An amazing video I found by accident… please watch and comment

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “An amazing video I found by accident… please watch and comment”

  1. Excellent documentary! I believe we can do it as a collective,but we have a very long way to go. Great find Sophie.

  2. quite amazing, isn’t it.

    what people need to understand that a problem cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created it.

    In this case being sheep, transferring power and responsibility to lawmakers. After all this whole tragedy began and continued because of that.

    Once people claim their power, that mustard seed size of belief that they have it, that it is theirs, that “if it is to be, it’s up to me,” they will not sit around hoping, waiting for someone else to do it, or go to the slaughter like millions and millions have been doing day by day.

    Boycotting food, power, entertainment, media, stores, etc. is the hardest thing to imagine that the lazy, limp American public would warm up to, but if peer pressure could be turned on, then just like in Mississippi where they boycotted the bus company, we could do it slowly, gradually, everywhere.

    I hope I’ll live long enough to experience it.

  3. This is a great movie with a powerful message. The planet is being taken over by the power elite (what Sophie calls the dark side). The power elite has been gaining control for years and they are in the final stage of consolidating control and establishing The World Government or the New World Order. This is Orwells’ 1984. Unless you are comfortable living under the tyrannical control of the power elite (say bah-ah-ah-ah-ah) wake up and take action.

    The movie has a similar message to “2012: Return to One” and “Quickening” (both available at Thrive is better produced and offers more advice to take action against the elite. Watch both of these movies. I include a link to both in all my emails in my email signature; it’s that important.

  4. The film is full of enlightenment and fear to everyone. Greedy people is the source of scarcity on the masses and I’m one of them! Good intentions to Thrive organizers but I doubt whatever we do many problems in the world will never be resolve, unless people care and change within! I see good people from the start with good ideas to help but I see them old maybe have died today fighting for the public good. I would suggest that we at least do the solutions they enumerated here to at least minimize and inform the greedy people, corporations or the elite that there are people who are againts what they do! Let us not wait for the government to change. . . but we have to change and be watchful for our own good! Thank you Sophie for sharing this great video!

  5. I’ve always shunned these conspiracy theories but am opening up to what’s presented here.
    I’ve seen the Big Bank/big corp. bashing since the ’08 financial meltdown as just more of the same class warfare rhetoric designed to create dependence on government.
    But I did not realize the power/influence of these banks, or that the same few families control them. Naive??
    It is scary, and we do have a long way to go, but I do think that the awakening that was referred to is happening.

  6. the question is: are YOU awakening AND are YOU willing to do something, like boycotting, withdraw support, spread the word. Awakening is not an inside job only… awakening is not understanding. Awakening that doesn’t result in action is worthless at this point.

  7. Thanks Sophie. I came across this video to some time back but never watched it. This is a great resource to have. Especially when we deal with people that a ignorant to the purposely fucked up world system we are submitted too. Also 2012 return to ones was on Netflix last time I checked. Both these movies inspire me to stand up rise up take action and lead.

  8. I know that the power elite are totally against having a mass population of Buddhas and Christs mastering the school of life on earth and beyond. But that is what has to happen. We have to awaken within ourselves who we are in full actualization. And also know what we are and that is the Power of God in action. (Or would you say not in action) I believe the meek shall inherit the earth. When? I don’t no. But no time is better then NOW. Because it may be NOW or never.

  9. The power elite come from lack and scarcity. They believe that there is only so much wealth to go around and they want ensure that their families control it. Competition is their game. They fear loss.

    They already have most of the world’s resources and land and they even print the money. They already have more wealth they can use. What’s left? Power.

    They think that they are smarter than the rest and it is their job to decide who gets what, who lives, who dies. The don’t want opposition. They even control governments. The last thing left is to control your freedom. They are counting on apathy and submission.

  10. Michael, I tend to disagree. The power elite come from greed and superiority. And entitlement.

    Also, what Wallace D. Wattles considers of the lower of all human desires: to have power over others.

  11. Although I didn’t use the words superior and entitlement, I think we are in agreement. Thanks for sharing Wattle’s opinion. He is one of my favorites.

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