The skill to identify and the skill to overcome your dominant way you avoid to grow

pikes_peak_from_garden_of_the_godsIt’s eerie how soul correction that is calculated from your date of birth and zodiac signs, calculated from just your birthday can be so very accurate in their core.

By core I mean your base nature. What you are inclined to do, the attitude you are inclined to have.

My horoscope for the next weeks or so… by Rob Brezsny:
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Pike’s Peak is a 14,115-foot mountain in Colorado. It’s not a simple task to trek to the top. Unless you’re well-trained, you might experience altitude sickness. Wicked thunderstorms are a regular occurrence during the summer. Snow falls year-round. But back in 1929, an adventurer named Bill Williams decided the task of hiking to the summit wasn’t tough enough. He sought a more demanding challenge. Wearing kneepads, he spent 21 days crawling along as he used his nose to push a peanut all the way up. I advise you to avoid making him your role model in the coming weeks, Virgo. Just climb the mountain. Don’t try to push a peanut up there with your nose, too.
As you know, or should know, I don’t teach anything I haven’t tested myself… and mostly on myself.

louis_pasteur_experimentI was thinking this morning how arrogant of me to compare myself with Louis Pasteur, who tested rabies on himself… he infected himself… and then cured himself.

So I am not comparing myself with Pasteur, only with his method.

I mercilessly test certain innocent looking foods or innocent ways of eating on myself. It hurts. I get foggy… or I get diarrhea, or I can’t sleep, or I have wicked stomach ache. Or get depressed. Or get manic. The result you get from eating the wrong foods, eating the wrong way, or sleeping the wrong way.

canary-finchI have taken on being the yellow canary. 1

Climbing a mountain on your knees pushing a peanut with your nose… lol.

Unbelievable… That is what I have been doing.

There is a step in the 67 steps where you compare what you need to, or want to do, with putting man on the moon. And in that contrast you can see that most anything you have to do, or what to do, is easy. In the contrast…

Why do you need the contrast, you ask?

Because the lower self, the Selfish Gene, does not like you to step out of bounds.

As I said in another article, the recognizable moves or the Selfish Gene are

  1. looking good
  2. avoid looking bad
  3. being right
  4. make another wrong
  5. avoid being wrong
  6. winning
  7. avoid losing
  8. dominate
  9. avoid domination
  10. justify self/explain
  11. invalidate another
  12. avoid being responsible/ownership/blame/power/causing

All designed to keep you the same, keep you gene-bound, keep you in the chicken coop.

My dominant move is avoid domination, my secondary move is dominate.

Let’s look at avoiding domination… It is clear and easy to see that you are avoiding the domination of other people, of rules imposed on you.

It is harder to see that you also avoid the domination of your own word.

Depending on your base nature, you slither out, slime out, or break out from under the domination of your own word.

what-kind-of-sign-are-you-earth-air-water-or-fireMaybe even disappear, if you are an air sign.

  • Fire — 1 – Aries; 5 – Leo; 9 – Sagittarius – hot, dry, ardent
  • Earth — 2 – Taurus; 6 – Virgo; 10 – Capricorn – heavy, cold, dry
  • Air — 3 – Gemini; 7 – Libra; 11 – Aquarius – light, hot, wet
  • Water — 4 – Cancer; 8 – Scorpio; 12 – Pisces – wet, soft, cold

It is mighty useful to know how your machine makes you drop your commitment, how your machine fails you. Robs you of fulfillment, robs you of everything you ever wanted.

The opposite moves, like dominate/avoid domination always rule in pairs.

It is easier to see one side. For example if you want to look good, avoid looking bad is how you fail yourself, how you avoid your own bliss.

If you are into winning… then avoid losing is your favorite way to remain a loser in life.

Got it? I hope so.

Both sides of the move are harmful, but the avoid part is the more harmful side, and catching it and controlling it can bring unexpected and welcome change… the change you haven’t been able to create.

Controlling both sides: and you will be on your way to heaven.

Now, returning to the original topic: most people will first pay for something, like a health consultation, and then will doubt it, question it, sabotage it, let it gather dust.

Are they avoiding domination? You betcha they are.

And unless they find a way to surrender to their own word… they will remain unchanged, no matter how much money they spent on how many energies, and stuff.

The Selfish Gene wants you to remain the same.

Yesterday one of my students and I created a plan to see if it would work to just test the idea, the word… a little bit.

And ease into it. Maybe fall in love with it. Maybe see some results. Maybe allow the little step to make it easier to make the second step.

So far I have been resisting to even make that tiny step… albeit I have been thinking about it… and contemplating the benefits… that is already pointing in the right direction.

I bought two pieces of software, both for the website, and both promise a better user experience… and maybe more income for me…

Why on earth would I resist these? lol… but I am resisting, and the why doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that I wrestle the control away from the Selfish Gene, so I can continue growing.

I used the word “wrestle” because I am an earth sign. You may trick the Selfish Gene to release control. Go around the Selfish Gene to do what you need to do… depending on your horoscope sign… I say.

Either way, please be assured that developing this methodology of honoring your word, instead of avoiding its domination, will be the most useful skill you can have to be able to climb the tree of life, and to attain a life worth living, health, wealth, love and happiness, the four pillars of a well lived life.

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  1. The canary in the coal mine is always the first to go, whether in reality or in metaphor. It’s a signal that something terrible is happening, whether it’s financial disaster, medical breakdown, or political scandal. It’s also a historical fact – miners did take canaries to work with them. If the canary died, they knew that they were soon to follow if they didn’t run.

    The idea of canaries was first proposed by John Haldane, a man who knew quite a lot about dabbling with deadly gas. He’d lock himself up with gas in a sealed room, taking copious notes on what it felt like to be slowly poisoned. Not that he didn’t do good work. Carbon monoxide, a by-product of combustion, killed people in poorly ventilated spaces. Haldane noted the fact that the carbon monoxide combined with hemoglobin in the blood, and the resulting combination stained the tissues of the poisoned bright red. When coal miners mysteriously started dying, their faces flushed and red, Haldane put two and two together and realized carbon monoxide was the culprit. He suggested a canary be used as a carbon monoxide detector, and people did use them well into the 20th century.

    Canaries, and birds in general, are suited to this not just because they’re small and portable, but because their anatomy makes them vulnerable to airborne poisons. Birds are continuously “inhaling.” This is what helps them fly, which is already a tremendously taxing aerobic activity, at heights that would cause a human altitude sickness. Human lungs house many little alveoli – sacs with thin outer layers that allow oxygen to pass into the bloodstream while letting carbon dioxide out of the blood stream and back into the lungs.

    For birds, the oxygen goes in and the carbon dioxide out, when it travels through a structure that resembles a ribcage-like series of tubes. When a bird draws breath, it passes air through those tubes, absorbing the oxygen into its bloodstream while the remaining de-oxygenated air goes into two sacs in its body. It also takes in air that rushes directly to a second set of sacs. When the bird exhales, the “spent” air rushes out, along with the carbon dioxide. That second set of sacs, full of unused air, also empty. Their oxygen-rich air rushes through the tubes on its way out, letting the blood absorb yet more oxygen. Birds are getting fresh air when they inhale and when they exhale – a double dose for our single one.

    This makes birds great at taking in oxygen, but extraordinarily sensitive to poisons in the air. A canary is taking in the poison twice with every breath. Even if it were as big as a human (and what a sight that would be), it would die faster from poisoning.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “The skill to identify and the skill to overcome your dominant way you avoid to grow”

  1. Hi Sophie, would you help me understand a few things in this article? When you say ‘avoid the domination of your own word’, is your own word one of the recognizable moves? How does one use their zodiac sign in this? I think my dominate move is Looking Good/Avoid Looking Bad and I have a Water sign. So, would I take the words- wet, soft, and cold-and apply them to working on my recognizable moves? Thank you

  2. first off: you don’t want to avoid the domination of your own word. Avoiding it means: never amounting to anything. No chance for a commitment. A life drifting.

    Second: interesting question.
    This is how I would approach it: scorpio… aggressive, stinging, the fable of the scorpio asking to be taken across the river… and stinging the other animal BEFORE THEY REACH THE SHORE… grounding themselves and the other.

    Typical Scorpio move, typical move to avoid commitment.

    Do you now have enough to work with?

    Aesop and his fables are priceless in this self-examination. As are the animal medicine cards. In those I am a skunk… I repel people with superficial things, so I can tell who are the real friends, and you are the flatterers.

    How do I avoid the domination of my own word? hm. I am a Virgo, earth sign, run by Mercury (communication). I think I avoid the domination of my own word by bragging, talking, and leaving no motivation to actually get the thing done… Yeah, I avoid the domination by talking too much. lol… not funny, given that I talk for a living.

  3. OK, I just looked it up: Scorpio also uses talking to get off the hook, to remain mysterious, and uncommitted. So there you have it… you also talk to get off the hook… which is just another way of saying: avoiding the domination of your own word (commitment or committing).

  4. Thank you for giving me more to work with. I still seem to be missing what is the ‘word’ in this context.

  5. wow… that may be a dead giveaway of something…

    OK, word is a declaration or a promise. Your word. You declare or to promise to yourself or to someone else.

    It can sound as simple as: we’ll do this together. This will work. I’ll be there… I am committed to this. I will finish this job. I love you. I am a fair person… you see, everything that is “not talking about”, not descriptive, is word. Your word.

    When you resist your word, sometime the word was an intention, like when I buy a software… the word un-said is: I will use this and I will make money with it.

    Or: I won’t touch sugar any more

    And then you hate that you said that, you sabotage yourself… That is “avoiding the domination of your word”

    Don’t tell me it is still not clear!!!! lol

  6. LOL, yes this a lot more clear. I guess you can’t see, what you can’t see. I never realized how I’ve been weaseling out of my word all these years. The more I sit with this, the more it is obvious. It will be interesting to see what ‘allowing the domination of my word’ looks like. Many thanks

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