Could you, can you have a great life without ever adding a spiritual capacity to your arsenal?

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light-a-fire2Could you, can you have a great life without ever adding a spiritual capacity to your arsenal?

This question has never been asked of me, so I am asking the question, for you, on your behalf.

Because we are starting to see that keeping spiritual capacities on is not the easiest thing to do… unless…

I’ll talk about that unless later on in this article.

So, what is the answer?

The answer is surprising: you can have a great life without ever adding a spiritual capacity.

Quotes-About-Living-A-Great-LifeBut I hear from most of you that you aren’t having a great life. You have dreams, and aspirations, and you are not getting from A to B, you find yourself procrastinating, you find yourself doubting yourself, buying stuff and not making any use of it.

Is it possible to go from where you are with all these complaints, and with this near crappy life, with this near crappy work ethic, and such, and start having a great life?

Yes. It is possible.

There is a guy I just heard on a webinar, who created a whole “experience”, a month long challenge, that promises just that.

The foundational principle of this challenge is that what is in your way of doing what you want to do in a way that you want to do it is your self-image.

quote-040715If what you want to do does not match the image that you have of yourself, you won’t do what you want to do.

  • If your self-image is that you are not cut out for sitting for hours practicing your guitar, then you won’t do it.
  • If your self-image is that you are not the type of person who can just work away on a dissertation without time pressure… you won’t do it.
  • If your self-image is that you are fearful and inconsistent, you’ll be afraid to commit to moving to another country to pursue what you see as your passion.
  • If your self-image is that you can’t follow anything because everything is too fast for you… then you’ll refuse to be admitted to a program you see as wanting you to be faster…

Now, is your self-image is accurate? No. Changeablity is programmed into your genome… so you can change. But your self-image is a mental construct and you’ll move mountains to maintain it… as the fixed point in your life… How stupid is that?

But apart from it being stupid, it is as common as 100%… or near it.

So, if there were a capacity that can be turned on, or that works in one area but not all, what would be that capacity?

PracticeMy experience shows that if you are good in one area of life, you can transfer the self-image you have there to other areas.

For example the student of mine who is good at work, authoritative, and confident, could take that self-image and take it home, or to any other area… it would be only a matter of tweaking.

If you have a great track record to have superior self-control in the area of eating… you can take that confidence to dealing with family who encroaches on your life and try to drag you down.

If you have a great track record of creating superb mental representation in one area… you can transfer that capacity to planning your retirement.

The common denominator between two areas of your life is you.

Now, the conviction that life is NOT bigger than you, and you can handle anything life throws at you, is useful. I call that self-trust, and in fact it is a spiritual capacity.

This guy with the challenge claims that people make huge strides in every area of life after they do the challenge.

Muscle test says: 7% of them. That is four to seven times more than other teachers produce, so it’s good. But people pay a thousand bucks to get a 7% chance to come out on the other end with a winning self-image!

Regardless, I a tempted to turn this guy loose on my people… you.

Of course first I need to do this challenge myself, so I am not talking tomorrow…

middle-of-nowhereBut when I’ll do, I’ll make sure to turn on the self-trust capacity for you… because, as you can see, it is the most amazingly useful capacity anyone can have.

Some of you have it at least in one area: your job will be to recognize it and transfer it to other areas.
And most of you don’t have it… even though I have turned it on for quite a few of you already.

Why did it turn off? Because you didn’t challenge yourself.

Unless your self-image is that you love challenges and respond to them well… you’ll turn it off.

So, for the rest of you: start acknowledging your challenges as challenges, and start seeing that at least in some areas you respond well.

Not that difficult, is it?

This coming Wednesday I have a treat for you.

Everyone who I can see on the call (so if you just use the phone number, but don’t log in… I won’t see you) will get a gift from me, I’ll turn on self-trust for you, with this new added wisdom, that the area can be transferred.

If you don’t have other challenges in your life, your job after that is to be self-challenging, so the capacity doesn’t turn off…


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