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  1. food-cravingsYou eat what you are, you crave what you are

    Every plant, every animal contains toxins that it developed to protect itself from being eaten and extinguished… The selfish gene makes sure of that.

    Your body, ancestrally, developed a liking and a tolerance to certain foods… that allowed it to survive.

    It takes a long time for a group of people to create an ess with certain foods.

    What makes the Japanese thrive may kill you… What an Irish can subsist on will kill you… What a Kenyan runner thrives on is murder for you… or can be.

    With grocery stores carrying foods from so many continents you are not safe and you don’t thrive.

    How many individuals do you know who thrive? I don’t know any. The closest person to thriving has a health number of 20%

    Not much thriving there!

    Everyone who asks me to measure their health number has a number 10 or under.

    Now you know at least one reason why…

  2. little-sisters-birdWhy sugar may be bad for you?

    They say sugar is bad for you, but they don’t say why… Sugar and any other food may be bad for you if you eat too much of it. If you have already developed bad bacteria and bad yeast in your intestinal tract.

    Why do you crave sugar, why are you always hungry if you eat sugary/starchy stuff?

    Because the bad bacteria and the yeast are making you feel hungry and nudging you on to eat more of it… to feed THEM!

    It is the selfish genes in them…

    Once you have screwed up your internal microorganism household, you are screwed: you need to go cold turkey, or you stay hooked.

    Even just one piece of sugary goodness can restart the inner screaming of millions of microorganisms’ chorus for more… And you have to go cold turkey again, and trust me, giving up cigarettes was nothing compared to giving up sugars and starches.

  3. foods-create-mucusWhy milk may be bad for you?

    Let’s make sure you don’t hear: milk is bad for everyone… That is not what I am saying.

    But it can be bad for you, if you have gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Or if you have yeast or bad bacteria overgrowth. Or if you are blood type O or blood type A…

    Milk and milk products have a tendency to create mucus. Mucus is like snot… and when your innards are covered with snot… you don’t absorb the nutrients in your food.

    Your frequent colds, your headaches, your sinus troubles are just the tip of the iceberg.

    There is no such thing as a grass fed cow… not in today’s day and age. Even buffaloes are fed grains… and if milk alone weren’t bad for you, the gluten may be bad for you.

    About 10% of the population can consume milk, in moderation, without health consequences… In the tea drinking British Isles only 7%… The rest suffers.

    I had a call with a British woman today… and recommended that she lays of tea… because tea and cookies go hand in hand.

    I remember I stopped craving cigarettes when I stopped drinking at parties…

  4. dehydration-parched-soilWhy raw food may be bad for you?

    Most of the people I do health consultations with have an ayurvedic body type of vata… air and “ether”…

    That means that their mucus membranes are drying out. They are talkative, they sleep restless, they feel anxious, they don’t absorb their nutrients in food or supplements, and they don’t feel good about themselves.

    What does it have to do with raw food? Mostly everything.

    Raw food, nuts, vegetables, some fruits create gas as they digest… and make you windy inside… So more you eat of the goodness of raw stuff, the worse you feel. Yaay.

    Of course no one told you that vegetables can be really yummy… because most cultures don’t cook well, and most of you never learned to cook well.

    The issue is the basic preparation of foods… I am going to try to find an online cooking school that teaches just that… sauteing, chopping, blanching, browning, the basics…

    I love my vegetables… the way I make them. I hate them the way restaurants make them… ugh.

    Learn to cook. Your cooked vegetables are not all vata… and you can have calmness, you can glow, you can feel good about yourself and about life… now, that is a novel idea, right?

  5. quote-if-you-begin-by-sacrificing-yourself-to-those-you-love-you-will-end-by-hating-those-to-whom-you-george-bernard-shaw-266342Why being nice may be bad for you?

    Sometimes I do nice things for people, without regard to my own health. I have some clients in Europe and beyond that want to talk to me in the morning hours.

    It happened this morning… I got up before I was good and ready to make sure I don’t oversleep. After the call I had to go back to sleep, and I’ll suffer from the effects of this kindness for a few days… if not more. More in the next step…

  6. holidays-are-bad-for-youWhy holidays are bad for you?

    Holidays and weekends are treated by most people who have a family, or hold down a job, as different than their “normal life”… they eat differently, they sleep differently, drink differently.

    They they use the whole week to recover… hate themselves, their jobs, their lives… and then they do it again.

    What’s going on?

    ESS, evolutionary stable strategy, means a certain regularity… a system, a predictability in your living.

    People who work irregular shifts are always unhappy, short tempered, and suffer.

    But you are doing it to you when your holiday/weekend habits are different from your weekday habits.

    You’ll do best eating the same way, and the same amount. Sleeping the same way and the same hours.

    I remember living in my parents’ home and having to recover from the weekend meals… I was always sick. The same when I had a boy friend whose parents we ate with over the weekends… murder.

    Another thing happens when you sleep different hours on your days off: your brain chemistry starts to follow your sleeping habits.

    The three brain chemicals start to go out of whack… preparing you to become depressed and alternately manic… hating your life alternating with feverish activity… delusional all the way.

    If you MUST have hectic and irregular schedules, please make sure you supplement yourself with Lithium Orotate… a mood stabilizer…

  7. diet-booksWhy listening to diet gurus is really really bad for you?

    I was never well. I was born with less than two pounds of body weight. I could not hold down my food. I was severely undernourished, tiny, and cried a lot.

    As it turns out, I was already intolerant to fructose and gluten… the main ingredients in fruits and bread. Intolerant is a very stupid word for the condition… as if you said: I am intolerant to being burned with a cigarette butt…

    Because both do the same as the cigarette butt put out on your skin, only in different parts of your innards… fructose in the opening of the stomach, and gluten, mostly in your large intestines…

    So if you are “intolerant” to both, you have blisters, and mucus protecting those blisters, practically “protecting” you from absorbing nutrients…

    So I was a picky eater, and our live-in nanny, and my mother had no time, no patience, no tolerance for my eating habits, or to me throwing up… so I was, for good measure, beaten… by both.

    But I cannot be cowed into eating something that my body says no to… so this went on until I got my period… then another hell broke loose: I ate everything in sight… and got fat. Sick and fat.

    51qbmxzLMILI heard somewhere, maybe it was the school nurse who said it, that whole grain would be good for me… so I remember buying a whole grain bun, and ate it… like saw dust… and got fatter yet.

    Then I was diagnosed with low thyroid function, borderline diabetes, gastric ulcers… you name it.

    Nothing helped, nothing… until…

    I stopped listening to advice.

    I whipped out my fingers and started to muscle test…

    This is what I found out:

    • 1. There are roughly 15 grocery items I handle well, and another 10 I can occasionally add to the mix
    • 2. My stomach needs to know what’s coming, so I need to inform it… and wait for the signal that it got the message.
    • 3. The dietary advice I got all those years did more damage that I already had: so I now have even less ability to bounce back from dietary mistakes… but thanks to my ability to prepare food in different ways, to my culinary talents, I can be well and enjoy eating… in spite of the restrictions.
    • 4. I found out that gluten is in nearly everything: in pet food and its dust, in milk, in butter, in chicken, in turkey, even in lamb in the winter… so I better muscle test every single thing before I put it in my shopping basket
    • 5. There is no such thing as “peppers” or “zucchini”… because even the same packet of seed may contain seeds from different strains or the same looking and sounding vegetable… but one is food the other is poison…
    • 6. Unless you know how to cook… the basic culinary moves… you’ll hate what you can make of your 15 items
    • 7. When muscle test says “no”, then you better heed the word… or you have to pay.
    • 8. Nothing can become fixed, orthodox knowledge, unless you live in the same country where your ancestors lived… nearly no one in the United States, where I live.
    • 9. The way your parents eat may not be good for you…
    • 10. A lot of brain-aberration issues come from the food you eat… you are probably smarter than you are now, more capable, braver, and more ready to grow… you just have to get well…


oprah-fatI am no health guru. But because I had to go to hell and back… because I have experimented a lot, because I am a true empath and am able and willing to muscle test everything, because I have read a few dozen health books, to my detriment!, because I have been working, successfully with clients, I can see a bigger picture than most.

And because what I am testing, and working towards is taking some humans to the next evolutionary level, the level of human being, I have a vested interest in being accurate, and not cultish, not self-serving, not ego driven… but truthful, accurate, and immensely helpful… because as long as YOU are not well, I can’t do anything useful with you… because growing, going to the next level needs a lot of energy… which unless you are at least at 50% of health and hydration, you won’t have… No energy, no growth.

The DNA activation won’t stay on… just like your chiropractic adjustment won’t hold if you are too acidic…

If you wish to know where you stand with regards to this journey… you can order your combo assessment…
–your vibration
–your overall IQ including your intelligence
–the number of spiritual capacities you have
–your soul correction (your machine) (your date of birth is needed for this)
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–the level of your health
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And if you know you want to work with me on your health, please email me… so I can get to know you better.

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