Vibrational Review: what is enlightenment adyashanti

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AdyashantiIf I understand correctly, Adyashanti is a guy’s name…

Personal vibration: 90
What he teaches: 90

why so low? Because the guy is talking all Tree of Knowledge, something he has never experienced. I could say he is talking out of his arse, but when I listen to him, I can hear this: he is talking out of his memory, and his self-righteous and self-assured “self” which is a very very very low vibration.

Who does he attract? like attracts like, and he attracts people just like himself. What is the common characteristic of the people who are attracted to what he is saying? He is explaining that enlightenment is not a 24/7 bliss… and yet, the people that he attracts are the MacDonald’s wholesale transformation forever hoping types.

Do not bother listening to him.

Now, a few words from me, and where I am speaking from is the nothing that is outside of the MIND (not ego as he says) and from personal experience through connecting to all-of-it.

There is no 24/7 bliss.

Transformation means a momentary glimpse into the unknowable, the invisible and getting a different VIEW of the situation. This different view is more in line with what is the truth than what we normally see and thus cause a temporary shift in our being and our perception (what we say about what we see) and this is how the dramatic shifts and miracles happen.

There is no person that uses language is capable of keeping that glimpse longer than a glimpse. Glimpse’s nature is to close, it’s like a curtain that the wind blew… once the wind is gone, the curtain goes back to cover what it revealed accidentally.

Enlightenment is seeing that this is the nature of the universe, this is the nature of the human condition, and being able to cause a glimpse on demand. It is not even a state, it’s a momentary state.

It’s a big insight. If you didn’t experience it with your eyes open, if you didn’t consciously work towards it (for years) then it is a one-time wonder.

Most so-called gurus have never actually caused the experience, unless taking drugs is considered causing.

But human beings are so gullible, and so want to experience something extraordinary, that they want to believe that all those “gurus” can help them attain… but those “gurus” can’t help themselves.

Of course the level of non-attainment is different each person. The vibrational number is very consistent with the level.

Our boy Adyashanti is below the vibration of the masses… big liar as far as I can see.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: what is enlightenment adyashanti”

  1. Love reading your articles. This one reminds me how much I did not like listening to his self indulgent enlightenment. Listening to him years ago really pissed me off… And how people ate up stuff you can read in any non dualistic book, add bs… Nice to know MOST of all about who he attracts and stay clear of them…

  2. nice descripton of how it happens , jeez and I thought /heard he was meant to be clear ,you never can tell,thanks, james

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