The biggest learning to date… how I used the “how to boil a frog” method to grow myself

12944721-mmmainI have been attempting to learn higher level marketing than I have been doing for a few years now.

Marketing is hard… and I don’t have a natural aptitude to it.

Every time I bought a program I “had to” abandon it, because … well, I didn’t know why until yesterday.

This is what I saw yesterday:

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35e41c6If I can and am willing to remain the same, authentic me, bring that Self to the new topic, learn my way, without making excuses, and without getting caught up in the shoulds, and have-to’s of the program I am attempting to learn, then I can grow with it, digest it, make it my own.

These words should tell you what I was doing wrong before, and maybe what you are doing wrong yourself.

I started this expensive, and revolutionary program two weeks ago, and have nothing to show for it.

First I was trying to cram it down my throat.
Then I was fretting that I am a slow-poke.
Then I was fretting that I don’t know what to do and how to do it.

medium_tag-showerThen finally four days ago I decided to immerse myself… like in a shower. Allow it to wash over me, and not worry about what parts of me get wet or not.

Of course the “world” wants you to do it their way… be a busy bee, understand it right away, do your homework, and compete… Be as good or better than the best.

As I am writing it, my whole body is tensing up, especially the shoulders.

Can’t be a good way if it causes tension, can it?

So instead I just listened to what there was to listen to, and trusted that just like a language, it will stick to me.

I don’t have to become like those other marketers. I can be me, with my values, with my preferences, with what is important to me… and don’t have to make them wrong either.

It’s been working. I am well, I am sleeping well again, I am not experiencing muscle cramps… or difficulty to breathe…

Comfort_Shower_01_474Hell yeah, my whole genome, all my genes were fighting against my attempts to bring in this new program into my life. FIGHTING.

I don’t like fighting… I like smooth, gradual, silky, immersion.

I am afraid of violence, and most new stuff attempts to do violence on you… In Landmark they said: wedge it into your life… even writing it hurts, and my whole body is going into self-defense.

I don’t know about you, but I think my way is more natural.

When I look back at students who quit, even though they were doing well, I can identify the same issues: they thought that they had to do things as fast as I spoke, that they had to compete with other students, that they had to be smart, or match some criteria I didn’t have.

I don’t have it for myself, and I don’t have it for you.

I am experiencing this life-altering “immersion” in other areas of life as well.

I am eating in a way that is an evolutionary stable strategy: I eat stuff I can buy in the local supermarket. I eat in a way that I like it, and my body likes it. I spend very little time preparing food. My body says: yaay…

I have stopped having swollen legs and feet. I have stopped suffering from the heat. My legs don’t hurt. I can bend, cut my own toe nails, fall asleep fast, and have energy to do some chores around the house: pick up stuff from the floor, do my laundry, empty the dishwasher.

Effortless. The result of an evolutionary stable strategy

My weight is sloughing off at a rate of half a pound to a pound a week. I weigh myself Tuesday mornings.

I have found the cause and eliminated it for the almost certain stomach cancer… no more danger. It was easy and effortless… surprisingly.

I read books 2-3 hours a day, every day, and I am not tired. I have energy and yet I fall asleep easily.

I rest around noon… for about an hour, with my kindle.

zdepski_boiledfrogI made no quick and drastic changes. My body wasn’t revolting on me at all.

But when I look, the changes I made are dramatic… we cooked this frog masterfully.

Same is with learning new things.

Just slowly make it a habit of doing 30-60 minutes a day some kind of immersion.

Observation, listening, observation, listening.

It can take you all the way to heaven…

Download the pdf version of this article immersion-boil-frogs
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The biggest learning to date… how I used the “how to boil a frog” method to grow myself”

  1. This is a very timely article for me, Sophie. This principle applies to so many things: university education, learning music, even just reading…

    I’ve just started noticing the have-to’s galore. I bet it’s got a lot to do with unconditional love (or lack of it).

    And you’re accurate in your diagnosis: I see that every time I took a break from working with you, the thinking was: ‘I have to match your criteria…’ Tension.

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