More on the Energizer® and on what else you can do with it other than energize water…

fridge-water-bottlesThe Energizer audio, when used on vegetables and fruits that have been treated with toxic pesticide, can reduce the toxicity of the pesticide to the level that is a tolerable level.

But: the cell water of all living things is coherent… i.e. 650 on the vibrational scale. The Energizer does nothing for that.

A student of mine asked if it would be useful, and then did some experiments. She sent me her muscle testing results.

According to her muscle testing the vibration of vegetables slowly grew, as a result to being exposed to the Energizer, grew to 650…

My results don’t show that. You can’t raise the vibration of something that is already on that level… but…

So why would it be worth putting an audio source into your refrigerator… what would it do to your food?

My past experience has been that the food stays fresh longer. That rotting and other threat to the vegetables is delayed. NOT eliminated: the Energizer is not the fountain of youth, but it is darn close to it.

So far I see evidence that the Energizer unleashed (lol) in a closed echoing space raises the coherence of water in the refrigerator… albeit slower than the method where the the speaker is attached to the container with the water… here thw speaker is broadcasting to the air in the refrigerator.

It may take as long as 24 hours… But if you have two containers, you could always have Energized Water® around the clock.

This is what you need:

  1. A mini mp3 player/speaker that accepts a micro sd card
  2. you need the micro sd card with the Energizer audio on it. You can add one of the infusable energy remedy audios as well… then your water will have the remedy energy and the Energizer.
  3. you need an adapter to plug the speaker into the wall socket: wall current to mini usb or micro usb… depending on the mp3 player/speaker you bought. The audio will need to play 24/7, so you don’t want to play it from the battery.

These mini speakers are quite cheap… just make sure it is the kind that accepts the micro sd card.

Some container suggestions:

I always buy Bluewave Lifestyle containers… occasionally the faucet goes bad, but other than that they are BPA free, strudy and still flexible, perfect to energize water in.

Buy two… charge one and use the other for your water needs. The faucet makes it easy to “tap it” when you need water. No mess.

I have googled for similar in the UK and in New Zealand… they sold out… search diligently, I am sure they have some.

The bigger cost is shipping.

For example the 3-gallon (12 liter) container:

Items: $24.99
Shipping to New Zealand & handling: $25.71

Total before tax: $50.70
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Order total: $50.70

Is it worth it? It is the wrong question. Are YOU worth it to you?

Because being severely dehydrated makes you dumb, delusional, weak, and easy to shake…

But worth than even that:

Being dehydrated puts the genes on high alert: your body is in survival mode.

The genes, the source of your ego, your greed, your misery, won’t let any higher altruistic idea to create a higher level of being… so your vibration won’t be able to rise, and you remain miserable, anxious, angry, constantly craving something more better or different.


PS: you can keep the water in gallon containers you bought them in… they will also be energized… you can save a step. Don’t forget: 24 hours for complete energizing.

Halfway energized water is NOT coherent yet. It suddenly (really) turns into smooth coherent water, a qualitatively different water at 652 vibration. This is the one scientists call EZ water.

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