How do you get out of the mind… and why is Osho 300 and I am 990 on the consciousness scale?

Two questions are answered in this article

  1. What can you do to get out of your mind and back to the flow, so you and your life are part of the flow and start feeling like your life is worth living?
  2. Why is Osho’s vibration 300 and mine 990? (this is an interesting question, because I’ve learned from Osho, factually, more than from any other teacher.)

What can you do to get out of your mind?

Getting out of your mind has two steps

  1. Step one: becoming aware that you use your mind for everything. It’s can be compared to having a hammer: everything looks like a nail. So you are going to approach everything like it’s a nail. But eating your food is a lot more effective with a fork and a knife, typing on the keyboard works better with your bare fingers, brushing your teeth is effective with a tooth brush and very ineffective with a hammer.And this brings up the question you haven’t asked yet: what is the organ of awareness? It is surely not the mind: the mind is not able to be aware of itself.

    Until you find the “organ” or tool of awareness, you are stuck in the mind.

    Being an empath I can feel where you are looking for the tool, and I can guide you, like one guides someone who is blind, to the right place. 1

    Learning to look with your awareness will feel like having to learn walking all over again: After however long walking on your legs, I will ask you to walk on something else, something you didn’t even know you had.

    But we know it’s possible, it is even possible to see with your chest, hear with your skull, so you can definitely learn to look with your awareness. 2

    By the way, this is the place to mention that your mind does not equal your brain. Your brain is much more and at the same time much less than the mind. 3

  2. Step two: You will need to release certain sticky points, certain habitual ways of behaving.I learned this in Landmark Education: you behave machine-like about 90% of the time. The machine has fixed moves for when you are threatened, and fixed moves when things go well.

    All of those moves were “created” by you, in a moment of upset. We could say that who you are today was created by an upset 3-5-7-year old, and doesn’t work quite well for what you want to do in life, for relationships, for living in abundance, for grace and ease.

    What keeps these habitual ways of being (moves, attitudes and behaviors) in place is the mind.

    We’ll need to release the automatic ways of being, the ones I call sticky points, and replace them with healthy, in-the-flaw ways of being, one by one, specifically.

    There is no Mind-Sweep, or Quantum Thought Shifting, hypnosis, NLP that can do it for you en-masse, you need to address each and every one of them (4-5 significant ones only!) and redesign the habit cycle.

    This is the phase we are working on, right now, in the Second Phase Activators class.

    Once the technology can be declared true and tried, I will start to use it with more and more clients. Once you learn the technology on one sticky point, you can release any other sticky point you find. It will be easy.

    I have managed to change some really sticky habits with this exact technology. The success will depend on your willingness to become aware of “real life” situations and the willingness to change.

    Change is difficult. It is easy to go to the mind… The “brain-map” for the old habit is large and detailed. We need to create a new brain-map for the new habit we created. 4

why is Osho 300 and I am 990 on the consciousness scale?

And this leads us to the second part of this article: why is my vibration so much higher than this famous mystic with millions of followers, Osho, the sex guru, 5 wasn’t an empath and therefore could not teach his followers to move their center to the self, (quite a physical act!) or look with their awareness. Instead he developed his Chaotic meditation technique, that temporarily cleared the mind, but was unsuited to teach what to do to do that in a real life situation.

Although much of what he teaches holds water, most of it doesn’t.

So this is the explanation why his vibration was 300 and mine is 990. By the way, the number 990 is ten zeros away from attainment, and is 60% of the journey on a linear scale.

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  1. I am so glad I have had some experience in this through working as a coach with a deaf and blind person for a while.

    By the way, she never got completely out of her mind. I utterly failed with her. And then she died. In a freak accident.

  2. The brain that changes itself by Norman Doidge
  3. Actually, your memories aren’t actually stored in the brain. The relationship between your brain and the mind is much like cloud computing: the memories and the “knowledge” are stored in the clouds (mind) not your brain. My brain damage in 1998 wiped out a lot of my memories. My brain didn’t quite repair itself, yet a lot of memories, names, places, have come back.
  4. When they are trying to rehabilitate people who had a stroke that paralyzed one arm, they have to tie their good arm to render it unusable for the stroke-stricken person to start to try to use their paralyzed arm. But it’s possible and the success rate is very high.
  5. real name Chandra Mohan Jain, Osho’s life story in Wikipedia is an interesting read

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