Case Study #11: Dianetics vs. Scientology, Do They Raise Your Vibration?

Case Study #11: Dianetics vs. Scientology, Do They Raise Your Vibration?Dianetics vs. Scientology, L Ron Hubbard

Updated 3/15/2015
Dianetics as a methodology and theory: 190
Scientology, the church, teachings: 130
Scientology, the church, as organization: 100 1

What is the theory? When you are unconscious from pain, from anesthesia in surgery, or simply sleeping, your “reactive mind” is still awake and is recording every sound, every smell, every sensory feeling, every sight. Later on it considers every sentence that you heard while unconscious as a command, and every circumstance, including the smells, sounds, feelings as a trigger to either dramatize or live out the scenario, as it was done to you. The incident is stored in an engram, and you can retrieve the contents of the engram with your conscious mind if you follow the audit procedures with a skilled auditor.

I know this is a mouthful, so I will give you an example, mine.

When my mother was pregnant with me, my father forcefully had sex with her. The trauma to the fetus was severe, and the conversation that I overheard was something to the effect of “I don’t want you, You are a go away, you are horrible, you are unlovable…” These must have been what my father thought. And I also heard that I was just a tool for a man’s self-gratification, not part of it, not there to enjoy it, not there to be considered a person. That must have been my mother’s thoughts.

Now, you must understand, that I have not done an audit per se… I did something similar about two incidents, accidentally, quite a few years ago, in one I was raped, in the other I was molested. I had had a lot of me tied up in those incidents, and I got all that was tied up back… the feeling was amazing. The quality of my life soared compared to before.

I haven’t done my prenatal/pre-birth traumas, though my identity was really formed there. I am planning on doing an audit as soon as I can find someone to do it with. I will do it with someone on the phone, though I don’t think scientology offers or even approves of that: I will just get a coach that can follow instructions.

In my conversation with Source, I gleaned some important aspects:

  • Question: Can the activator downloads pull the contents of the engrams and free you from their effects? Answer: No.
  • Question: Is dianetics/auditing the only method to empty those engrams? Answer: yes. but anyone skillful can do it. (Since then I have done it with several people)
  • Question: Can your vitality and intelligence go up w/o getting clear (i.e. getting rid of the engrams)? Answer: No
  • Question: What is the highest vibration you can go with getting clear only? Answer: 200
  • Question: What is the highest vibration you can go w/o getting clear, only using activator downloads? Answer: 210
  • Question: What if you used them both? Answer: You can go as high as 700

OK, there you have it.

If you want the most expeditious and most economical route, you’ll get the activator downloads. If you want to go full tilt boogie, get an auditor for as long as it takes. I am not an auditor, but an auditor is not even a coach, and I am.

Why does this method raise your vibration in spite of the fact that they do not connect you directly to source? This is a great question, and points to the fact that bringing a mechanism to the attention of the conscious mind actually allows the conscious mind to disable it. (Which means that dianetics can successfully alter the contents of the subconscious with the audit.) Once the triggers (the sounds, the sights, the sensations) do not trip the machine, you have more of you available for life. 2

One of the aspects of auditing is that the auditor does not have any input to the content of the session, only the standard instructions, which makes you, the audited person (pre-clear) the active component of this process, and when you are ready to see what you see, it poof, disappears the engram. No I can see why, in many cases, I have been a lousy coach. I have done their work, for them, and that didn’t do the trick.

The early programs of what is now called Landmark Education, before 1987, were much more similar, were much more emotional, much more experiential, and potentially accessed the subconscious.

I did the 6-day program with its anger process, or the bathing suit process… It was there that I came to terms with one of the molestation incidents, and gained access to seeing it with my conscious mind, from the side… which is the first step of gaining some distance and freedom from an incident.

I had been wondering what was the cause of my sudden rise in vibration back in 1985, as a result of the first Landmark Education event. When I saw, suddenly, that I had a delusional decision that was fueling discontent, anger, and self-destructive behavior: that my father was supposed to marry me, but instead he left me for my mother.

Once I saw that sentence pulled out of the “reactive mind” I laughed and I cried. But I was clear from it. I could stop hating the whole world that could have love, and relationships… while I was going to be a “jilted lover” forever.

Now, this jilted lover as a mechanism hasn’t been quite disassembled…

As to the Church of Scientology… I have nothing to say. They look and feel cultish to me, an evil bunch. And L. Ron Hubbard on his video interview, looks and sounds smug in an unattractive way.

But this series of articles is not about personalities, not about organizations, it’s about modalities… and Dianetics as a modality, well done, for helping’s sake is a good one. Once it becomes a bait to reel you into the “religion” it is evil. Dianetics as a modality vibrates at 200, Ron Hubbard vibrated at 200… He died 25 years ago…

Next coming up: Wallace D. Wattles and his three “The Science of…” books. It will be a nice change of pace after Dianetics… lol

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  1. Osho on Scientology

    Question – Osho, What is your opinion of scientology?
    Osho – It is fantastic…I mean bullshit, utter bullshit! Be aware of such stupid things. They move in the world in the name of science because science has credit, so any kind of stupidity can pretend to be scientific. And people are very much impressed by words: scientology.

    People are very much impressed by shining gadgets, instruments… Man is so unaware and unconscious of himself that he falls a victim to anything! You just need to propagate it, advertise it – and our century has the most efficient media to advertise, to propagate things. Scientology is nothing but a kind of hypnosis – it can hypnotize you. And real religion is just the opposite: it is dehypnosis. You are already hypnotized, you don’t need any scientology anymore.

    You need a process of dehypnosis, you need deconditioning, you need to come out of all kinds of ideologies. Scientology is an ideology. It talks in terms of science, and science has great appeal. Science is the modern superstition. The modern man is immediately impressed if you bring science in. So anything and everything has to be proved scientifically.

    And there are quacks who even go on proving God scientifically, and who are trying to measure states of meditation – as if meditation can be measured. Whatsoever you can measure will be mind; no-mind cannot be measured. All your alpha waves, etc. are not going to help. They can only go to a certain extent in the mind. But meditation begins only where mind ends.

    Mind is measurable, because mind is a machine. But no-mind is immeasurable, it has no limits. So all the nonsense that goes on in the name of measuring…and people are very much impressed. They are sitting before very shiny gadgets – it gives an impression of science – wires attached to the head, to the hands, just like a cardiogram. They are trying to figure out the inner silence. It is impossible! Whatsoever you come to record is mind. All waves are of the mind.

    Meditation is wavelessness because it is thoughtlessness. Meditation cannot be recorded; there can be no cardiogram, there can be no machine which can record it. It is very elusive, it is very subjective, it cannot be reduced to an object. But because the Western mind is very objective, is trained in science, now there are quacks around who are cashing in on this attraction and this training.

    Scientology is one of those pseudo religions. The real religion has no need of any such thing. And scientology is destroying many people’s minds. Modern man is in a special situation: the old religions have lost their grip, their credibility, and the new religion has not yet arrived – there is a gap. And man cannot live without religion, it is impossible; religion is such a need. So if the true is not available, the false becomes prevalent, the false becomes a substitute. Scientology is a false religion, and there are many like Scientology.

    Real religion consists of becoming utterly silent, unconditioned, unhypnotized. It is going beyond mind, beyond ideology; it is going beyond scripture and beyond knowledge. It is simply falling into your own interiority, becoming utterly silent, not knowing a thing, and functioning from that state of not knowing, from that innocence. When you function out of innocence, your actions have a beauty of their own. That’s what virtue is – aes dhammo sanantano.

    Source: from Osho Book “The Dhammapada Vol. 2”

  2. I have done webinar series on this, the itch, the pebble, both deal with the machine

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