How do you live your life to develop intelligence? Intelligence is the end of anguish and anxiety

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Intelligence is operational when there is no thinking, there are no thoughts. You can only detect that intelligence is growing by detecting that there are less thoughts.

One of the main causes of anxiety and anguish is living through the mind, not ever being in the present moment, not ever being in the here-and-now. You can only be intelligent in the here-and-now. Any departure from the now moment causes anguish and unintelligent ways of living and making decisions.

One of the things my Activate Divinity Course (closed) accomplishes is returning people to being whole and complete. It is almost impossible to be intelligent unless you are reasonable whole and complete, no parts suppressed, no aspects of you abandoned, denied.

The Harmonize The Planet meditation with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle is a great way to prepare yourself to be able to start the work of becoming whole and complete.

How did it happen, that in spite of my formal education (21 years total), I still managed to pull through with some intelligence intact? Not mentioning 27 years of Landmark, a 100% intellectual pursuit… When I look at landmark graduates, I see people waiting for someone else to give it to them, or repeating what they have already heard. Second-handers’ galore.

I attribute the secret of holding onto some intelligence to one and only one thing: reading.

Reading, especially novels, allows the writer direct access to your intelligence. I don’t mean crap books, though I have read novels by serial crap-producers, that added to my intelligence, instead of taking away.

Why would reading do that? I don’t promise if you read too slowly. If you read very slowly, the mind can keep up with the text, and will probably muck with it (not mentioning the fact that you probably read so slowly because you are reading with your mind’s filter on…). But if you can read fast enough, the stream of consciousness pouring from the book pours straight into your other than mind… it becomes your experience, and real knowledge.

Most of us live such impoverished emotional and inner lives, that even a mediocre book can double our inner experiences, our inner riches.

Also, books draw our attention to stuff, facial expressions, inner states, etc. that we simply would never look at.

They build a strong and rich foundation for intelligence.

Reading is also the best way to find out what resonates with you and what doesn’t. When I read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged about two years ago, I heard and resonated, for the first time, with the personal philosophy that has become mine, individuality, and the virtue of selfishness. Before that I was unintelligent: I didn’t know what I held self-evident, what I resonated with, what was true for me, what was my ultimate value for a human being.

Do I recommend that instead of reading you watch movies made from books? I do not. Why? Because derivative works include the interpretation of the mind, and impoverishes the expression.

On the other hand, movies, especially non-American movies, add an incredible richness of details and experiences that you need to have to be intelligent.

The second major factor in staying somewhat intelligent, and then being able to increase it in the past six months or so, was entirely the result of being unsatisfied with Tree of Knowledge.

As you may remember, Tree of Knowledge is everything that you heard, read, but is not your personal experience. (novels that you have read may or may not become a personal experience!).

Most people that I have written Vibrational Reviews about disseminate, or re-distribute re-hashed, second, third-hand information.

Religion is second, third, fourth-hand experience. For example, Moses had an experience. Then he passed it on, verbally, and it became second-hand experience. By the time it got to Jesus, it was totally void of experience, it was totally Tree of Knowledge.

It takes intelligence to say something new, to see something new, to make what you see or what you hear your personal experience.

The wisdom of another person is the snake-oil of the second-hander. The world is 99.99% second-handers wearing the worn feathers of other second-handers.

Original thinkers are rare.

Interestingly, the less a person is educated the more originality they demonstrate.

But living a lot through novels is a great way to counter spirit-dulling mind-based education.

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