The Self-Healing Course: I am getting a lot of questions about it

hands-on-energy-healing self-healing courseThe first Self-Healing Course is starting on February 5. That’s a Tuesday.

So far the people who signed up are the people who know and trust me: students that have done courses with me. Interesting, especially considering that about half of the regular readers of this site came searching for information on the Healing Codes, and roughly the other half came searching for information on Christie Marie Sheldon. So, I assumed that they were interested in healing… we shall see.

Here is some hype-free information:

1. You need to learn to connect two different ways to be able to use Source Energies to heal. This training alone is worth the price. Why? Because anything that you do while connected, actually starts to work. Theta Healing, The Healing Codes, Reiki… add your own favorite healing modality here. Even chiropractors do ten times better work if they connect while they do their job.

I write faster and better articles or copy. I cook better meals. I coach a lot more effectively.

I hear that sex is incomparably better while connected… I have not tried that, sorry. You have to believe the hearsay…

You cannot muscle-test and trust your results unless you are connected while doing the muscle testing.

Enough reasons for learning to connect?

One of the connection methods is a process, the other one is instant: you “click-into” the connection, a much faster method, but doesn’t work while you are lying on your back.

2. There is a series of cleansing methods I teach. If you had to do it the “normal” way it would cost you hundreds of dollars and a month, with serious side-effects, and I am speaking from my own experience.

Being able to do all the organs within an hour, in the right sequence is a life-saver, and you can even do it daily if you wish. I cleanse my liver daily, and I cleanse my brain every few days.

3. You can do hands-on healing for others, but no “remote” healing, at least I haven’t found that my students are able to use the methods for remote healing.

4. Any area that hurts can be energized by the Light Energy. Any area that is half-dead, sluggish, uncooperative… most people, especially women love the root-chakra energizing: it increases libido and sexual enjoyment, and the energizing itself is very pleasurable. In addition it helps a sluggish digestion and makes you regular.

5. You can do mini-healings. If you can drive while connected, i.e. if you can connect with your eyes open (not easy! but possible) you can do mini healings while you drive. You can direct the energy with your intention (I teach how to do it) so your hands are free to hold the steering wheel, or wash the dishes.

6. The challenge for most people is to be in the silent space where no thinking happens. It does take practice, but you can get there.

7. You can download any and all the Heaven on Earth energies for yourself and others. I often do it while I shop, ride in the car, on the phone, where I can’t sneak off and take my remedy to be able to tolerate the impatience, judgmentalness, resistance, or anger that gets triggered.

8. This is a 4-week training course, for $97, and a $47 a month follow-up that includes all live classes, additional training, and access to master-classes.

If you are interested, please first make a minimum $15 donation for me to measure your vibration. I you already have the number, then you don’t need it again.

If you are ready to sign up now, go to paypal and sign up to the Self-Healing Course. You can cancel the follow-up classes, and you will still have access to your sessions’ recordings, of course.

9. If you are a proud owner of The Healing Codes, you can email me for a $20 discount on your registration.
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Disclaimer. If you have known me to suffer (and maybe “yell” at you! gasp! because of your bad energy, because you keep thinking, because you are using your mind, and you don’t connect, you’ll be surprised to learn that, from now on, I am only committed to delivering the content of my courses. 1

I am not going to teach you anything that is not part of the course you pay for. I will show you how to connect, I will advise you to get out of the mind, and I will give you feedback whether you are breathing or not, whether your feelings bring the Dark Side to the call…  Whether you follow instructions or not, it is your responsibility.

I will not guarantee that you will learn to actually do what it takes to self-heal or heal another. I’ll provide all the videos, all the replays, all the connection calls you will ever need, but the responsibility is yours. I can’t do it for you.

I am setting a vibrational test as the condition for admission so I don’t have to remove you and refund your money in case you can’t do what you came here to do.

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  1. I have created the Harmonize Your Vibration audio to do the unpleasant work of bringing up your vibration, getting you out of the mind, and killing your bad feelings.

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  1. I am time and money constrained at the moment. Also I need to learn to stop thinking or you will yell at me on the call. Perhaps next month.

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