Cognitive biases, blind spots, a sticky point and a “remedy”

center-of-the-universe-2011We are all born seeing ourselves as the center of the world. We don’t know we are the center of our world… we just don’t know there is any other vantage point to look from.

Most of us never learn it.

Like one of my students: every time I recommend anything, she answers: “I agree…”

She hasn’t crossed that threshold, that divide between infant and even toddler… absolutely and completely ignorant to the fact that using the personal vantage point is ineffective, because it is delusional.

This is also true if and when you can see that other people see things differently from how you see them, but your view is accurate and theirs is inaccurate.

Same delusional, baby-view of the world.

center-of-universe-271x300We could say that your vibrational level coincides, or matches your level of taking your own view of the world out of the center.

Your vibration is lowest, and your world view is most inaccurate if and when you have a baby-view.

Some soul corrections keep you on the bottom of the vibrational scale… and the “thing” to transform is this baby-view of the world.

This is a cognitive bias. Reality has proven time and time again, that your view is inaccurate, but you return to it… as your starting point.

e20af9e9ee227d1bc7c5c80831973a46The cost is everything you ever wanted… because you cannot see the obvious signs.

In a major way, in some areas of life, I used to be stuck in the baby view…

  • I used to think that what is easy for me is easy for everyone.
  • I used to think that people who had the same schooling knew what I knew
  • I used to think that people were just like me…

I hold no illusions that this reaches you… if you got stuck on the baby-view.

7a796be82b382ac3f83f1af826dd5c0e-jpgSomething inside your brain needs to change first. Physically. I mean it.

Fair warning… read this review first, before you buy
For me it was Holosync that did it, 13 years ago. Once that blockage opens up, blockage or whatever it is… closed door maybe? the two hemispheres not working together? you’ll start to grow your world view and finally you can start growing.

Holosync has a free audio… 2 and I had my breakthrough with that… the free audio. Get the no commentary version… and listen to it with headphones… the input to each ear is slightly different, and that is what makes it work. Listen in the background: it will do nothing.

How to find the free audio without the commentary

Click on this link

landing-page-holosyncClick on the circled area

fill the form, click… and don’t stop clicking until you find something that looks like this

holosync-screenshotYou can’t download it, at least I could not, but you can listen to it. You need headphones to do it. No headphones: it does nothing. Any headphones will work, even your cell phone’s ear buds.

Here is an email they sent out today… and I realized I am doing you a disservice if I don’t introduce you to this audio, right away.

I copy most of the email here:

“No, Dad, I don’t want to meditate”
by Scott Harris

When I was 13 years old I was suspended from school for a week for fighting.

Needless to say, my dad (Bill) was NOT pleased. He decided that, instead of hanging out at home, I would spend the week in his office at Centerpointe.

You should know that I was an angry, depressed, emotionally reactive child. I was constantly causing problems for myself, blowing up when I didn’t get my way, and otherwise making life more difficult for myself.

(Though at the time, it felt like my problems were the fault of everyone BUT me.)

I went to a different school almost every year because I caused so many problems. I didn’t even finish most grades because I would be asked to leave the school before the year was over.

On the first day of my suspension my mother dropped me off at Centerpointe.

I still remember the strong feelings of anger and injustice I felt as I walked into my father’s office. It was like the entire universe was conspiring against me, trying to make me miserable.

He sat me down, handed me a pair of headphones, and said “listen to this.”

“No,” I said, crossing my arms and looking at the floor. (At this point, I didn’t know what Holosync was, nor did I care.)

He insisted, and eventually I decided I would rather pretend to listen to whatever it was than fight with my very unhappy father.

I put on the headphones and hit play. The sound of rain and singing bowls blocked out the sound of Centerpointe’s support phones. I closed my eyes and tried as hard as I could to hate everything that existed (especially the Holosync).

Over the next 20 minutes something unexpected and amazing happened. In spite of my opposition, I found myself slipping…

…into a place of deep calm and unparalleled mental clarity.

For the first time in my life I was able to step outside of ‘who I was’ – to see myself from an external perspective.

Really, I was pushed outside of who I was, forced to see myself for who I really was. All the ways I sabotaged myself, hurt myself, played the victim, and otherwise made my life difficult were clear.

There was no denying that everything I had blamed on other people was entirely my fault.

And, let me tell you, that is NOT an easy thing to realize (especially for a 13 year old).

In one hour of meditation (with Holosync), my view of the universe was transformed. I realized that I HATED who I was. I hated the way I acted, the way I thought, and most importantly…

…the way I felt, every day of my life.

I knew that something needed to change, though I wasn’t sure what it was or how to go about changing it.

I made myself a promise that day: I would become the person I wanted to be, no matter how long it took or how difficult it was. I promised myself that I would openly and honestly confront who I was so I could live the life I wanted.

This is – without a doubt – the most difficult (and important) decision I have ever made it my life.

And, I made it in about 30 seconds. What’s more, the state of mind that led to this decision did not exist less than an hour before I made it.

I made that decision almost ten years ago, and I’m still working toward my goal. I’ve made a lot of progress – honestly, more than I ever thought I would.

But, I’m not finished. Far from it. I don’t think I will ever say: “Ah, yes, I’ve finally become the person I want to be. I can stop working on myself now.”

As I change and grow, the person I want to be changes, too.

I often wonder if I would have had the realization that I didn’t like who I was – and made the decision to change – without Holosync.

I’ll never know the answer that question, but I do know that Holosync brought the repressed thoughts and feelings I needed to confront to the surface extremely quickly. It was overwhelming, uncomfortable, painful, unwanted, and…

…exactly the push I needed to strive for a life worth living.

(Now, I feel it is important to mention that Holosync is NOT always some terrible but necessary experience. In fact, Holosync has been a source of intense pleasure and happiness for me.)

I meditate everyday now (I was a “sometimes” meditator until I was about 21), and my meditation sessions are extremely pleasant experiences about 98% of the time.

The other 2% of the time I know the occasional discomfort and overwhelm I feel will lead to a better, happier me in the future. As my dad says, Holosync increases your threshold.

Holosync changed my life.

And, it did so while I was actively fighting it. Nothing else I’ve experienced has been so powerful, so able to cause positive change, even in the face of intense opposition.

That’s why I love Holosync (which my friends can attest to – I tell them to meditate constantly).

It’s no surprise to me that Holosync has spread around the world and changed the lives of so many people–it really works. I hope you’ll try it yourself.

And, please reply to this email and tell me about yourself. I’ll answer every email personally. Tell me about your triumphs, your failures, the things that are holding you back. Tell me what you want, what you need, who you are, and most importantly…

…who you are going to become.

All the best,
Scott Harris

OK, you need to take everything with a grain of salt if someone has a financial interest to push something… or a cultish interest… or an ego interest.

But honestly, I hate Bill Harris, but the free Holosync changed my life.

Until I read this article (?) by Scott Harris, I thought that the dramatic change I experienced was personal. But I muscle tested it and it is typical. For most of you, the personal view, the baby-view of the world needs to and will change. If you do it.

It may not happen the first time around, it happened after a week of using it twice a week, for me.

OK, it’s not that easy to find, the free audio, so I made two screen shots.
What you are looking for is the narration free audio.

This is where the link takes you


Then click on the free audio and follow the prompts.

If I see it correctly, you can only listen to it online.

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