Magical Solutions To Life… So You Can Experience Love, Care, And Appreciation, Finally… Pure Magic… Part One

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Pure Magic

Magical Solutions to life… so you can experience love, care, and appreciation, finally… Part One

Why can’t you really experience love, caring, appreciation? What displaces all these wonderful feelings?

Part One of this article will bring focus to the real cause of why you can’t really experience love, joy, happiness, real connection, gratitude… all the wonderful feelings that would make your life worth living, and make every moment a celebration.

One of the magical results of my online workshop is that they return love, care, appreciation to your life.

How do I do it? It is surprisingly simple. And I just found a poetic way to express it.

I am quoting my most magical teacher’s Monday Morning Memo: always an inspiration, but today especially.

Time is a Solvent

An auction house is an island of cast-offs and misfits where the rejected and broken feel finally at home.

I am speaking of the merchandise, of course, not of the people.

Perhaps I am speaking of the people, as well.

From the age of 18, Pennie and I have searched for buried treasure in auction houses. When you collect the misfit and the broken, you quickly learn how to accentuate natural beauty and disguise the inevitable flaws. These are valuable skills for a marketing consultant.

There is magic in that moment between Before and After.

The most miraculous makeovers happen when the misfit is made of wood. Formby’s Conditioning Furniture Refinisher is an amazing solvent that dissolves old varnish, lacquer and shellac, gently melting the crackled, grimy layers of age into a homogenous, flowing liquid.

It’s not a stripper, exactly. Formby’s refinishing solvent merely allows you to redistribute the accumulated weirdness that was already there, giving the piece a rich, original, old finish.

Time is like Formby’s Refinisher; a solvent dissolving memories and events into one another, creating altogether new realities based only loosely upon the ones that were before.

The past was reality. But it does not remain reality.

What is today’s reality? Yours, I mean… (rest of the story cut…)

Roy H. Williams

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
– a paraphrase of chapter 17 in G.K. Chesterton’s Tremendous Trifles (1909)

The human memory, yours, remembers only one side of the story. It is prevented from looking further, it is prevented from expanding its cone of vision. Why? to protect the ego, the righteous aspect of you, that wants to preserve the pain in the memory, in the memory of an incident.

You might have had loss… maybe your son died, maybe your husband left you, maybe someone laughed at you. The circumstance is happenstance.

The “important” part of each memory is how the incident made you feel.

Maybe it made you feel that other people don’t understand you (and they never will), and that your high values are not shared in the world. It will make you feel lonely and a misfit.

Maybe it made you feel inadequate and confused, and everything you have started since then kept on making you feel inadequate and confused.

Maybe it made you feel unwanted, unimportant, and a temporary solution to some problem that can be replaced to the real solution any time.

No matter what the incident, you always end up feeling the same way. Just like a cat always lands on its feet…

You have a dominant feeling and it is so dominant that it colors every experience you have had after that incident.

Now, why the ego would protect that particular interpretation of things is a question we can only guess to answer, but I’ll try it here. The ego’s job is to create a fixed identity for you so you know who you are.

The trouble is that the ego is using all these incidents to define your ego. Incidents where you were upset or hurt or felt bad about yourself, and these provide the deeper layers of this multi-layered ego.

The ego builds a pseudo-self. Each layer is inconsistent with the next, and at the end of the day you don’t know who you are.

In fact, you are none of those layers, none. You are, the real you, is closest to an innocent little baby: no identity there, yet. Nothing is fixed and everything is possible. The future is empty until it comes, until it becomes the present: no pre written, predictable outcomes, feelings, or events. None.

add magic and voila... the chair is like newMy job in my workshops is to melt and meld those layers of identity together, just like the chemical in the quoted article above.

I don’t have the power to disappear those layers. They are here to stay.

But I have the power to alter them, meld them, melt them, by offering a sacred opportunity to look at them again, with the eyes of an adult, and allow me to contribute my vantage points, clearly able to cause alchemy, able to make gold from tin…

Only once you have done that, we have done that, are you able to re-integrate your abandoned self to a story that kept it hostage.

It’s magical. It’s moving, It’s creates, each time, a whole new you that has all the parts that were there previously, but with a glorious, rich glow, that surely wasn’t there before.

What is the workshop called? Activate Divinity… It is a course that you pay for it once, whether you have one or 15 incidents in your past, that one payment admits you to the once every two weeks sessions, so you can apply the magic.

Once there are too many people in the workshop, I open up another one: this magic cannot happen while you listen to others: it only happens when you talk to me, directly. When we have a one-on-one conversation, while the others listen.

Would it happen if we had a “real” one-on-one session? The answer is a surprising “no.” Why? because the power of the group is missing there, the shared experiences, the group connecting to what we’ll call magic.

Part two of this article will explain how you have dealt with the pain of the memory until now, and will offer a magical solution to that.

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