There are thousands, millions, even billions of ways to unhappiness, but only one way to be happy

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There are thousands, millions, even billions of ways to unhappiness, but only one way to be happy

Controversial statement, isn’t it? It is reminiscent to Jesus’ saying: only through me… whatever he said.

Although the statement is grandiose, it points to a very simple truth. Simple doesn’t mean easy. It only means “uncomplicated.”

No one is really teaching it. It doesn’t sell. It is near impossible, and yet, it’s been done, and we just did it this past Saturday. We demonstrated that it’s possible.

I am talking about being in the present moment.

Books have been written about it, but they were written by people who either lied, or can’t teach. They, somehow, evolutionally (is that a word?) found themselves there, and now they are considered gurus, on Oprah, but they are not worth a bag of beans to you, because you are not where they are.

Eckhard Tolle wrote one sentence worth reading in his whole career, one sentence that could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, the little mouse that finally pushed the balance of power over in the fairy tale… where all the animals were trying to unite to pull out a tasty carrot from the ground.

Once you get the significance of being in the present moment, you can get a glimpse of it, if you can catch the space between two thoughts. If… I said, because, for the most part you think unconsciously, and the millions of ways the mind controls your existence are not distinguished.

All of the ways of the mind are the ways to unhappiness.

The thousand years of peace begins when you are able to carve out holes in this monolithic dominance of the mind, and claim those holes back to now, to you, for happiness.

I am not a guru. I teach, and that is the meaning of guru. But I am also a disciple: I am willing to learn. Most gurus stopped learning. It is dangerous to remain a student, a disciple, an able and willing learner, staying present to the untruths still occupying space in his being.

For me, teaching is a synergistic process: much like you climb a rope: you pull yourself up to the height of your arms, and then push with your legs, and then do it again.

Which part is you? lol… the legs? the arms? who cares! The important thing is that we are going together.

I teach you, you teach me, I lead you, you lead me: it is a dance. The result is harmony, love, belonging, joy, happiness… in the moment.

I want to share with you, in this article, one way the mind takes you out of the present moment. It was hiding in plain sight… it takes eyes to see, ears to hear… and I have missed it until just now.

The mind cannot be in the present: even when you want it to, or when it wants to, it misses it, and misses that it misses.

Therefore the mind sets up games that are the specialty of the mind: the mind sets you up to plan, to dream, to get measured, to succeed or to fail. At some point in the future. Why in the future? Because in the present moment there is neither success nor failure. Both are a concept from the mind, both deal with comparison, and for comparison there need to be two “realities” but there is, obviously only one. One reality, I mean. And nothing can be compared with itself: it is foolish. Reality is. Standing on its own, it is, nothing to compare it with, in reality. Of course, in the mind you can compare it with anything, but you compare it with is not real… So the issue is: will you live in reality, or will you choose to live in fantasy?

Nothing can fail you if you are not after success, and nothing can frustrate you if you are not looking at the future. We call this being outcome independent.

This has been a big question on my mind ever since I discovered spirituality: how do you live, get things done, maybe even, God forbid, plan your actions, and yet you experience no fear of failure, no fear of success, only the joy of doing stuff…

And if the anguish most of my students so generously make me feel, this is the big question for most: how do you have no anguish, no anxiety, no fear, and yet, not give up doing stuff, exploring stuff, not give up growth, becoming an expanding human being, joyously, excitedly, alive.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “There are thousands, millions, even billions of ways to unhappiness, but only one way to be happy”

  1. You said “Eckhard Tolle wrote one sentence worth reading in his whole career, one sentence that could be the straw that broke the camel’s back,”.

    Do you wanna share with us what it was?

    Let me introduce you to “Peak States”. But start at:
    Read or scroll down to: Miscellaneous states,
    ‘The Beauty Way’, where near the bottom Grant says “The state is well described in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.” Grant also said that Eckhart lives in ‘The Beauty Way’ state, but does not know about Peak States. That is why he cannot teach others to experience life the way he experiences life.
    There is a lot of great stuff in Peak States, but it is not very available in the US. To get more information you need to read his two books mentioned on the front page.


  2. Marty, the Peak States stuff is for people who want to use their mind, and stay machines.

    The vibration of the “stuff” is 210.

    Talking about flying isn’t.

    Some of the therapy techniques work, somewhat, just like the early est training worked by whipping up emotions.

    When they say they are using the ‘Creator Light’ state, they are talking hoping. No one can cause that state without connecting to the Creator, and according to my muscle test no one in that company connects to Source.

    But the scientific appeals to the mediocre mind, and that’s that.

    The sentence, loosely reworded, says that between two thoughts you get a glimpse to eternity.

    I wish what they did worked. But it doesn’t, at least doesn’t do what it says it would do.

  3. In this and previous posts, you don’t have a high regard for Tolle, the most influential spiritual teacher today. I find this odd, since I can’t detect much difference between your teachings and his. When you admitted that you were unable to teach me (a frank admission of failure that I respect) I went back to Tolle and I am learning a lot. He is very difficult to read I admit, but I feel he is helping me get out of my mind where you could not. I encourage you to stop putting down the competition, especially given that you are not always successful.

  4. Tolle teaches you through the mind. I don’t, but that is all you have. So I failed. I did.

    You can’t teach someone to get out of their mind through knowledge, unfortunately, because we would have all humanity out of their mind by now, there is so much knowledge.

    “Putting down the competition” is your world-view, that is not where I live. I have no competition, we all try to do the same thing, I am rooting for Tolle and the likes to succeed before me.

  5. Excellent, Sophie. I need help in getting out of my mind. I know I am being defensive and willful, but there is a whole lot of mind action going on that I cannot control. I don’t mind hitting bottom. I am resisting it because I don’t want to have a religious conversion/surrendering/12-step moment of powerlessness in order to begin my climb back into the light. It’s too religious, too culty, too Landmarky, and I don’t like it.

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