Prophetic Conversation With God About 2012

2012 prophecy?

2012 Prophecy? WTF?


You know that I talk to God every day… It is not your usual one-way conversation, not like a monolog.

God answers. God talks. God laughs. It’s fun.

You know that I have developed this technology to activate your dormant circuits, activate your divine blueprint, raise your vibration… Oh, that? So far even my friends don’t want it. They test it, out of love and respect for me, not because they want it. Once they get it they love it.

Sai Baba said: “Give them what they want so you can give them what you have for them.” He said that to explain why he was doing those circus-act-like miracles, the ash, etc. Even the healings.

Sai Baba wasn’t really interested in giving you healings. What he had for you is a method to raise your vibration so illness falls away like a snake’s skin. Like a cataract that falls off your eyes. Like the skin cancer I watched shrink and fall off, leaving a white spot behind.

I have been looking for what you want, so I can give that to you and what I have for you.

I have been thinking weight. Oh no, I don’t want to deal with weight addicts… nah. I have been thinking relationships: I don’t know much about that myself, that is an area where I am still a “little-brain,” lol. A happy one, but yet.

I have been thinking money… but my experience in internet marketing and the people there has taught me that they will never DO anything useful, so it looks to me that concentrating on money will enslave me, and not liberate the money-crowd.

So what did I do? I went up to God and asked: “What shall I do? People don’t want what I have for them.”

The answer came instantly: “They will want it. Come next year, they will need you, and they will know it. They will be dying like flies without this upgrade. You need to spend your time and energy developing the technology to give it to millions at a time, not thousands. You need to get ready by this time next year.”

field hospital horror prophecy 2012 The visual that came with the words was like an army field hospital with people bleeding, on stretchers, on the grass with a few frantic nurses and doctors trying to do something useful, but being way over their heads.

Wow, wow…. what will happen in 2012? What is this all about? No answer to that, some questions are not answered, or not right away. Why? I don’t know. I think because they are the wrong questions.

I have had questions like that, and when I tried to asked the question differently, I did get an answer.

How would you ask the question to find out what will happen in 2012: Your suggestions are welcome.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar