Pop Quiz: What Are The 3 Words I want to hear you say To Do A Course With Me?

Pop Quiz: What Are The 3 Words That Pre-Qualify You To Do A Course With Me?

I have been working my ass off, and the work has paid off: I have found something I think is going to revolutionize how I pick who to accept into my programs and who I should not.

Why isn’t it enough that someone wants to give me money?

Great question, and for most teachers that is probably what you would consider the basic condition fulfilled.

On the other hand, because I am an empath, all my courses can be considered 1-on-1 coaching, because I can’t even escape knowing what’s going on with you, how much work you are doing, and how you feel.

My brand of coaching is called “accountability coaching” and it’s a reverse accountability. Most coaches mean that they will hold you accountable. I mean the opposite: I’ll be accountable that you’ll get what you need to get, many times more than what you are paying for.

But is it possible for me to deliver on this accountability if you don’t do the work? If you can’t do the work? If you are not getting it? If you resist it? If you only want to please me? No.

So I have been looking for a criteria that can be measured, that would be a fool-proof sign that you are trainable, that you are willing to be disciplined, and that you are going to do the work: get out of the mind and become a representative of the new humanity.

I could measure your vibrational frequency: but that would inform me about your past, not about your willingness to do the work.

I could measure to what degree the mind runs your life keeping you on a short leash. Same thing: that is your past. Has nothing to do with what you are willing and able to do in the future.

But yesterday I stumbled on an Osho book and here is the solution: Your willingness to be trained is consistent with your unwillingness to put up with how life is going for you right now.

If you are able to imagine life continuing the way it’s going and you can see yourself living in that life: you are going to be a poor student.

Much like an alcoholic, unless you see that your life is unmanageable, unbearable, intolerable, and there is no way in hell you’ll put up with it any more, you won’t be willing to change.

I am very lucky, people like that are one in a thousand, maybe less. I had 6 of them in my last course, and that is a gift. Do I know any more people, who haven’t been in my course? No. I must admit I don’t. Do you?

If you do, please send them my way. It’s lovely to have a small course, but it’s much lovelier to have 10-20 people in a course: we could make a difference in the world, in the future of the planet, 20 musketeers, 20 misfits, 20 brave souls.

You see, if I weren’t an empath, I could just take people’s money if they are interested in my courses. But because I need to feel their insides for 8 weeks, and their insides are not pretty, and they are not willing to change… the combination of not being able to produce results with them and feeling them is a deadly combination.

So, returning to the question in the title: what are the three words that would pre-qualify you to be in my courses?

Put your guess in the comment box below.

There are no wrong answers. Just personal angles, which is, from your point of view, is always right.

I’ll say the three words on the webinar tomorrow at 4… come if you want to know.

In the meantime leave a message… OK?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: What Are The 3 Words I want to hear you say To Do A Course With Me?”

  1. Celeste, first I applaud your courage. I got lots of email suggestions: they didn’t have the courage to not-know publicly… lol.

    Come to this afternoon’s class. I’ll say the 3 words and I’ll teach something new I haven’t taught to this group yet. On concerns… good stuff.

    Register here

  2. I know the three words because I was on the call: “I need help” (or perhaps “I am desperate” is even more to the point).

    You wrote “…like an alcoholic, unless you see that your life is unmanageable, unbearable, intolerable, and there is no way in hell you’ll put up with it any more, you won’t be willing to change.” Well you might be willing to change, but you probably won’t put in the effort. I describe my life as a “train wreck,” so that’s where I am. Before, it was OK. I just wanted it to be better, so I didn’t work very hard at it, I was easily distracted and it slowly got worse. A train wreck was the turning point.

    I go to Meetup groups to be with people on the path to enlightenment. I HAVE met a few who say their life is unbearable and they want to change it, but I haven’t gotten to know them well enough to know if they are just talking. I know LOT of people who complain about their life but who are unwilling to do anything about it. Don’t we all?

    In deciding who your students should be, consider that some people may have hit the bottom and are moving along. Their life may be improving to the point that it is no longer unbearable, but they have more work to do and they have learned that they have to do the work to get the result.

  3. talk about stealing my thunder… lol

    I mean when I say “I need help” and I don’t mean “I am desperate”

    I am in a co-creation relationship with my students, just like Source is in a co-creation relationship with you.

    I need you to do the work so I can come and help you with it.

    Any other attitude isn’t going to work. I don’t need you to be desperate, I just need you to be willing to be in a co-creation relationship.

    It is hard for a person who operate from the mind, who has a big ego, how has their hand out, who are waiting to be rescued, who are of a welfare mentality, and that constitutes 99% of the population (or more)

    You may want to look inside yourself if you have what it takes to be in a co-creation relationship. That is the only place to look. What others do is not your business.

  4. I completely understand. “If it’s to be,it’s up to me.” I am responsible for creating my life. I may get some assistance along the way, but it’s my responsibility.

  5. Michael, it is more complicated than that.

    I need help says: I want you to work with me so I can. It doesn’t mean: tell me what to do and then I’ll do it. You can’t.

    It takes more to work WITH someone than trying it on your own: humility, falling in step, allowing yourself to feel wrong, feel less than, etc.

    Most people don’t have that. For every person that is willing to be coached by me, more than a thousand reads my articles… maybe even comment. lol

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