The sad guru… Paramahansa Yogananda

Possession-of-materialYogananda… I have measured his vibration at different times, in different contexts, always having a different number come up. So today I spent some time in his space… to see what’s up.

Paramahansa Yogananda was a sad person. For two reasons, the two sides of the same coin: he had something that he wanted to share, and it wasn’t shareable.

His words are simply his idea what made him the way he was, and the words did not communicate. Did not do for others what they, he thought, did for him.

So, slowly but surely, his words became a lie. Now, he himself wasn’t the way he said people should be: he had sadness, grieving, devastation move into his heart.

And greed… wanting. Wanting it to be different. Wanting that burning go away from his throat and his upper chest.

And then it all fell apart… and what remained is pretense.

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A life for show… otherwise empty.

I am beginning to come to the realization, that when people start to need a god to be well, then they are not well, they are already given up on self, self-realization, self-actualization, their own power, their on personness.

The completely counter-intuitive path to the highest state possible for a human leads through not becoming someone he isn’t, but by becoming more fully who he is.

It’s counter intuitive, because what we call intuition, falsely, is what you thin is right.

yogananda-3And because any human is, is always less than what they thing they should be. So?

One of my practices to keep YOU in check, and keep this false thinking in check, is to talk, to use words that are not becoming to a “godlike” person, like pooping.

Like sweating, like angry, frustrated…

Gurus like Paramahansa Yogananda were teaching people that it’s not only OK to lie, it is ok to pretend. And in that process they lost all the heaven on earth that they had earned previously.

Yogananda-with-AYBecause the death of self is the denying of self. The dressing up the self into clothes (virtues) that are not real, not present, not there. This is one side of the “strait”.

The other side of the strait, the strait that is your Self, is condemnation.

The mind suggests that if you hate something then you are better than it.
The mind suggests that if you resist something, then something better will come.
And the modern Western gurus suggest that if you want it with all your heart, then it will come about.

The mind lies. The modern Western gurus are teaching you harmful stuff.

yogananda-4And because you don’t have the habit to experiment and have knowledge of your own, you buy into one or two of those ideas, and you lose.

You lose your capacity to think, you lose your capacity to feel, you lose your capacity to be connected to your Self.

yogananda-2Just like your guru

As I have said before, your most important practice is to get to know yourself, without wincing, without frowning, or without being unduly proud of yourself.

It is what it is.

It is not stagnant, it is not carved in stone, it is how it is now.

Once you see even just one thing clearly, the way it is, without embellishment, you are instantly empowered to choose to stay that way, or to grow yourself.

Of course this sounds easy, but it is probably the hardest thing you have ever tried.

Because seeing things the way they are, and accepting that that is how they are, not how they should be, not how you hoped they would be, but how they are. Nothing wrong, nothing good, just a fact. Just try: you can’t be just “flat” and unemotional about it… but that is how you want to be.

I have talked about the technique a brilliant Forum Leader applied when a participant in the Landmark Forum could not, would not let go of her attachment that whatever happened was wrong and marked her for life.

He asked who had similar experiences, and four of us, myself included, raised our hands. I suspect there were more, but it takes a desire to move on, to move on.

So, a desensitizing process began: What did you have for breakfast, the leader asked. No big deal whatever you ate, right?

Whether it was a McDonald’s breakfast, or a hearty home made feast, or nothing… it is no big deal.

Then you were asked: what happened to you when you were little… and the emotions ran high.

This, alternating question went on for 10-15 minutes. And then, you were asked to combine the two answers:

I had x for breakfast and I was raped when I was little…

The effect was sensational… the no emotion of the breakfast carried over to the rape, incest, molestation, whatever it was.

This technique is suitable for our purposes of taking the sting out of the behavior you found about yourself.

If you are a liar, it goes like this: I had scrambled eggs for breakfast and I am a liar.

You will either do the work, or you won’t. Your entire life depends on what you do. You want to be VERY AWARE that you are creating your life, you are creating your Self… and you’ll be left with what you created.

12396529_f520No one can do it for you.

You’ll either do this the way you do everything: try to get to the other side without doing the work, or suffer through it… paying attention to all the tiny tremblings of your soul.

I ask you to consider that in the “You cannot teach pigs to fly (or sing). You just annoy the pigs, and they will never fly (or sing). That you are the pig. Or you can turn into human… and do the work.

Your choice.

But living the pretense is the worst.

Rape-Culture-e1392242243997PS: Things happen to people. A person takes responsibility for what happened (not the blame!) and gets up, dusts themselves off, and become a winner, in spite of what happened, or maybe because of what happened.

If this is beyond your ability to grasp as a good thing, you really should get counseling first, before you attempt to read more of my articles.

If you want society to eliminate all troubles, rape, poverty, earth quakes, floods, lightening, brush fires… by all means, be my guest… But NOT my student. Sorry.

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  1. This article isn’t about Paramahansa Yogananda at all… It is the authors meandering thoughts about thoughts and emotions.

  2. that is an accurate observation. As an empath I don’t repeat what someone says, I look behind the visible. You may want to look around before you comment next time. Just to be safe.

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