The Secret Of Real Learning

get out of the mind to get real learning The Secret Of Real Learning

There is knowledge and there is knowledge.

The first one everyone who went to school is familiar with. It is learning what others say about certain things. What others may have discovered, experienced, thought.

You can argue about it. That knowledge is never YOUR knowledge. It becomes stored stuff in the mind.

The second kind of knowledge is earned.

Learning to walk, learning to ride the bike, learning to use your hands to write, draw, or feed yourself. Learning to play tennis, learning to swim.

These are entirely yours, no one can take them away from you, they can’t be forgotten because they are not mind-learning, not memorizing, not understanding, and not logical.

No one can argue them, it is not a matter of opinion, not a matter of point of view.

Schools, regular “education” emphasize mind learning. Mind learning is the great equalizer. It suppresses the other kind of learning, and puts us all into the biological machine, the controllable sheep category.

Almost all of us.

Some of us didn’t take to mind-learning. They call us learning disabled, they call us retarded, they call us names.

The closer you are to learning life the way you learned to ride the bike, the weirder the world considers you. The closer you were to mind learning the better people think of you.

And then there are the neither here nor there: they weren’t good at mind-learning, and they weren’t good at “real” learning, and they labeled themselves inferior. They use their mind today for everything to belong, to impress, to be well-thought of.

They breathe with their mind, eat with their mind, have sex with their mind.

As it is in most areas of life, the middle-of-the-roaders have a hard time with everything. They don’t belong, and they are in love with their miserable existence. They have no joy and they have no grief. They have no energy.

it takes energy to return your ship from the rocks of mind to the open sea It takes energy to learn. It takes energy to kick your ship away from the rocks it has landed on. It takes energy to say no to your miserable middle of the road existence.

Surprisingly, mind-learning champions seem to have an easier time to take to real learning than these middle-of-the-roaders.

The main difference between sheep/machine “humans” and real, intelligent, connected humans, is their ability to use their mind when it’s a good tool, and ignore it when it isn’t.

  • Learning to dance won’t go well if you try to use your mind to learn it.
  • Learning a language won’t go well,
  • learning to connect to Source won’t go well,
  • learning to become wealthy won’t go well.
  • Also, remembering steps won’t cause learning, and won’t cause success, and surely won’t cause learning.

it takes energy to get out of the mind Learning means making something yours.

That learning needs to happen in spite of the mind.

Your mind stores all the “knowledge” that got you where you are, that shaped your identity. The mind’s number one job is to keep you the same, to argue for your limitations, to argue for doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Why? Because real learning requires you to be present. Being present means that you don’t look in the past, or in some books, or in your notes to decide how to be, what to do. Real learning always happens in the now, not in the past and not in the future.

Real learning happens through wrong steps and corrections.

The mind is interested only in the right steps, and it prevents real learning.

And getting out of the mind so you can be present and so you can learn new ways of being, will require that you are miserable enough with the way it is. Otherwise you won’t have energy to get out of the mind, you won’t have energy to kick the familiar and comfortable, for what’s possible.

No positive yearning, no “possibility”, no goal is going to be able to do it for you.

Without a powerful “hell no!” you are going to continue flailing, and putting up with, or settling for bearable misery that is familiar.

That is the bad news that you didn’t want to know.

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