Dark Side Case Study: Google, or how fixing a problem creates and grows the Dark Side…

the problem solution cycle I’ve been a little off lately. In the middle of May the number of visitors to my site fell to almost none.

The cause: Google created a software that can tell if something is good or not. If something is worth to read or not. Google deemed my site crap. Obviously, because between May and the beginning of this week, they sent me a grand total of 30 visitors, whereas they used to send me 30-80 a day…

What happened? How did my site become crap from one day to the other?

If you are not in business, you probably haven’t heard.

But if you have a business that gets customers, buyers, through a website, you probably know, that Google, the online search monopoly that is so big that it can rig any system, much like Microsoft, is now completely on the Dark Side.

OK, for the above sentence to make sense, I need to explain what I mean. I need to clarify what doing business that is in harmony with the whole, harmony with creation is like, and then, of course, the opposite.

Let us look at a simple example, writing an informative article that serves people, that teaches them something, truthfully, and this way enriches people’s lives.

Stage 1: The writer of the article has one purpose in mind: to serve. And there is a secondary purpose: to have, some of those people, maybe want to do business with the website the article is on. These are the two purposes that are completely aligned with creation: you give something to get something, there is flow, grace and ease.

People go to a search engine and look for the information this article writes about and the search engine finds it for them among billions of webpages… really sweet.

Stage 2: Now, enter greed, enter the Darkness, enter trickiness, enter competitiveness: some website owners hire slave writers to write crappy articles, each article with a thousand version, same information, just different words.

They put those on thousands of websites, called article directories, and the competition begins.

Who can put more meaningless, bad article on those article directories, and come up among the first ten on google’s search page when you are searching for the solution to your problem.

The more greedy a site is the more money they invest in slave article writing and spamming the internet with duplicate, trashy content.

The first 10, 20, maybe even 30 websites that come up in your search on google are not trash… not the genuine article, not the article our in-the-flow-with-all-of-it website owner wrote, but the slave written articles by the marketeers.

And the Dark Side dominance begins: the world starts to work for the Scheisters 1 and the honest business man suddenly gets no traffic. What is the honest business man supposed to do? They hire some slaves, buy some software to post the thousands of versions of the article on thousands of trash sites… and suddenly they are not keeping their attention on the original purpose: serve their customers and get something in return, instead they are now busy competing.

“There is not competition on the Creative Plane” says Wallace D. Wattles, visionary writer of the past century.

In this case, the moment you worry about your google traffic, how many people see your google listing, you are toast. That worry transports you and lands you on the Competitive Plane, where you are out of sync with the Universe, and you are on the Dark Side, you are a blockage to flow.

Stage 3: Google decides to fix this situation. They decide to make a software that will recognize and filter out trash and will only serve up the genuine article. Sounds good, right?

I tell you, when Hitler told the Germans that they are going to prevent the Earth to go to hell by all the substandard non-Arian people that procreate like rabbits, the Germans said: sounds good… let’s do it.

Hitler and his machine succeeded in “eliminating” six million Jews, I don’t know how many Gypsies, homosexuals and communists in addition to that.

Here is the rule:

The solution to a problem is the next problem. This next problem is much bigger than the one it fixed.

If you wanted take over the world, your best and fastest method would be to be a problem-creator.

Problem is not a real thing. Problem is declared. Problem is a phenomenon that comes from the “Original Sin: there is something wrong here. That Original Sin is a creation of the Mind. Mind = Dark Side, remember?

Everything that has gone wrong on Planet Earth, or in the history of humans is based on that Original Sin: there is something wrong here.” Or let me be even more precise: there is something wrong here and it needs to be fixed.

Given that the solution is the next bigger problem, we have gotten ourselves into a real mess.

Every solution gives rise to an even bigger level of corruption, greed, scheisterdom, and a dilution and disappearance of values.

Let’s take Amazon: Amazon started out as an online retailer of books. In the past decade or two it has risen to become an online behemoth 2

The Kindle was a solution… not important of what mistake. Today there are thousands of people moving over their scheister methods from google to Amazon: courses sell where they teach you how to sell crap and fill the top ranks of Amazon with it.

Today, when the Dark Side, greed, and rigging the system has accelerated, it is hard to stay aloof, and unaffected.

I caught myself wanting to buy yet another software that will teach me how to re-write my articles to please the new google software (algorithm).

I really wanted it. What is another 30 bucks, right? In the past two months I spent my rent on software like that, so what is another 30 bucks…

Then I muscle tested. The muscle test said NO. What?! But I obeyed.

I observed my panic, I observed my trying to fix the situation. Then I had this insight: It is all to eliminate real content from the Internet, from Kindle, from the world. When people are frantically looking for the solution, they won’t pay any attention to the attempts to take over the world… given that, I am sure, it will be a solution to a big problem.

Which brings me to the most important conclusion ever: the Dark Side gains power by creating, aggravating, and graciously solving problems.

You can check the frequency of this cycle in this century, meaning the last 12 years. They are no back to back and on the top of each other. Who benefits? Those that are pulling the strings.

I am staying aloof and unaffected. Count on me to be a rock. A rock of sanity. A rock that connects you to the harmony of the Universe where only the Earth is out of whack, out of harmony.

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  1. Scheister is a Yiddish word for people who stir the potty, cheat, lie, etc.
  2. behemoth is an animal, a camel, if I am not mistaken. In this context it means big big big… too big

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Dark Side Case Study: Google, or how fixing a problem creates and grows the Dark Side…”

  1. I recall how reading earlier articles took me to some interesting directories on the internet. Now I understand why. Thanks for continuing to inspire us to stay aloof and unaffected as well.

  2. Yes, Dorothy. the keystone habit is, for most, the habit that takes you out of your equilibrium… so it is going to get real in a few more sessions.

    That is going to be the next course, by the way: the habit changing… including the soaring method, I think.

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