You want love, unconditional love, and you spend your life testing others… no love

You want unconditional love so much that you miss it…

How do you miss something? You miss everything if you are not in the present. If you don’t feel. If you don’t enjoy. If you keep your attention on some hope or desire that will come in the future. Like the coming of the Messiah… you’ll miss it. You have been missing it.

Unconditional love 1 … here we go again.

As I am working through people’s issues in the Activate Divinity Course, I am running into this phenomenon: something bad happens and they are hurt. But hurt not just on the surface, they are deeply hurt.

Example #1: your mother tells you to beware and not go far out on the ocean. “What does she know?” you say and you swim out only to find that the under-toe took you so far, you can’t see anything but water all around.

Your mother is an excellent swimmer, finds you, saves you, and then spanks you, and yells. As a child you can’t deal with that seeming controversy. You expect to be just loved or just beaten, but not both. Your little mind wants to crack, so you hide the real cause of that conflict: you expected to be loved unconditionally, and this does not look right.

Example #2: you steal doll clothes in the store. Your parents find it and punish you: same thing.

You have this deep desire to be loved and cherished, but the subconscious will always act up: you’ll check if the person really loves you, unconditionally. You become cheeky, talk back, act as if you wanted to invite punishment, only to test if they love you, only to prove something…

You are a puppet on a string, going from too good to too bad (within your boundaries) and there goes your life.

You cannot be with life as it is, everything is about a future that can never come, because future is not real. Only the now-moment is real, but you totally miss that.
Your picture of what it’s like to be loved, what it feels like, what it looks like, prevents you from living: you are dead to the now moment, and then you die. Your should’s and ought-to’s dominate your existence, there is no room for experience, there is no room for peace, rest, calmness, peace of mind.

And, of course, you can’t love. Loving is a surrender to the other, and the other is only there so you can test if they will love you no matter what…

When I download the Unconditional Love Activator, I can see exactly where your subconscious is blocking it.

I can guess your “story” from what you block, how you block it. I can guess what you are desperate, often frenetic to get from people that is not theirs to give.

When you cannot fully accept and integrate the Unconditional Love Activator, the foundation of existence, then I need you to come to the Activate Divinity class, so we can dig out the misconception, the misunderstanding about the mother’s love and remove this hidden machine that uses your life to jerk you back and forth around love.

I priced the course very affordable, so you can do it.

There are two options: pay per “item” or pay for total cleanup.

Often straightening out just one main pivotal item improves your quality of life many-fold. And then you can choose to continue the cleanup or just live your life.

The price is going up at Christmas.

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  1. here is an excerpt from a wise person: Some events become photographically etched in our psyche, and verbal tapes can play to and fro in our minds. Each individual can have a completely different perspective of the same event depending on your viewpoint and interpretation.

    Where we may tread rough waters lie in believing our interpretation is the right way, and therefore everyone else is wrong. This rigidity is painful and a tough way to live.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “You want love, unconditional love, and you spend your life testing others… no love”

  1. I want to activate my divinity. Oh, yes, my ego just squeezed into a rock in protest. The fear of loss of self. Is there a God? Is there a higher mind, a higher state of being, a more developed way to live? Yes, I think so. And I think it is related to love and compassion and connection to all forms of sentient life.

    Will I move toward love and away from fear? Yes. In 2014, I will move into the messiness of life and learn by experience. I will write and sing and connect to Source and make my life a continuity of growth and expression. My purpose? Expansion.

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