Your why… what gives you juice, what gives you the strength to stay in the game?

what-is-your-whyI just got an insight of what may be the most important factor in your level of vibration.

I got an email from a marketer who I have paid for a course, but slowly have lost my trust in…

But I am still on his list, so he sent me an email.

I’ll copy the email to the bottom… because it is a good email, it is moving, and yet. 1

The person who wrote it has a vibration of 170… not even on the level of integrity and personal responsibility.

The email told me why I don’t trust this guy. Why I feel used. Why I feel like a tool for him to make money.

His “why” or being an entrepreneur is to provide for his family.

Not his love of marketing. Not his desire to help me accomplish my dreams. NO. to provide for his family.

POSITIVE-QUOTES-You-must-be-a-deep-inspirationalIf you found out that my purpose in life, my “why” of doing what I do is so I can make a living, hopefully a nice living… would you follow my blog? Would you buy my products?

Some of you would… But hopefully most of you would not.

Because if I wanted to sell you something so I can make a living… you would say: but what about me?

And if I told you that my why is that I want to help you… would that inspire you?

It would be on some level still about me. ME helping YOU.

What my soul correction asks me not to do… Forget Thyself.

I know, you never thing about anything like this, but please, for just this one time, think with me.

Do you think Beethoven wrote music so he can pay his crummy room with the crummy rent?

No, Beethoven wrote music because of the love of music.

There is a line of demarcation between people who are all about themselves… low vibration.

And people who are about something greater than themselves: the love of music, the love of thinking, the love of truth, the love of discovering what it would take to take humanity to the next level of evolution.

People, instinctively, want to make it about other people… when they find out that having a life about themselves and about their lives is low vibration.

They say things like I want to give people… blah blah blah… I want to eliminate slavery… blah blah blah…

But if you look, that big I is still there… and it is a dead giveaway that it is still about you… low vibration.

Unless you are inspired, you are not inspiring. Unless what inspires you is not about you, you are not inspiring.

When I do those What’s Your Juice exercise on the phone, I am looking at the secret inspiration that people don’t know, don’t consciously know, but it’s there… at least I have never met a person who didn’t.

I know, you’ll be the first. This is the biggest fear… because you don’t live like you are inspired. But even narcissistic people are inspired… at least that is my experience.

They don’t know. Because knowing yourself is the biggest mystery there is.

I can connect to a person and know almost immediately what is wrong. But when I connect to myself, I feel everything, even the clothes touching my skin, my butt on the chair, the breeze on my arm… It is really hard to know what and which of those feelings are relevant and which are not.

This is why I discovered my own “Juice” when my students insisted to do the process on me… And I discovered that what gives me juice in life is bringing the divine to everything.

It’s both simple and esoteric… what divine, what everything, what is bringing… right? lol

And yet, when it’s yours, you know exactly what it is.

And it can be the core of the self, the context that is larger than yourself, so you can become a human being.

If you are scared that you have no essence, no self, neither visible nor hidden… you owe it to yourself to get your Juice exercise done.

It’s not cheap…

Let me know…

Don’t have a life about yourself… that is a sure way to a lot of struggle and ultimately grief and unhappiness, unfulfillment.

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  1. XYZ marketer’s email to me… meaning to be inspiring, no doubt.

    Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

    A Quick Personal Story
    I Hope You’ll Ponder…

    My dad passed away tragically in 2014.

    It’s still difficult for me to talk about publicly.

    Yet, not a day goes by I don’t think of him.

    Thankfully, even in the midst of random bouts of sadness, there’s one memory that always brings a smile to my face.

    It’s the moment, in my 42 years with my father, which brings me the most pride.

    My hope is this little personal story will drive you to think deeper about your own reasons for being an entrepreneur.


    Growing up, my pop and I watched a lot of boxing together. Hagler, Hearns, Leonard, Ali, all the greats.

    Sometimes we’d watch the fights at home. Other times my dad would bring me to a local roller rink so we could catch the fights on a big screen via closed-circuit TV. (Pre pay-per-view days.)

    I still remember, vividly, being 8 years old… waking up the day after the Larry Holmes Muhammad Ali fight… and finding a copy of the NY Post my dad left at the foot of my bedroom door to give me the results. I was saddened to see Ali had been defeated.

    Throughout the many years watching fights together, one thing my pop and I never had the chance to do, though, was go see boxing live.

    So, when his 60th birthday arrived, I decided it was time to give my dad a special boxing experience. Something he had never done, nor would ever do, for himself. Something we could experience together the two of us would never forget.

    Heavyweights, Evander Holyfield and Hasim “The Rock” Rahman were facing-off at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get us tickets to be there in person.

    So I got my dad and I the best tickets available. Only, I didn’t tell him where our seats were. Only that I had gotten us tickets. And he was overjoyed.

    My mom and dad were living in Florida, already, at this time. So, I flew my dad in to Atlantic City and got us a hotel room.

    And I’ll never forget… for as long as I live… the look on my dad’s face as the night of the fight arrived and we were walking down the hall steps to our seats.

    “Here?”, he would ask.

    “Nope, keep going down,” I responded.


    “Nope, closer.”


    “Nope, keep going. Closer.”

    Finally, when we arrived at our seats — with celebrities and boxing elite all around us, including the infamous OJ Simpson — we sat down, just a handful of rows back from ringside.

    My dad was in all his glory.

    And seeing the perpetual smile on his face, so was I.

    He literally could not stop smiling. Nor could I.

    For me, though, it wasn’t about the ringside seats, the celebrities, or finally being present for a heavyweight bout…

    It was about being there with my pop for an experience he and I would never forget. One we would share forever. And it was truly epic.

    My dad raved about that memorable night to all of his friends, constantly. And he and I reminisced about it regularly for years.

    Being able to provide my dad with an experience like that is one of my fondest memories. It’s an experience I cherish and value beyond compare. And will to the end of my days.

    And that’s why I do what I do as an entrepreneur.

    Every day, working hard, to try to provide my family, loved ones, and friends with moments and opportunities like that. Moments they will cherish. Moments they will adore. Moments they will talk about for years to come with fondness.

    That is my “why”.


    What is YOUR “why”?

    What’s your reason… your deeper reason… for getting-up with gusto every morning and working with focus, discipline, and exuberance?

    What deeper good… deeper impact… deeper meaning… drives you?

    What experiences are you trying to create for you, your friends, and your loved ones?

    What memories are you working to create?

    My hope is you’ll ponder that. Really, ponder it.

    Because everyday we’re blessed with the opportunity to create lasting memories.

    And at some point, those memories are all we will have.

    Talk soon,
    xyz marketer ?

    P.S. The t-shirt I bought while at the fight with my pops 14 years ago…

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