Vibrational Review: Teal Scott The Spiritual Catalyst, Author Of The Sculptor In The Sky

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teal scott reviewTeal Scott The Spiritual Catalyst, Author Of The Sculptor In The Sky

her vibration is 200~210. I listened to one of her videos (visual puts me in my mind, 2 so I can’t feel her feelings!). She speaks from the mind, from the Tree of Knowledge. It could also be that she was reading what she had wrote previously, and that’s why she wasn’t present.

OK, I have read some of her stuff/sayings: Tree of Knowledge as well. She does not speak from personal experience, and therefore she is not a spiritual anything: she is a mouthpiece.

Sorry to disappoint.

Below is the video I watched.

Why is she so popular? Because the mind wants hope, it doesn’t want transformation. The mind wants consolation.

It wants to hear that you are whole and complete. It wants to hear that you are a spiritual being living a human experience. It doesn’t want to hear that you got fragmented, that you have shadow and that you are supposed to live in anguish as long as you are trying to choose right from wrong instead of just living.

The mind doesn’t want you to believe that you need to do work, a lot, to start living a life that is worth living, because the mind would have to take backseat to your consciousness and the mind likes to be the driver.

The mind tells you that all you need to do is think more… and all will be well… Right!

It takes no courage to listen to Teal Scott and her pre-written, socially and politically correct stuff. On the other hand it takes a lot of courage to look at your dark side and do the work necessary to integrate all your denied and suppressed aspects into your being, so you can become whole an complete, the way I teach it in the Activate Divinity Process.

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  1. she would need my "get back to the present" Avatar activator. the subtitle of that activator: get out of your mind! lol
  2. she would need my “get back to the present” Avatar activator. the subtitle of that activator: get out of your mind! lol

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Teal Scott The Spiritual Catalyst, Author Of The Sculptor In The Sky”

  1. Thanks Sophie for the review. I’m quite surprised when you say that she doesn’t speak from personal experience because she comes from a place of incredible suffering. She’s really come a long way. She teaches there’s no right or wrong because Source does not see it that way. She’s 200, I’m 200. How come I don’t perform healings the way she does? OK it doesn’t take much courage to listen to her reassuring and consolating messages, but it does thake courage to believe her message of “real forgiveness is coming to a place of gratitude towards the person who did this or that”. Considering she was horrendously abused for 13 years, that’s big.
    That being said, I totally agree that I need to
    “look at my dark side and do the work necessary to integrate all my denied and suppressed aspects into my being, so I can become whole and complete”. Know thyself…

  2. She doesn’t live what she teaches, or at least not fully. “Real forgiveness is coming to a place of gratitude towards the person who did this or that” is words. Talking about gratitude isn’t. talking about forgiveness isn’t.

    She became a “teacher” before she got herself done…

  3. I am also very surprised at this review. I appreciate that you express what you feel, but I can tell you from knowing Teal personally (and professionally) that she does indeed practice what she preaches. And as Isabelle pointed out, she comes from an incredible place of suffering. Her heart is beautiful (as we all are).

    I think before you make such broad statements, you should inquire a bit further, with your heart.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Much love.

  4. I am very sorry Amanda, but Teal’s feelings and vibrational frequency prove what may surprise you: suffering is a great access point to awareness, but doesn’t guarantee it.

    We tend to not be aware/conscious when things go well, and become aware when we suffer. Once the suffering is over, for most of us, the awareness is over.

    Some of us create currency from our suffering, but we operate from memory, we operate on Tree of Knowledge stuff, because having access to a large body of knowledge from the beyond (Tree of Life knowledge) takes time and dedication.

    Reading Teal’s words, listening to her videos show me that her feelings of anguish come from the deep knowledge that she isn’t speaking her own words, she is merely repeats what she read or heard from other people, and she either doesn’t know they are not true, or worse than that, she knows that they are not true, but she has to say something, and has no words/knowledge of her own, or it is just not enough.

    Such is life. Suffering makes people want to love you… you got hooked my dear. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


  5. I appreciate your feedback but I just don’t agree. There is nothing to get “hooked” to. She is a person, and like everyone else, is doing the best she can with who and what she is. No body should give their power to anyone. There are no “leaders” but our own hearts. We all have our own journey to share. I don’t understand your rating criteria, but I respect your opinion. xo

  6. Amanda, my rating uses the following steps: 1. I connect to Source. the all-of-it. 2. I connect to the person as a True Empath… 3. I muscle test that I am connected to the person or program 4. I ask questions about the vibrational frequency of the program or person. 5. Informed by the feelings of the person which I feel 100 times stronger than themselves, I ask additional questions. For example, anguish, shame, guilt indicate duplicity. So I ask if they believe what they teach or say about themselves… mostly they don’t. That’s why they have the anguish/shame/guilt. But often those feelings are temporary and have nothing to do with what they teach, so that’s why I ask.

    I use the 1-1000 logarithmic scale of “ascension”. 1000 being exact match to the Original Design, our true divine origin fully understood and lived. 200 is the division between conscious or unconscious. 550 or so is the level of love that all pretend to have… but don’t. 300 is gratitude and appreciation. At 990 I am halfway to the top. Don’t forget, the scale is logarithmic.

    My questions and measuring have changed in the past 18 months, my old measures didn’t take a lot of aspects into consideration.

    So, here you have it. Nothing personal, just using the tools I was given.

    And thank you for your generous attitude: rare and appreciated.


    PS: I liked your story about the two kids hanging upside down on the apple tree… well written. Thank you for that.

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