You can be joyous, you can love, you can be loved, you can be grateful… what is life for you?

peeling the onion: what's the truth about you?What’s the Truth About You?

At first I was surprised. Very few people want to find out what’s the truth about them. It was stunning to me, given what I know about life: Unless you know what you are up against you will shoot in the dark when you want to change direction, or results.

But then I looked again.

People don’t want to do the work. And they especially don’t want to do the work if it means they have to look at their own ugliness.

Don’t be mistaken: we are all ugly inside. Ever since Adam and Eve put on the fig leaves as costume, human being are trying to cover up, hide, and pretend that their shadow side doesn’t exist. 1

You learn, real fast, if you live in a country where people wear clothes, that being a girl or being a boy is not a physical thing, it’s a behavior thing. It’s not that you have a different equipment, it is that you are supposed to play with dolls if you are a girl, and you are not allowed to cry if you are a boy.

shameNo one talks about your privates, as if they were a dirty secret, something to be ashamed of, something to hide, something wrong.

And those “privates” become much more interesting than dolls or toy soldiers: anything that is not allowed becomes more interesting than what is allowed.

So, if you didn’t start earlier, you start building a whole life of secret fascination with your own privates, other children’s privates, other people’s privates. And depending on your inclination to be obedient and fearful or proper… you will feel horrible about yourself, a fraud, a fake, a bad person.

Now, add to it that you are not allowed to run, yell, curse, jump, climb on things, wrestle, or anything that little puppies, little lions are allowed, to be prepared for life, to learn about the other, to learn to co-op… and you are definitely doomed to deny to your body what the body developed in millions of years of evolution, and live out of your mind: the newest addition to this thing, called human.

And through the mind you learn not to trust your body, but trust “experts,” doctors, lawyers, politicians, gurus, not yourself, not your experience… which is, by now, is so impoverished that it is limited to some vague misgivings felt in the chest, difficulty breathing, frequent need to go to the chiropractor for stiff neck and shoulders. I know, I often hang out in your body, feeling your misery…

You can’t smell anything, you can’t feel anything, and you spend 90% of you time, including sleep, in your mind.

The mind only knows about the past and about the future. It is completely unable to relate to the present, so it dismisses it, and covers it over with the past.

You say “I love you” but there is no feeling there. You say “I am grateful” but there is no feeling there.

You have amassed a dozen or so personas, each situation you call upon a different one. You are different when you are alone, when you are with your birth family, when you are with co-workers, with the boss, with friends… who are you? You don’t know, the only thing you know is that you are a fake, and you know the ugliness of that.

When you come to my calls, I can barely stand the amount of fear, anguish, anxiety, trepidation, guilt that you bring to the call. You are never just there: you bring the whole cacophony of misery with you.

The Original Sin was not eating from the Tree of Knowledge, no, not that. The Original Sin was covering up your privates as a symbolic act. You’ve been covering up your real self ever since, in layers and layers of stinky lies… to your own detriment.

failure is certainYou can’t be joyous: It is not possible to be joyful without removing those layers of pretense.
You can’t love: it is only possible to look for someone to possess, to exploit, to use… so you don’t feel alone.
You can’t love another: how could you: you hate yourself!
You can’t experience being loved: how could they love you, you are so ugly inside; if they only knew…

In my programs on we gently peel it all off, layer after layer, so you can re-claim your life from the machine, from this perpetual trying to cover up the fact that you cover it all up machine.

You’ll find out that the source of joy and happiness is never from the outside: it is always from the inside. You’ll understand why no gifts, no weddings, no children, no new job, no wealth has made you happy… maybe gleeful for a few moments or days. Maybe.

Through connecting to Source, your Source, my Source, our Source, you’ll finally experience who you are. You discover and experience freedom, grace and ease, and true abundance that is independent from the world, from the people in your life, from your job, from the amount of money you have.

Will you have to work for it? You betcha! A lot? Yes.

How do you start? The best way to start is to come to my What’s the Truth About You webinar. It’s free, for the time being.

You’ll learn about my next course in it, the Activate Divinity Course… It’s a Discovery and Recovery Mission… you’ll have a chance to reclaim yourself, layer by layer.

It’s on a limited introductory special price now: $97 for lifetime.

If you can’t afford to pay the lifetime admission, you can choose to pay $97 monthly. I will raise the price soon to $27.

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  1. It is not the shadow side that is ugly, it is the suppressing it, covering it up, pretending that it doesn’t exist!

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