Why isn’t your life changing, in spite of all the stuff you do to change it? Witnessing to the rescue

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happening vs occurrence: the importance of witnessing I have written articles about witnessing, but this is a new (to me) aspect of it, and I consider it my duty to share it.

Why? Because of all the people that I know, only a tiny fragment of them has the habit of witnessing.

What is the principle?

Without witnessing nothing happens.

And I might add, nothing intended happens. Nothing new… Now, is this a rule? Is this really a happening phenomenon? 2 No, it is more in the domain of occurring.

Given that your life’s experience (and your actions) are consistent with the occurring world, even if something happened, it would not make much of a difference for you.

What is the occurring world?

Occurring world is an expression that includes that we have no direct relationship with reality since the introduction and subsequent dominance of the mind.

When you look at a flower, you don’t experience the flower, there is a buffer between you and the flower made by words, made by recognition.

Anything that you don’t recognize doesn’t exist in reality for you.

the water... ripples but no Santa Maria occurring The famous example from the movie “What the bleep do we know?” when the first Spanish ships arrived to the coast of what we now call America, the natives could not see them. They saw the ripples in the water, but they could not see ships. They hadn’t seen sails, or anything on the water the size of a Santa Maria.

By the time they realized that people were embarking into row-boats, it was too late to put up a really big defense.

I have arguments with really knowledgeable people about water. The more they “know” the less they can see what’s in front of them as real. People experience the taste change of the Energy Water, but their mind can’t wrap their minds around it, so they need to deny it.

So, Occurring World is what happens plus what your mind says about it. If the mind says nothing, then, as far as you are concerned, nothing happened.

Why would the mind say nothing? Because the mind is a stupid computer. Unless you tell it otherwise, it just recycles old useless information.


The chiropractor whose car accident and subsequent treatment impaired his ability to perform his job without pain to his hands. He is a chiropractor, and you would think that he would know better.

His hand and wrist hurts, and I offered to give him distant healings.

I told him to do it at a set time, so he can witness it.

What happens in a healing session like this?

I sit down and connect. I feel his body, his emotions, and I just sit and experience being him.

Then I download the Heaven on Earth, the Energizer, and a few of the stronger Intelligent Energies I like to use in healings.

I closely observe what each download reveals. Each release a layer of resistance, a layer of tension, and in about five minutes I always manage to get to a picture of what is fundamentally off, dislocated, sprained, overstretched, etc.

The cause of the pain is almost never the same place where it hurts: the pain is the effect. Some of the real causes of pain are in his neck, shoulder, elbow, or carpal tunnel.

He hurt his wrist in the car accident, those “sources” are the result of his body trying to protect the injured wrist.

I checked the wrist: there is nothing to protect there. There is a little nick in the bone on the hand… and his wrist protector creates an unnatural environment in which his whole body, his whole being is coming from memory.

No on is there to witness how it is, in the Occurring World what’s happening is meeting the stupid computer’s 6 month old “diagnosis.” The mind’s.

Now, why is this important?

In my work I do what it takes to cause permanent change in people’s lives. I download activators that activate capacities, feelings, inner relationships.

I teach people to connect to Source, to operate as an orchestra directed by the Self instead of being a biological machine at the mercy of the Dark Side and it’s representative.

I have created energy products that can assist anyone to control their health and emotional well-being with the inevitable fallout: being successful in life, relationships and business.

the santa maria wasn't occurring But there is a caveat: Unless you have the capacity (or the “mind”) to witness what is happening, it is not happening for you.

Even people who have the capacity have a difficult time to witness.

Why? Because we are undisciplined. Our attention goes where out mind goes, and as I have said, the mind is a stupid reaction machine.

You need to do what you can to take back your control over your attention.

Take it back from other people, take it back from advertising, email, text messages, TV, noise, the weather, news, media, gossip, and the list goes on. It will take some time, but it is possible.

Claim ownership and wield your attention, instead of what’s happening for most people: the tail is wagging the dog.

In my drill calls, at this point 3 times a week, you can start learning the ropes.

The skills you learn on those calls are the foundation for the new type of human: the human that takes control and lives as a magnificent creator: this is what humans were meant to become.

You can participate in the drill calls for free. No obligation to stay in, nothing to buy.

It is my gift to you. My self-serving interest is to create people that when they get an activator, it sticks. When they use my energy products, they start to blossom. When they buy my Effortless Abundance products they become abundant effortlessly.

Our purpose is aligned, that is what you want… right? You spend the money, the time, you want to result.

The missing piece is witnessing. Reliably and powerfully.

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  1. Happening means that even a Martian with no knowledge of human society, could observe it.
  2. Happening means that even a Martian with no knowledge of human society, could observe it.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Why isn’t your life changing, in spite of all the stuff you do to change it? Witnessing to the rescue”

  1. This makes sense. Your mind won’t add it to its database of what’s “real” until it is witnessed, so you will never “see” it without it first being witnessed. Easier said than done though. The mind is always trying to deny what it doesn’t understand, what doesn’t fit, what is inconsistent with past experience.

  2. And that is the answer to the recent email you sent me.

    But there is one good news: once you exhaust all the mind has to offer, all the eyes have to offer, all the imagination has to offer, and you still keep searching, trusting that there is something there, you will find the “organ” of witnessing, which has been the biggest challenge to find, given that people can’t feel, as of yet, when they go from mind to that yet unexperienced organ, that is completely outside of the mind, uses no words, and cannot be remembered, unless you add words, so you won’t find your way back.

    Every time you have to go through the steps exhausting what the mind has to offer, to get to it.

    If you follow this “formula” it will take less and less time. I had to learn it, you’ll have to learn it.

    It is not your traditional learning, it is much like learning balance: words cannot create it, you can’t remember, you find it each time.

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