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man hit by lightening tr. foundation Vibrational Review:

One of my commitments to you, is to give you a complete and thorough picture on the state of self-actualization/raising your vibration, self-improvement industry, as truthfully, as honestly as I possibly can. One of the tools I have in my arsenal is muscle testing (kinesiology), and another one is my principle in life: Question Everything. Especially when I have a vested interest in being right… lol

To be able to deliver the truth about Tr.’s programs, I signed up to his monthly enhancement program. One energy submission per month, fifty dollars a pop. Not a bad deal — if it delivers…

Delivers what?

Delivers what? Oh, I gotcha! Delivers the value it promises, in Trivedi’s case: transformation. Of course transformation is an overused platitude: no two people mean the same by it, so I will not use the word, I’ll find an exact and measurable aspect instead. OK?

Why would you want the program to deliver? Well, if you value your money (you are paying with your money, I hope!) then you are looking for equal or higher value delivered for your money. But what is it worth?

You see, everything has exactly as much value as you perceive it has. Value, at least the way we have it, in the real world, means: “value to me.”

So, let’s see what people are paying for in the Trivedi programs, the mastery program, the weekends, the monthly program, etc.

  1. Here are some of the components of the value people receive:
    feeling good about themselves, having an image of themselves as special, one of the select few that sees value where the overwhelming majority doesn’t. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Finally being on the top of some kind of food chain, some kind of elite club…
  2. immediate empowerment. We’ll examine this in detail, what is the source of this one…

First let us look at the idea of the human being as a vibrational phenomenon: there is vibrating on the physical level, on the mental level, and on the spiritual level.

If I wanted to say what Trivedi promises, I would say he promises a vibrational shift. But what causes the vibrational shift that renders you a more harmonious and therefore more capable-to-survive “entity”? What actually happens in the process that causes a shift in vibration?

One approach to that is to examine the reverse: a vibrational downshift. A downshift can happen (at whatever vibration you are at) in one way that I know: you suddenly get blocked from being able to access your innate intelligence and the intelligence of the Universe.

Your cone of vision gets narrower because of some real or perceived threat to your survival. You suddenly can’t see that the Universe is on your side, that people are only doing their own thing… you get scared. You may not feel the fear, but every blockage begins with fear… and immediately following the fear comes a predictable behavior that is scripted in your psyche: angry people get angry, scaredycats start running, others get sick, others again start eating, dialing the phone, drink, get envious, wish another dead…etc… And there you have it: you created a blockage.

So, what is a blockage and why would it cause a downshift in your vibration?

  1. The physical blockage: some experts say that all physical problems are caused by some blockage. Signals can be blocked. Blood flow can be blocked. Nutrients to certain cells can be blocked. Immune system can be blocked.
  2. The second type of blockage is a belief based blockage. There are several types in this category, but for the purposes of this conversation, in order to transform them, you need to be able to access the subconscious mind, identify the blockage, and blast it open. Of the modalities explored, some do this more effectively than others. Trivedi’s method, in his mass-transmissions mode, isn’t getting the job done. In his retreats and in his one-on-ones it can, and often does.

But what happens in his mass downloads? Let’s look at that through a question:

Did Trivedi’s energy submission raise your vibration?

Did Trivedi’s energy submission raise your vibration? Well, if you came out of it cheerfully, bright as the sun, or at least brighter than before, only good stuff… then the answer is probably NO. WTF? you ask.

Here is how it works: The energies are strong and transformative. A lot like lightening… Trivedi says the energies are intelligent, but my muscle test shows that to be false.

So, imagine being hit by lightening and surviving. After the strong electricity burns through you, you may come out, on the other end, an exceptional human being, very high vibration. Or an easier visual that comes to mind is the scene in the movie where the super spider bites Spiderman… he gets sick first. Later he becomes superman, but before he can get better, he needs to get worse.

I have had two Trivedi energy submissions so far, and both times I had strong, unpleasant immediate effects, pain, dullness of mind, tiredness, and sleeplessness that went away after a day or two the first time, and I am only 14 hours past the second transmission, dull, angry, and sore all over this time.

So what happened if you didn’t experienced any unpleasant symptoms?

The most likely truth is that your vibration was below 200 on the map of consciousness, and the energy, instead of going deep in, doing a spring-cleaning, causing havoc, get under the rugs, simply just swept around the rugs and the furniture. It feels brighter, it looks brighter, but the nasty stuff hiding under the furniture, under the rug, in the crevices of the wall, will come out and bite you. Later.

The other possibility, if you didn’t experience any unpleasant symptoms, is that the energy passed through you, exactly the way lightening passes through a building, through a prebuilt channel, the lightening rod. My friend has that routinely. Often. With the result that his vibration is stuck at 295~300, in spite of the fact that he puts himself in the way of transformation a few times a month.

But the real question is: why is this so? Why isn’t such a strong energy necessarily transformational?

The answer will disappoint you, it will piss you off, but it can set you free, like any truth.

Because the rule of the Universe, with regards to souls, is “free will” or “free agency.” It says that only changes you specifically ask for and therefore you earn, can be made for you.

But ask for it, not as a beggar, but as an emperor. Not as a recipient, but as a co-creator. All your prayers are begging… you are a beggar.

Now, Trivedi is a sharp individual, and he knows about this rule. So he instructs you to pray for what you want. But, and here is the big but, unless you are connected to Source, yourself, your prayer will be just words. Ineffective. And even if you connect, unless you are clear in your request to Source, the prayer will not give permission to Source to make changes in your belief system and your DNA.

The rule is: you need to ask Source, directly, specifically or game is off. And you need to ask as an emperor, not as a beggar

Which means, the recipients that connect to Source, get what they ask for and not more, not less. The recipients that can’t or won’t connect to Source, will get the floor-sweeping job or the lightening rod job. Not bad, but no vibrational shift.

Of course, you need to consider, that being in the presence of someone as Trivedi, may temporarily raise your vibration, and also helps you to connect to Source, especially if you are physically in his presence. I don’t think watching him with the delayed sound video is doing it, but I may be wrong.

Before I developed the 30-sec connection sequence, my clients were complaining that they felt disconnected outside of their sessions with me. Today they have a choice, and establish the connection at will. One friend is now able to walk and stay connected, which is pretty great achievement. The longer you are connected, the more likely that your vibration rises.

Connecting to God is a consensual activity… just like sex. Violation of that is punishable by law on Earth, and a no-no in Heaven.

Why is Trivedi facing these difficulties? The answer is simple: he is committed, like myself, to raise the vibration of the planet, to cause mass-transformation. Unfortunately, his method, though highly popular, isn’t able to get the job done, because it is in violation with rule #1 of Creation.

So what is the situation with my method? Am I not dealing with the same predicament?

In fact, I have dealt with the same issues. The solution I came up with is this
1. I get people’s permission before the transmission, specifically for the energy of the transmission
2. put them in connection with Source, where they can actively co-create with the Divine.

It’s been working well. The next phase is to try it out in bigger groups.

If you would like to apply to be a beta-tester, please send me a message through the comment form below. I’ll reply to you personally. If Trivedi can do it, I sure can do it.

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