end needs energy… but you need that same energy for survival.

Your teachers, your gurus, your politicians, your scientists are the same way. In survival mode.

When you become someone who comes out of that survival mode, the world is your oyster.

My only regret is that getting you well cannot be scaled up… that your getting well needs me to figure out for you what it is that you need, what it is that you can eat. Because it is individual… based on your DNA, your past eating, your developed health issues.

If I could teach it, or put it on a computer, the future of humanity would be vastly different.

Find out your health number…

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In addition to your health number, you’ll get all the relevant numbers that show you how and what way you render yourself and your life to go in the opposite direction than you’d want it to go.
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