Path To Enlightenment: What Is Enlightenment?

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Enlightenment is not a place to get to: it is a state, it is a relationship to existence, that exists outside of duality, outside of right and wrong, outside of time, outside of comparison and outside of competition.

In spite of what everyone says, enlightenment is not something that you arrive to and then you are set for life.

I have entered the Buddha yesterday to feel him, and experienced an 80% on 20% off state: to stay in the ego-less state where even the observer, the witness disappears takes work. It takes returning to the present moment again and again and again.

In one of my favorite tales about the Buddha, a man, angry at the Buddha, screamed at him, spit on him. The Buddha’s disciples wanted to teach the intruder a lesson, but the Buddha stopped them.

The attacker left and the disciples expressed amazement at the Buddha’s ability to not get upset, to be totally egoless.

He said, that being egoless is like a light-bulb (obviously he used another way to explain, but I don’t remember what he used exactly… there was no electricity at that time, 3500 years ago, lol). The light bulb seems to be lit all the time. But if you looked at it in a time-lapse movie, you would see that the light is interrupted with brief moments of no light: continuous light is an optical illusion. And so is ego-lessness.

When the attacking man yelled, and spat, Buddha entered, for brief moments, ego-states, but he left the so fast that the disciples could only see his ego-less state.

Enlightenment is then the capacity to return to ego-less state, to the present moment and to no attachment to past, to future, to success, to happiness, to accomplishment, to path, to anything.

In our “normal” or ordinary ego-mind state all ambition create duality. Happiness comes coupled with misery, success comes coupled with failure, pleasure comes coupled with pain.

In the “normal” ego-mind state it is impossible to stay happy, stay successful, love, feel loved, be fulfilled.

In the enlightened state the experience is joy. Joy for no reason, joy that is unruffled, joy that doesn’t carry it’s opposite.

My enlightenment training emphasizes awareness of what state you are in so you can return to ego-less, time-less state, thinking-less, mind-less state, fast and easy.

You can train through listening and following the training of one of my students. I am also looking for three more students. Your vibration must be at least 300 to be considered for an interview.

Enlightenment is not for everyone.

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