Ten signs that you are on the path of spiritual awakening

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I know your spirituality is a private matter, but your generosity, or the lack thereof, unfortunately, very visible to all, and felt by you: stinginess feels bad, trust me I have been there.

Sharing is generous. Especially when you don’t want to… Almost as effective in raising your vibration as the secret tool I have shared before, validation.

Ten signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening:

Do I agree with the statements of this video? I don’t know. I have felt all these signs, but do they mean that you are on the path? Or do they tell you that you have an overactive imagination?

I don’t know. I don’t even want to muscle-test it… Five of these symptoms have showed up in participants email in the past two days since the very first integration session in the Activate Divinity program. I have experienced the six myself since I integrated that little 3% piece about wearing nice clothes…

Those I muscle-tested, and the participant both increased their vibrational frequency, and their wholeness… one participant went from 3% to 80%, holy s-h-i-t. He hasn’t written since: I wonder what he is going through.

Update: having any or all of those symptoms doesn’t mean that your vibration is rising or have risen. I just got a person commenting of having symptoms, and his vibrations is 120…

This video is just popular psychology entertainment. I don’t agree with any of it.

If and when you report being in the world, being more powerful, seeing more, listening more, making less mistakes… that I take as proof positive that your vibration has risen.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Ten signs that you are on the path of spiritual awakening”

  1. hi Sophie,
    For the past several days, I’ve experienced the flashing of a narrow band of light that extends vertically from top of my head down to the corner of my right eye . It is just beyond the limit of my peripheral vision and usually happens when daylight has passed. I see the light when I move my head to the right in a brief instant. It lasts for a fraction of a second. It’s a white light that is not solid from top to bottom, but has 5 or 6 sections where the light is broken up by gray areas in the transition from one section to the next. I also notice a narrow band of golden light that seems to envelope the white band. Since, I’ve experienced this, I’ve asked to understand it’s meaning. The video is consistent with information I’ve received years ago and my intuitive sense. Therefore, I feel it validates my experience especially since this experience coincides with all the other 10 signs, except #3.

  2. The video comes off like a lot of the fluffy, inspirational stuff you see on Facebook. Nothing like your confrontational style. Where you write, ‘sharing is generous. Especially when you don’t want to.’ I started fishing for some more clarity.

    In one of your articles on integrity, I believe there was the mention of not doing things half-heartedly which is what threw me off. Then it occurred to me that there may be a big difference between sharing what you have and sharing what you don’t have. I have shared money, for instance, when I felt I didn’t really have it to share. Then, commitment came up. If I commit to sharing something in particular, I should share it whether I want to or not. Thanks for giving me a chance to look at sharing deeper than I have before.

  3. Baheej, I appreciate you going deep. That is where the juice is, not in the fluffy stuff floating on the internet.
    I have this video as an eye candy… sorry about it.

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