Path To Enlightenment: I Recommend Eliminating Drama

Drama is a human phenomenon. Animals, trees, don’t know drama. Nature doesn’t know drama. Existence doesn’t know drama.

Drama is the result of ego-mind.

If you closed your eyes, and managed, for a moment, pulling your attention back from the future, and pulling your attention back from the past, you would get to a space, I call existence. Existence is not part of the time/space continuum, existence is part of the beyond.

You’ll notice that you didn’t have to go to it, you only had to leave the unreality of the past and the unreality of the future.

There is a movie trick where suddenly the darkness, the drama, the danger, the night is replaced with flowering trees, birds singing, and yet, there is a silence.

One of the best examples, and maybe the shortest, is the video on meditation below. Observe how the drama, high drama, turns into the most beautiful scene of serenity… It is possible for you.

All thoughts come from the unreality. The past and the future.

Thoughts come from the ego-mind.

Mind is a storage device, much like the hard drive of a computer. Most of the stuff there is garbage. Stored away, unexamined. Everything and their opposite is there. It is slow, clunky, by the time it reacts you missed the now moment.

Ego is a layer by layer constructed persona. You have a different mask for every situation, that’s why you don’t like to mix different circles of yours: the different circles know you differently. The highest dramas come from having to behave in two different ways at the same time. You have a face for your peers, and you have a face for your spouse: no similarity even.

People think you are one person, but they are wrong: you are many personae, none of them are you.

When you manage to pull back from the past and the future, you’ll notice that all the personae disappear: it needs your conscious attention to feed them, remember them, hold it all together.

It’s a lot of work, no wonder so little gets done, no wonder you have no energy for things that are important to you.

The job you get paid for is easy and effortless compared with all the roles you “need to” play… all the pretenses.

And all the drama in life comes from the pretenses, and from the meanings the mind assigns automatically to anything and everything that you hear, you see, you think.

And all the meanings feed into the ego: you are always afraid to be found out, afraid to fail, you have guilt and shame, you have your self-image: “No matter what I do, I can’t…” and they are all based in unreality.

Those thoughts and those feelings are only there to keep you out of the here-and-now, where bliss is the only emotion you can experience.

Society, the Original Dark Side, with its main representatives, parents, care-takers, educators, religions, and politicians make sure that every child grows up to be miserable, with no access to the here-and-now, no access to their true selves, no access to joy, no access to serenity.

But it is possible to remove oneself from the system of oppression, it is possible for you to become an individual, and moving into the here-and-now, maybe even live there.

I have moved to living 80% of the time in the here-and-now, and my natural state is, in spite of being an empath, joy, peace, and harmony.

As an empath I feel the feeling of anyone I accidentally connect with, either by reading about them, or talking to them, or being in the vicinity of them… and the feelings people have are horrible.

People, you, live in hell… and paradise is just a few moments away, just a few moments of pulling out of time, and you are in heaven.

My indicators tell me that this year, 2013 is the time when this becomes a movement, when masses will move into the here-and-now, first just for a few moments of respite, but then learn to live there: it is possible.

People, you, will need to deal with some of the pretenses, some of the lies you have been living. It won’t be pleasant. But it’s worth it: who would want to live in a lie?

The Harmonize The Planet meditation is the easiest first step. In that meditation I broadcast the energy of harmony, belonging to the Universe, Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy.

When you listen to that audio, you start re-organizing your energies to be more available to leave the time-space trap, the space of drama and misery.

You can leave it on to play ongoingly, you don’t even have to listen to it… just like you could get clean in the shower, even if you pay no attention to the water.

If and when the energies bring up some bad feelings, just rejoice: it is a sign that you are moving out of drama on the inside. It’s like a prison break: did you expect to just walk out of there?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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