Tonight’s Webinar

First off... I have been getting emails that people could not sign up. So here is the correct link... if that's you.

What's the truth about you? - A workshop

Tuesday, November 20 9-11 pm EST

Update: want me to run this workshop again? Just ask for it. I love doing it...

Second: There is a new way to connect. The connection is much deeper... there is one more difference: it is much less mechanical than the previous method, so most people will need to practice getting out of their minds for a while before they can connect for any longer than five seconds.

The calls are free... to register

I recommend that you start as soon as you can. My next course, the Activate Divinity Course will not work unless you can stay connected for at least five minutes...

I have come up with a dirt cheap way to get into that course where you have a chance to re-integrate your abandoned "fragments" to become whole and complete again. Invulnerable, impervious, joyful, calm and serene...

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