Intelligence: the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations

Homo sapiens is moronic. In fact, the more educated, the more worldly, the more knowledgeable, the more moronic.

Let me explain:

There are two ways to behave in any situation: you either react or your respond.

Although on the surface they look very similar, the two behaviors are drastically different in what gives, what animates the behavior.

The action either comes from the mind, or it comes from the here-and-now, intelligence. Action from the mind is moronic, because the mind only stores the memories of the past, and nothing ever happens exactly the same way, so the action coming from the mind is always wrong, always inappropriate to the situation.
Most people behave as if they had a button: they “recognize” the stimulus from the past, and they act accordingly.

This is what we will call reactive behavior, or reaction.

When one is in reaction mode, we can safely say: “nobody is at home.” There is no looking, there is no consideration, there is no second look, there is no re-spect: just like a machine acts when you push the button, the human machine acts when it seems to recognize the stimulant as something it had already encountered.

Imagine that someone tells you that you are doing something wrong. When you react, from your memory, the button that got pushed is how dare this person insult you. You yell, or do whatever you do when someone insults you.

An intelligent person, a person who responds, will stop for a moment and look. Is what this person says true? If it is, you may want to thank them for pointing out the error that you yourself weren’t aware of making. If the person is wrong in his assessment, there is nothing to say, they are simply wrong. No need to say anything. And if they are just plain nasty: also there is nothing to say, it is their habit to make people wrong, just for the fun of it.

When you don’t look before you leap, you are moronic. When you look in your mind to be advised how to act: you are moronic. The mind is a storehouse of past incidents and decisions, but life never repeats itself; and any action picked from the mind (memory) always proves to be reactive, thus moronic.

All the people and all the organizations in our lives train us to be this way. Thinking, looking, meditating, scoping, questioning, looking, are not popular with the establishment: it is important to the power that be that you react predictably, and always the same way, like a well-trained machine. This is what they expect of you. Speed has a very high prize in today’s society: if you answer questions fast, without any intelligence, you are considered smarter than others.

People who bring inquiry, intelligence to everything are dangerous for the “system”, they may find out that what they are asked to believe, or to do, is stupid and only serves the system, not them. 1

But the same reactive, rapid fire reaction causes accidents, causes discord, causes divorce, causes cheating, causes lots of errors, and lots of unhappiness.

As usual, I am testing all these distinctions out on myself.

I found an area where my moronic reactive behavior closes any deal for me before I even start.

I have a habit to start something, a project, for example, without seeing all the necessary data, without thinking my intention through, without bringing any intelligence to it. I could console myself that I am a quick-start according to Kathy Kolbe’s Kolbe Index, but that doesn’t compensate for all the wasted effort, all the wasted time, all the energy I put into projects that are based on insufficient intelligence. 2

So I have my moronic aspects too: I am not just opinionating about you.

In the next article I am going to write about another area of decision-making where being unintelligent is costing you an arm and a leg… watch for my next article later today or tomorrow.

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  1. Just re-watch the movie on gay-boy pedophile Satya Sai Baba: the young boy who was sexually abused was told by his parents to do everythithing “god” tells him to do, without thinking, without questioning. The young boy was still a lot more intelligent than his parents. When I watched that movie, I rewatched that segment without looking: an empath feels clearer the other’s emotional state better without the visual stimulation. She was pretending to grieve: instead she (the mother) was bothered that the child disturbed their smooth and privileged relationship with Sai Baba… instead of following the instructions: “just do everything what he asks you to do, without questioning,” The father had a lot more empathy… by the way.
  2. I can see now what they call that preparation and data intel, both in industry and in the army… wow.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Intelligence: the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations”

  1. well sophie, now i know why i am so screwed up! all the morans in my life,,,, heaven forbid that i look at myself!!!:)
    not really funny though,,, i can be included in most of above, some more than others. very eye opening,,thank you

  2. so, ahow come it is so easy to see these traits in everyone else and not a real joy to see them in ourselves. like i said,i have ‘everyone else’ tagged but it’s my life thats in a mess and yet i need to sort everyone else out!!! good god, i am a control freak,, do as i say and definetly not what i do!
    gonna spend two hour now with my 18 mth grandaughter and see if i can learn something and hopefully not taint her too much,,, 🙁

  3. Bernie, I know you. You have intelligence, you are just not thinking of it all the time.

    The secret is to pause. The secret is to look. You may already feel the reaction… but put it on pause… and look. You can react later…

  4. it all depends how you are defining “mind”. I think mind is a vehicle of reception and is tuned to one or more channels. If all it is channeling is your historic character and if that character is highly damaged and distorted, then you will be a highly reactive personality that does behave moronically in certain situations. IF on the other hand, the mind is becoming tuned into other than a damaged character, then there are other possibilities. So it isn’t the mind’s “fault” but rather a result of WHO you think you are and how attached you are to that character definition with all its opinions, preferences, beliefs, likes and dislikes……

  5. David, you live in your mind, your vibration is 170, and you love arguing. Why don’t you start your own website and do it there, ok? I bet my readers come to my site to read what I have to say, instead of listening to your teaching which is so different from mine as earth from heaven.

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