The Gifts Of Complaining And Other Weird and Politically Incorrect Phenomena That Produces Dramatic Results

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the hidden gold in complaining This article is about a counter-intuitive transformational technology you probably won’t find anywhere else… It is worth its weight in gold and it can make the biggest difference in your life, in your level of satisfaction, happiness and well-being.

I am taking a seminar I took some 25 years ago. I am taking it again, in spite of the inconvenience of having to hitch a ride to a town 60 miles away, having to be among people with really low vibration.

I am taking it again because it made such a huge impact on my life 25 years ago. In fact I would not be here doing this work if it hadn’t made the difference it made.

Being in a seminar also means being in weekly conference calls. But this article would not be possible without that: without hearing what “normal” people function like: I have almost forgotten.

The name of the seminar is “From Complaint to Possibility” It does have a main title that I will reveal later in this article.

Let me first share what it is that I discovered about “normal” in this seminar, so far: it is dramatic and worth paying attention to. Chances are that you are normal, at least some of the time, so listen up, OK?

The seminar starts with looking at all the complaints you have in your life. The list of complaints fills pages after pages, if not, you are lying. Literally lying.

Complaining 2 about stuff, about people, about ourselves, about the weather, about the Global Warming, about the government, etc. etc. etc. is normal.

  • Some people do it in their head, we call in ruminating.
  • Some people are politically correct, and hide it grammatically in their speaking, sounding like they are well meaning, and some other bull crap.

But it’s there. Takes eyes to see, ears to hear, and some free mind space to observe.

Most people have less than 1% of their mind allowing them to see what’s in front of them, accurately. Which means mostly they fight windmills, they interact with unreality.

If you are one of those busy-minded 1%-er, you won’t find the hidden complaints, but it is still worth your while to listen.

It seems that the human mind is conditioned to equate complaints with something wrong and with something that shouldn’t be. Both the fact of complaining, the act of complaining and the content of the complaints. Both.

When they are forced to look or list their complaints, they hear that there is something wrong with complaining. The New Agey people say: ‘it’s negativity, and we won’t do that, and won’t listen to it.’

They are the biggest butt holes. Doomed. Are you one of them? Stop reading now, while you are still ahead, lol.

So, if complaining is not bad, not negative, not something that shouldn’t be, then what is it?

In my observation (so far) complaining serves two purposes:

  1. 1. to let yourself and the world know that you are better than what you are complaining about, and if you had power you would fix it.The purpose of this complaining is to make you feel superior and better. It is all about you. It lets you off the hook of having to produce results in your own life, while it takes the attention off you. If somebody is a bigger butt hole than you, then you are OK.This is a certain path to misery: you justify why you can’t, why you won’t, why you don’t.You may even self-deprecate, a version of complaining, and make people feel better of themselves. The worse you look the more you will be liked. But it is still all about you: it is a move to be liked, to be kept around.
  2. The second type of complaining is vastly different. Be ready to be surprised.The second type of complaining is the Soul’s yearnings on loud speaker.If you don’t act on it, it will make you even more unfulfilled, unsatisfied, than you are now. Without fulfilling on those yearnings life is completely meaningless, machine-like, and on your death bed you’ll be a miserable wretch… full of regrets and grief.These are the type of complaints you can do something about, though, to you, they may look hopeless. But start paying attention.Remember that I found my life’s purpose in my main complaint about my life. It was the Soul’s way to show me the way, but without knowing it was the Soul doing it to me, I was miserable.

    Now, that you know that there is gold and treasure inside your complaints (and your loved ones’ complaints!) you can start looking and listening with different eyes and with different ears.

    One of the guys, about 70 years old company owner, was complaining that he has no hobbies, no leisure time, no fun. Then quickly turned around and said: “but I love to work”, which was, or course, the booby prize, the consolation prize of living a meaningless, empty life.

    I happen to know that he can’t quit: he has no savings, no retirement fund, until he can sell his company for enough money to provide for him and his wife for a long time.

    So he “loves working” instead of telling the truth: he and his wife are ineffective at creating more value for the company, and using the non-working time for fun.

    He admitted spending a lot of time, hours a day, in front of the television.

    I butted in, (I am a compulsive coach!) and suggested that he needs to do some radical changes: answer the Soul’s yearning for fun and accomplishment, and be more strategic and purposeful in his work.

    All at the same time.

    That never occurred to him. It never occurred to him that wanting more life in his life was the Soul’s yearning. And that he could do it even within the circumstances he has… that never occurred to him.

    But what really never occurred to him, is that spending time working is not the best way to make enough money for retirement: when you have something to live for, other than work, the path will be shown to you for more money in less time, by the same Soul that is making you miserable now.

    Until you heed the calling of the Soul, life can continue the low, boring, miserable way it is going now, and you won’t get any help!

    I am sharing this guy’s example, because it seems to be the story of 80% of the men I know, and about 30% of the women I know.

    You won’t get any guidance from the Soul until you put yourself in the position of desperately needing it.

    Sorry to disappoint.

    You can start complaining about that! lol.

Oh, almost forgot, the full title of the seminar is “Excellence — From Complaint To Possibility” the possibility of a life aligned with fulfillment, satisfaction and meaningfulness… a life your Soul wants you to live. Did I mention happiness, joy, grace and ease? That too.

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  1. com·plain (1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
    2. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.
  2. com·plain (1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
    2. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “The Gifts Of Complaining And Other Weird and Politically Incorrect Phenomena That Produces Dramatic Results”

  1. Thanks Sophie, this article made me realise why I fell miserable and bored with my life because of my soul yearning for me to fly and use my gift, and I am not doing that. I promise myself starting today I will do even a small step to start with. x

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