Updated: Higher Vibration and The Illusion of Dark Side

dark side illusion Questions about dark side and dark energies are coming up a lot nowadays.

My approach to dark side


… is Kabbalistic because Kabbalah’s approach to this issue is more useful for someone who wants to understand the issue or Dark Side.

You see, “where attention goes energy flows.” And that attention actually creates or strengthens that which it energizes, even if it wasn’t there before. Especially when you say you don’t want it. Resistance to something is like pouring oil on the fire… makes it bigger. Like “I have no time”, like : I am confused,” like “nobody likes me.” creates exactly what it complains about. Or “I am NOT stupid” or “I don’t want to feel this” or telling fear to go away, and the thousand and one way you can resist something. Even ignoring something is resistance to it.

In a recent Landmark Education seminar I learned that the poison that human beings swallowed wholly and greedily is “there is something wrong here,” the foundation of human misery, the dark side: Right and Wrong… behaving as if there were a right way and this isn’t it.

It seems that you never stop for a second to ask the questions that could create choice:

Possible question to create choice #1:
You ask: Hm, Something wrong here? Says who? Then answer: _I_ say so (the same person who asked the question). Next: ask: who assigned me to be the judge? Do I know how it is supposed to be? Do I see the whole picture? — And if you are anyone other than God, the answer is that you can’t see the whole picture, and therefore you don’t know if it is really wrong what’s happening… so you can see that you can’t tell wrong from right… Not knowing is a much higher state than being sure.

Possible question #2: Who or what wins if I choose to say “there is something wrong here.”

For the answer to that question, let’s look at the original design of the physical universe, so we can glean some answers to that question, staying in the semi-religious interpretation, the semi religious model of reality that Kabbalah uses as a model…

Remember the Light, then the Vessel, then bread of shame, then the Big Bang? I wrote about it all here… 1

In that same creation story, to make it possible for the vessel to earn the light, an opponent or opposing desire was created.

The Opponent (Samael) is a shape-shifting, hard to pinpoint, masquerading-as-you phenomenon. You could say it’s the Ego… but to you it sounds like it’s your mind talking. The Opponent (Ego?) gives birth to your fears, it makes you reluctant, it is the source of your desire to be small and hide, it is behind your greed and your “self”-protection. It is also your craving and hunger for power over others, for significance, for grandiose things. It fuels your lust, your greed, your laziness, your instant-gratification-choices. It is your desire to have liberty yourself but enslave others, to be the only one who is right, to compare yourself with others and come out on top, to gossip and tear others down… it is under all the “evil inclinations” that we may call “your shadow.”

(An interesting side-note: in Hungarian, god is called isten and the opponent is called satan. Hungarian, like Hebrew, is a shoresh/root language: the 3-letter root of a word (STN) signifies the same thought: in Hungarian, in the words, it is reflected that the language knows that Satan and God are part and parcel, there is no one without the other, at least not for us, soul-vehicles, the vessel.)

dark side illusion darth vader Given that Human Being creates with his thoughts, the evil inclination has created a lot of “stuff” out there, all designed to excuse you from growing, to do what’s right, to be honest, to have integrity, to take responsibility… to reduce you to an effect instead of a creator. You are using your ability to create to create more darkness… and then you can complain… lol not funny.

Now that you know what’s what, you can continue creating more of that darkness, or you can choose to get back to the Original Design, and start earning and revealing the light where you are… in you, for you, while intending to light up the world. That is the Original Design, and that is the only way to tip the scale to the side of the Light… that you claim you want… but have been working diligently to extinguish.

Anything you fight against gets stronger, gets bigger, and enslaves you. People, thoughts, inclinations, entities, injustice, government, the establishment, your shadow, your dark side… everything.

Lots of people dabble in the energies of the Fourth and Fifth plane where these dark creations live. It is a lot more interesting, titillating, than buckling down and doing The Work. Some of those people use it to attack me… hoping to get resistance and reaction from me. If I gave it to them, I would be enslaved by them… Nice thought, but sorry, no fight from me. I prefer to put my energies on building instead of fighting, thank you very much.

Our present chaos is a result of that titillation with the “supernatural” and entities, and angels and stuff. And with the stuff that you are fighting. That fascination. That preoccupation with what you don’t want.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. If you are not keeping your attention on the Original Design, yourself, instead of others, you are building the Dark Side.

Now you can see why I have been procrastinating in starting the “Raise Your Vibration Activator Download” (RYVA) webinars that raise your vibration, as much as 5-10 points per download, a total of about 250 points for the 52 Foundational Activator Downloads (FAD). because a person with a higher vibration with bad thinking habits can manifest a world of bad stuff for others and their own self faster.

It is much like when a former client of mine who, twice, attacked my computers and destroyed two hard drives, each time. Powers like that… I am not interested in people that want power over others.

I have to be very careful in the order of the activators, so that you become good before you become powerful…

After all, with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t want to strengthen the dark side with my work… The road to hell is paved with good intentions… It’s, unfortunately, true.

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  1. Kabbalistic view of creation

    Kabbalah, like any school of thought, has arguments within it.

    I have studied the Kabbalah Centre version of thought, and here is what Rav Berg teaches (from Wikipedia)

    Origins of the Universe according to Berg

    The light is understood as part of the duality in the “light filled vessel” metaphor central to Berg’s cosmology. In Berg’s telling, the Kabbalistic origin of the universe is in agreement with the Big Bang – prior to a massive explosion, a sacred vessel was united with the light that filled it. The light was the force of creation and the vessel the force of desire/receiving. When the vessel desired to create, the two separated, resulting in void, followed by an explosion which shattered the vessel. These broken shards of vessel and light became the imperfect physical universe.

    Said in a more poetic way: In the beginning there was The Light. Its nature was giving, but there was nothing to receive. So The Light created The Vessel, and the vessel was infused with the desire to receive.

    At some point The Vessel experienced “bread of shame” and refused to receive the light of The Light unless it earned it.

    The Light complied and withdrew itself to a tiny point… in the vacuum (space) the physical Universe sprang into place (the Big Bang.)

    Bread of shame refers to the guilt and shame one experiences when one receives without a chance to reciprocate it or earn it.

    The Vessel broke to tiny bits in the explosion and each tiny fragment is a soul, from time to time inhabiting a human in the physical universe, in the world of scarcity and separation, earning their light, so one day they can return to the world of unity and oneness.

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