Intelligence vs Intellect

I have been on a roll this past few days… I have received all these insights. Amazing.

The last insight in this series is about intelligence.

I have discovered a few things, just today… listen up.

Intelligence is not yours. It is not mine. It is shared. It is like air: if you breathe, it is yours. If you hold your breath, it is not yours.

Imagine a kitchen sink. Most kitchen sinks are designed to be used by one person. If you want to wash dishes, no one can help you with the work: it is either you or them.

Same is with intelligence. Intelligence is waiting for your beck and call, meaning it is always available. You aren’t.

Why wouldn’t you? After all, intelligence is a lot smarter than you, it has your best interest in mind!

Unfortunately, your mind and your ego, your egomind can’t tolerate watching someone being smarter… better, cannot tolerate seeing someone winning, graceful… oh no! To the egomind it means that IT is less… and there is no way IT hell he will allow it. So egomind jumps in and attempts to do all the things, poorly, for the glory of doing it ITself.

Intelligence is not available when your mind and ego are there…

How did I discover this? Playing computer games. Egomind wants to play, win or lose it doesn’t matter to egomind, as long as it can be busy playing.

I have been training myself to step aside and allow intelligence to play (and win every time!) for about five years now. I have trained myself to be willing to catch when I want to force my will, and pull back.

What is the difference between intelligence and intellect?

There is a big difference. Intellect is past based. It is almost always narrow cone of vision, like a flashlight: can’t or won’t see the big picture. It dishonors feelings and hunches and energies, and connection… it is forceful and arrogant. It is about comparison, about winning, about ambition, about being better. It doesn’t care about the outcome as long as it looks good. Design a bomb that will destroy nations? I can do it better than anyone. Peddle with other people’s private information? no problem, as long as the glory is mine (Facebook).

Intellect gets its glory from the outside, and it always leaves you wanting more, unfulfilled, and separated from the big picture.

Intelligence is always looking at the big picture, and if the action asked of it is damaging to the harmony of all-of-it, it will not provide any help.

I have experienced this a lot: my good ideas weren’t always in harmony with the big picture… many of them were duds. Often I forced my ideas through, and experienced big losses; that is the natural outcome of going against intelligence.

And there is an unexpected glimpse about intelligence that is so counter-intuitive, I am afraid to write it here: unless you have a strong ego, in fact crystallized ego, unless you have a strong mind, you will never have access to intelligence.

Why? because intelligence only shows up in the action of allowing. The harder it is to let go of the mind and the ego, the more intelligence will shine.

What can you do with intelligence? Said another way: what can intelligence do that intellect can’t?

First off: intellect has to go to thinking and searching the memory banks to know anything. It takes time, and life doesn’t wait. Intelligence is fast and intelligence is “now” based: it doesn’t have to go to some past, for some examples in the past to come up with understanding or suggestions.

My experience of people that listen from the mind is that they are not getting it. They can’t hear what is being said, they can only hear what they recognized as having already heard. Using the mind makes you waste your time, maybe even your life: you are always a buck short and a few minutes late.

And another thing: the mind doesn’t know about anything other than the mind. It doesn’t know anything beautiful, grand, majestic, mystical, lovely, nothing that would make life worth living. It makes you talk about all that, but the experience isn’t there: the mind can’t access the experience.

Connecting to Source is not possible when your mind is running the show. Only when the mind finally shuts up, that you can experience a few seconds of connection.

The Harmonize The Planet audio, in some mystical way, shuts the mind up, maybe by scrambling it, and gives you hours of time without the constant chatter of the mind and the accompanying anguish.

You should give it a chance. You’ll thank me later.

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