Black Whole, this video is a gamechanger, but you must promise not to watch it with your mind

This is the Black Whole article, but most people search for Black Hole… oh well, this is the article

Here is a video that one of the readers suggested, and I literally wept when I read it.

All the other videos are somewhat gloom and doom. Why? Because the average person (YOU!) is hooked on negative excitement, and live in their minds.

This video is amazing, exciting, exactly defining what is Source and what we are connecting to… but there is one caveat: you can’t get it through the mind.

The mind will want you to understand, and you can’t. You need to connect to it. Like chocolate mousse: you don’t understand it, you allow it to melt in your mouth, got it? Or sensual massage: you feel it. Or the cool breeze on your face… you don’t try to understand, you appreciate it.

This is how you must watch this video to get it. To allow you to transform it.

This is the real deal, the deal changer, the breath of fresh air… Now, watch it if you dare… lol


The simple enough thought that one side of a black hole is the other side of an energy source… and that no energy gets lost, and the whole Universe is build of donuts… amazing.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Black Whole, this video is a gamechanger, but you must promise not to watch it with your mind”

  1. ye gods, sophie, my head is spinning after that,,, but seeing as the rest of the universe is somehow spinning, maybe i’m just normal after all 🙂 that was awsome, although i just don’t get geomatry or algebra,,, never have been able to,, i love the symbols and see them in lots of places,, i guess too it’s more of a feeling of the energy space around,,
    puts a different slant on ‘things’ the law of attraction & all the stuff we ‘take in’ . i don’t know if i’ll ever understand it.

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