Landmark Education: worth watching video and my story – Part One


I was first introduced to Landmark it was called something else, Werner Erhard and Associates. I was a new immigrant in Israel, worked for the City of Jerusalem as an architect, in the Town Planning Department. I was lonely and miserable.

I left Hungary hoping for a family. I left Hungary hoping for a better life. Instead I brought my misery with me and got loneliness on top of it.

One day a woman I barely knew by sight stuck her head in the door of my office and invited us, 4 girls, to a thing at her home. I said yes, I would have gone anywhere at that point.

My Hebrew was good enough to work, not too good to converse at that point.

When I arrived I was the first: I helped the woman whose name I knew by this time, Miki Ettlinger, to set up her living room. I found out that she was Hungarian and spent time in the Buchenwald concentration camp until she was liberated. She was liberated before the camp itself was liberated, and she felt guilty for that all her life. She was around 42 at the time of this conversation, I was 35.

There was only floor-sitting room in her living room to accommodate the 25 people that came to listen to, what turned out was an introduction to a program. I didn't understand a word, so I wandered to the hallway and had my private conversation with one of the people there.

What struck me most is that they seemed, they felt happy. I didn't know at the time that I was an empath, but I felt the happiness and I wanted some of that. I asked: "What would I need to do to be happy like you?" the guy smiled and said "Do this program..." "How do I go about that?" I asked. He gave me a card without saying a word. I filled it out, gave him a check, and that was that. I was on cloud nine. I got another chance at happiness.

Landmark Education is a company that bought the technology of Werner Erhard and Associates... that is the connection.

I'll share in the next email what happened: it is really interesting. Here is the Landmark Education video, part one... part two will be in the next post.

The next Landmark article/post will come either today or tomorrow and it will have another video as well.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Landmark Education: worth watching video and my story – Part One”

  1. Landmark, great tech, awesome people, a bit of large group manipulation to make it work, and a little culty in their pushiness. They make you feel that your transformation lives in other people, cool idea, but that you have to pull them into the system or feel guilted out. More to come

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