The Path to Enlightenment: Enlightenment is an internal affair

I love movies where human beings seem to be endowed with supernatural capabilities. They are fun, and they give hope to people. For me they show the possibility of being a human being, shows me what’s possible, what kind of being is possible for human beings.

Hope in those supernatural beings, like in all saviors, allows humanity to be wretched, to buy time, to live below its potential, to live in hate, to live in pretense, to live in unreality, to never have to take responsibility for who we are and how we are.

Supernatural means: beyond what is natural. Mostly being able to control the physical reality… turning crap to gold, and such.

To confuse humanity, the System, science, religion, education, has declared a lot of natural capabilities of humans supernatural.

Being an empath is natural: no physical aspect to it: it is all inside. Being a clairvoyant, etc. is natural. Being an energy healer, having hunches, is natural.

Raising the dead, being a fire-bender, a water-bender, etc. isn’t. Not really, or not the way it is depicted in movies.

Although I love these fantasy movies as much (or more) as the next person, I don’t take them literally. I consider that the capacities these super-duper natural human beings (did you notice that I didn’t write supernatural!) demonstrate innate in all humans, and these capacities can be activated above a certain level of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness shows how close your life is to what is natural, the Original Design: being in the here and now, without ego.

Your level of consciousness is a result, on one level, of you taking full responsibility for where you are, what you are, what you know, and how you know it. And on another level, your willingness to practice living in harmony and in sync with the Universe, with existence, with how it is.

Most people that think they live in sync, are pretenders. Or totally unconscious. Or they don’t know what they are talking about.

Living in harmony is also an inside job, an inner affair.

“Gurus” I have written a vibrational review about, have practiced pretenses that fool others into thinking that they are enlightened. The soothing slow deep voice, their way of speaking puts the listener into a hypnotic state.

One of the most revered “guru”, Satya Sai Baba, said, publicly, “give to the people what they want so you can get what you want…” “or give to the people what they want so they will take what they need…” one of these statements was said… but only the first is true, as far as Sai Baba is concerned. He left behind a multi-billion dollar estate…

What Sai Baba knew, from history, is that people want physical miracles, materialization of ashes, gold, whatever, but it must be visible, it must be physical. But that is a physical impossibility against the laws of nature: you can only create something from something… so Satya Sai Baba resorted to trickery, sleight of hand, simple moves of a magician, nothing complicated, nothing even very skillful. His opinion was so low about his followers that he didn’t even bother becoming good at the trade of a magician.

I first heard about Sai Baba from someone who had his picture on his refrigerator: “a sure insurance against illness, misfortune, poverty…” he said. So he drove 85 miles an hour, drank and drove, lived dangerously…

As long as people think that having a savior is all they need, the world is going to become more and more chaotic, more and more divided, more and more toxic to life and living.

It is hard to be a trickster and a high vibration person at the same time. At the times of the tricks, Sai Baba’s vibration was around 200…

Why did Satya Sai Baba resort to trickery? Why wasn’t he satisfied to cause inner miracles?

He had a good reason. History has showed that inner miracles don’t satisfy the observer: they want visible, physical miracles.

Jesus, supposedly, caused inner miracles. In the listening of his disciples and the people who listened to them, those inner miracles were translated to outer miracles. After all, if he is the Messiah, he would cause outer miracles…

When someone speaks, who has the power? The speaker or the listener? If you answered the listener, you are right. The listener holds all the power. The mind of the listener with its filters creates a whole new meaning of the speaking.

What was said by Jesus lost all its power: only what the mind allowed it to mean existed for the listener.

The level of speaking almost doesn’t matter. You can speak on the level of G-o-d, the conversation, the level of communication is decided by the listener’s level… 1 and the listener’s vibration hasn’t gotten higher in the past 2,000 years. People, you, still want physical miracles, still want to be saved, still want to do no work, want to take no responsibility for your inner world.

What my work is about?

It is not an accident that I started my work with activation. Activating people, activating the planet. Did it work? It activated about 10% of what there is to be activated. The biggest problem with activation is that it needs the recipient to be connecting to Source. Without connecting the energetic transformation won’t take root in their being.

So much work for 10%… disappointing, I must admit to you.

I have been experimenting with the harmonizing the planet process. It is an entrainment process: something that you cannot resist, something that doesn’t require you to be connected.

It’s much like heat: if you sit close to a fire, you will heat up… If you stand under the shower, you’ll get wet…

The energies I use all come straight from Source. Straight from the Great Harmony. I am just a connector. Much like plugging an old rusted washing machine into electricity: the machine coughs, spits, whines… but as it is plugged in it starts to work. The longer it is plugged in the smoother it operates.

The current burns off the rust, burns off the rot, burns off what should not be there. Hopefully.

The results of this harmonize the planet process will depend on the number of people that play the harmonize-the-planet recordings that broadcast the connection. Whether these people listen to the audio or not won’t make much of a difference for the world. For themselves, yes. But for the world: no. The broadcast itself creates the amazingly strong connection: it is a beam of light and a harmonizing energy that is much wider than the planet itself.

So far six is the number of people who have bought the recording. This number expresses the level of selfishness, the level of “let me stay miserable, I love it” attitude of 99.99% of the people in the world.

If you think you are different, if you think you are “better” you can join the movement. All you need to do is play the audio through your headphones as often as you can. I play them myself: I can faintly hear that something is playing, I can feel it, but I don’t have to sit there and listen to it. I would burn out real fast: the current is sooooo strong.

If you want to be part of this movement, you can get the audio at

Let’s see what you are made of, ok?

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  1. this is what happened to the Old Testament, by the way… through oral tradition it devolved and became what it is: only 600 on the vibrational/truth scale… not very high!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The Path to Enlightenment: Enlightenment is an internal affair”

  1. just watched the sai baba docs,,, what a mess
    a jesus, a hitler, a sai baba,,, who put them there?
    and what;s the truth???
    thanks sophie, x

  2. yes Bernie. When I looked for Sai Baba videos, I found more than I expected. I didn’t know he was a gayboy, that he was a pedophile, I didn’t know how he sounded… oh well, three million active followers to date. That doesn’t say any good about people in general.

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