Defending Your Life Movie Illustrating Raising Your Vibration

Defending Your Life and higher vibrationDefending Your Life

This is a review of the movie, Defending Your Life, from the point of view of raising your vibration.

How does higher vibration look to you if it is your own higher vibration? How would you know? What would the world look like?

These are the questions I attempt to answer in this article.

In my conversation with Nancy I said “little brains” and I would like to say where it came from… in some way say, that I didn’t mean what it implies, I was quoting from a movie.

The movie, Defending Your Life from 1991, is a movie by Albert Brooks, starring himself and Meryl Streep. It’s a comedy, and it’s wonderful.

The synopsis of Defending Your Life is interesting: Our hero, Albert Brooks, quite a knucklehead, dies of a driving mistake.

He finds himself alive on a bus with other people, who, it turns out, also died that same day.

Their destination is Judgment City. It’s a modern city, much like any other American city… but we’ll find out, it is not on Earth.

He is checked into a hotel, and told to get ready for his trial.

I won’t blow the whole story, I hope you’ll want to watch it, it’s fun, and it points out some stuff I am interested in conveying.

In particular, Albert Brooks has a few conversations with his defense lawyer who helps him to defend his life. For what? If you pass, you won’t have to return to the endless Earth, where you can try again… What? Be courageous. Live a full life, live full out.

The defense lawyer reads Brooks’ life story from a datasheet… no English, no letters, just zeros and ones. He reads it with ease, just like computers are comfortable with doing everything by crunching numbers.

Brooks is amazed. The lawyer says that people in Judgment City use more of their brains than… Earth people. They were once Earth people themselves, but they evolved, and now they use more of their brain’s capacity.

He says: I use 48% of my brain. Oh, OK, says Brooks. The lawyer asks: how much of your brain do you think you use? Brooks ponders and answers: 47%?

The lawyer laughs in amusement. No, he said, 3%…

Then he explains that what uses the rest of it, or what blocks us from using it all, is fear.

The trial is to find out if you hit the mark in having conquered your fears…

OK, the story continues, but this is what I wanted to share.

I wanted to share that when your vibration rises, because you are getting clearer and clearer that the Creator loves you unconditionally, that you are deserving, worthy, loved and lovable, powerful, and beautiful, talented and all that… you don’t even know, much of the time, that you should be afraid.

Meryl’s character proves it: she looks brave, but she is just being. You need to have fear to need courage to act. In the absence of fear, no act requires courage.

Imagine living your life as a computer game: everything and everyone else is in the machine, and you move the levers and dials. Now, look: if a lion comes your way: are you afraid? No. You aim and hit it or miss it, but you don’t waste your precious time and energy to be afraid.

One of the capacities that is dormant in your circuits is “impervious”.

Imagine all the things that have driven you batty all your life, people gossiping, attacking you, disobeying, annoying, insulting you, humiliating you… suddenly happening only on the screen… and you are thoroughly untouched. Would your response be different that they are now?

This may be just scratching the surface, but it is a deep scratch showing a lot of what’s hidden from your “normal” view.

You may sound more intelligent, and it may be true: you may have access to more processing power.

You may sound wise: your vantage point is slightly to the side and slightly elevated: so you see more, and you don’t get caught up in the personal aspects of most anything.

You may have access to divine knowledge, because you have more time and more peace of mind to confer to the divine about stuff that matters.

You may lose some of your drive, because you have nothing to prove, no recognition to seek, no accolades to chase, no prizes to win. Nothing to prove. You are free to pursue what is worth giving your life to: whatever area that may be: Mother, educator, inventor, healer, traveler, you add your calling to this list.

As you see, higher vibration doesn’t change the outer appearance of the person.

What you see, in the Defending Your Life, it gives them access to love, to bravery, to adventure, to a higher purposed life.

Watch Defending Your Life on youtube…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar